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Wake Up Call! The Media is only "friendly" to keep you at bay.

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when the media actually gives Ron Paul some lip service? Well I'm here to set the record straight; they did it to destroy you.

Now I know some of you are thinking "Why would they be kind to Ron Paul when they want him to lose?" It may seem counter-intuitive but I will give you four reasons why it makes sense and why your assumptions of "winning over the media" could be very wrong.

1. If the media is to maintain some credibility and popularity it needs to give Ron Paul some lip service. The populous has a "threshold" for being deceived and if people found out that a HUGE MOVEMENT for Liberty was taking place and the media wasn't covering it, millions would be waking up at an UNCONTROLLABLE pace.

2. The Media Wants to "Pacify" you. You just might sit back and think Ron Paul is gaining ENOUGH support if you see the media show some positive commentary on the TV.
Heck, you might not hand out pamphlets as much. Maybe you'll start to think that instead of fighting a monstrous beast of deception and propaganda, that you are fighting some itty bitty little establishment types that can be easily won over.

3. The media is trying to take over the movement I think people at first reaction will say "no way" but I, like many, remember the beginning of the tea party. Do you remember that great feeling of the tea party in its infancy? The feeling that "man people are starting to wake up to the corruption." If you would of told me in those earlier days that NEWT-THE-NEO-CON-GINGRICH was going to be associated with the Tea-Party, I would of said "are you joking?"

Look at Glenn Beck's Rise In Popularity, Do you think It was a coincidence that the Tea Party happened to be around at the same time? He lured many of us in with all the "constitutional", "protect our border" talk, but the turncoat proclaimed the next minute that we were "fringe" and even said much worse.

4. The media is buying some insurance. Just in case the people win and tyrants go to jail for fraud and theft, the media will try and claim that it gave Ron Paul a fair shake. Maybe they think this insurance will save the company or help them skip jail time.

I have given you 4 explanations for any coverage Ron Paul may get. Before you entertain the idea that the media might be coming to our side think about all the other reasons they might have. Napolitano might be a good man, but please consider the "whole" of Fox NEWS.

When I see some of these great clips of lip service for Ron Paul I think, "Was this on during prime time viewing hours?" "Will this be the last thing people hear before a primary or will a hit piece be the last thing?"

Maybe I am wrong, maybe the media isn't as corrupt as I make them out to be, but here is the catch.

If I am wrong but we still fight them like they are the most corrupt industry in history, then we will win by a land slide

If I am right but we campaign with the notion that the media is somewhat friendly, then we will lose by leaps and bounds





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We can buy airtime that the media can't stop

If you can give again to the money bomb, or haven't yet, this post is a great reminder of why to do both


Great post


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Possibly the best topic ever posted here at the DP.

And that's saying a lot. This goes by a few names.

The 5% Truth Rule of Propaganda.
The Lightening Rod approach. Attract. Collect. Redirect. Protect.....Attract (the enemy so he's close to you). Collect (their energy). Then Redirect (toward a false solution) to Protect (the castle).

To summarize why FOX and the rest of the MSM are fair SOMETIMES:

1) Maintain the illusion of being Fair & Balanced
2) Create complacency within the movement
3) Hijack the movement by becoming headquarters for it. Become the go-to source. Like Hannity & Beck became Tea Party Headquarters, where it then magically fizzled away. The Judge and Stossel are Murdoch's attempt to become the "Ron Paul Party" headquarters. I like how they still occasionally throw the (fake) Tea Partyers a bone making them feel like they're still making an impact. As if this outcome, so far, is anything like what they had in mind.
4) CYA.

Stop waiting for the media and the establishment to "get it." They're the bad guys. Educating about media motivation is no less important than singing Ron Paul's praises. We need to start focusing some more attention of the former.

Thank you :)

The Socialist sits back and relies on the government to take care of them so why should we sit back in any matter of comfort and let the media make us feel "taken" care of?

The message of Liberty is best spread to the masses through the courage of individuals and does not rely on the unpredictable and dying establishment media.

When we see good things about Ron Paul in the news it is often because freedom minded "individuals" have forced their hand.

The media has a default position of ignoring Ron Paul

Even though historians will pay attention to him.

On CBS Hotsheet they talked about their blackout:

Good post, but you forgot

Good post, but you forgot one. They want to bring you back into the fold-- to make you think they have maintained some level of credibility so that you will trust them again in the future (in time for the next election, the next war, or whatever state agenda the media needs to build support for). Listen closely to Rush, Beck, etc. They are masters at this one. Once the election is over, don't be surprised if Beck goes back to espousing the virtues of the Constitution, and Rush starts talking like a real fiscal conservative again. You're supposed to sigh in relief, forgive and forget, while they build up your trust again for next time.

If you guys really want to learn how to fight the media, I suggest we all break out some books on psychology, propaganda, social politics, etc. Learn their methods, so you won't fall victim to it, and so you can teach others. Predict their next moves before they make them.

Never EVER try to educate a reporter. NEVER

You can be Jesus Christ and either he or his editor will misquote you on purpose.

Only ever answer a reporter with what precisely you want to see in print. You do not even have to answer their questions to do that.

Think of yoursef of a walking press release, canned, and stating precisely how it should be printed.


If MSM reporters could be educated

they wouldn't be MSM reporters.

Good analysis

Anything you say can and will be used against you in the Mainstream Media.

Most of the time they are either:

1. Insiders propagating the deceptions

2. Ignorant of what is really going on

3. They know the Truth but are worried they will lose their job so they continue to spew out the talking points.

And on rare occasion someone in the media will come out and support our man. But don't let that lower your guard down. For every "one" media type that supports fair journalism there are "Fifty" more that would attempt to maliciously discredit the movement.

I saw how they behaved in 2007

and you nailed it. Thanks for putting it down in words.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Good thinking blueshift

I never thought of it that way. Thanks for posting.

Right on..


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Notice they finally show

Ron Paul's online results LONG AFTER the S.C. debate when many had probably already turned their TVs off. When somebody mentions that they are unfair they will simply show this clip and they will claim "See we are fair"