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Hot Mic: Ron Paul says his foreign policy views have not alienated voters [VIDEO]

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Republican presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul told The Daily Caller that his foreign policy views have not alienated voters in South Carolina, claiming that he gets “twice as much money” from the military than all of the other candidates combined.

Watch the interview:

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great debate.

Dr. Paul schooled all those rino's with the Billion dollar embassy statement. He clearly quoted the difference between milatary spenting and waste. Now go in for the kill!!!!

dave anderson

Ron Paul is Lying

He get's THREE times as much support from active duty military members. Not twice.

Jeez, Ron, get your facts right.

You guys probably thought this was going to be a negative comment, judging from the subject title.


The fire rises.

Bam, pow, boom, crash...

Give them, Paul. You made my day! Don't be too nice.

This could make a great PWNED video ;-)


Dr. Paul

shot that fallacy down, Boom!

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Could be the man is a bit

Could be the man is a bit tired from the rigorous schedule of campaigning and endless debates with mindless questions.

My wife said he was cute. Time to start marketing the RP teddy bears?

DEFINITELY time to call in Chuck Norris. We've reached enough folks now to defend our country. Go ahead, Chuck. Choke the rest unconscious and drag 'em over to the pile!!!If they don't get it by now, they're no loss.

Extremism in the cause of Liberty is no vice.

Great answer

He's absolutely right. People vote for peace, good sense and good government. If America votes for more war outside of the proper chain of authority, they will get what they deserve. Those of us with good sense and a fire for liberty will somehow, by hook or crook, gather together again to form a more perfect union. Full speed ahead.

I hope Ron Paul is right

3. The night's big loser was Ron Paul, who looked deeply flustered in trying to explain his views on whether President Obama was right to send U.S. forces in pursuit of Osama bin Laden without approval from the Pakistani government. Paul spoke for so long, and meandered through so many contradictory thoughts, that it called to mind Ronald Reagan's confused tour down the California coast in his first 1984 debate with Walter Mondale -- an answer that raised questions about whether Reagan was too old for the job. Rick Perry, showing a previously hidden talent for the jugular, offered the most succinct verdict on Paul's tangled soliloquy by linking it back to Baier's ruminations on the buzzer: "I was going to say maybe the noise you were looking for was a gong." Paul's floor of support looks like it could withstand a direct nuclear strike; but it's hard to imagine that debacle of an answer (which, like another later response on foreign policy, drew audible boos from the crowd) didn't lower his ceiling in the race.


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This is just my opinion,

but imagine having 30 seconds to explain the science behind nuclear fusion to kindergartners? That's about the analogy of what he's up against with an audience like that.

Ron Paul always tries to give answers that demonstrate a tangible understanding for subjects. So people can see what he is talking about.

I would have been just as thought-building trying to, on the fly think of a way to explain my reasoning behind some complex decisions I have made in the past.

He does't read from a script. And nope there is no teleprompter sorry.

He is far advanced is governmental science than any politician today.

My opinion

I get what you're saying.. But your analogy is way over complicated. Paul's message is rather simple. Obay the constitution and the rule of law. The problem is that there is a large segment of the American population who suffer from stockholmes syndrome in regards to these establishment candidates, and Paul's message contradicts what the others are promoting. Paul always presents his case properly. If someone disagrees then it's their fault for being ignorant, not Paul's fault for poor delivery of a complex subject.

an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government

My opinion

I think all the candidates have the same issue of time. I agree that these are complex issues, but we need to accept that this was not his finest debate or even an average one. Gingrich took too much advantage. I felt Dr.Paul got agitated a lot.

We all understand it is tough, but this is the biggest chance in a century that liberty has got a chance to do extremely well. He has fought for this moment for last 30 or so years, I hope this debate will be forgotten and voters will look into his record of consistency and conservatism.

time limit

He was the only one who was limited. They cut him off every time, but they let Romney ramble on at his leisure, they invited Gingrich to grand-stand, and they listened with baited breath while Santorum rewrote his religious resume. Did they once let Ron Paul finish a sentence?

Excellent perspective.

I love the analogy of explaining something complex to kindergartners!


"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Ron Paul Shines in SC Debate, Despite Fox News Antics

In the first 40 minutes of the debate, Fox News moderators only directed a single question to Ron Paul. During one commercial break, the effort to ignore Paul was so obvious that it was the topic of discussion by a Fox political panel, including analysts Doug Shoen, Pat Caddell, Ed Rollins and Harris Faulkner. Rollins, commented, “I thought Paul placed second in New Hampshire and was effectively second in Iowa – but they’ve got him standing way over on the side.”

Following the commercial break, an additional question was finally directed to Congressman Paul – though Paul had to begin his response by correcting the moderator, Bret Baier, for grossly distorting his position and effectively calling Paul a terrorist-sympathizer. The debate team was orchestrating a circus atmosphere and they knew that Paul was there to discuss substance, rather than participate in the political equivalent of professional wrestling entertainment. They tried to draw him in to the spectacle, but Paul would not take the bait.

Instead, Ron Paul used his few opportunities to speak clearly on real issues, such as eliminating taxes, protecting against inflation, the difference between defense and military spending and the constitutional role of the federal government. The response of the liberal debate moderators, including Juan Williams, was to get Paul off the microphone as quickly as possible and get back to cheap entertainment. If you want an answer to a serious question, you go to Ron Paul. But if you want to get the audience to whistle and hollar, give the microphone to Newt Gingrich and let him hurl self-righteous insults in whatever direction the mood strikes him.


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thanks for posting bobby. I

thanks for posting bobby. I vote this get its own thread and should be on the front page of DP.

Thanks--I did place on the

Thanks--I did place on the Front Page

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This is great stuff..

Many thnx to the poster.

Kind regs from / Amsterdam /, Holland,

WaPo says:

Winners: Romney — for a strong second half and committing no real errors; Gingrich — for showing what he can accomplish when he stays on his red-meat conservative message.

Losers: Ron Paul — losing votes on national security; Rick Santorum — lost opportunities.


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Great response!

Thanks for posting.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

You're welcome

You're welcome

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