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Great post debate clip: Fox News Anchor not too Happy about Ron Paul support.

His co-host was watching the twitter feed while he was presenting and he was called on it during the presentation. Good stuff and it shows the overall sentiment behind the scenes of the Fox news staff.

Watch him squirm as he reports the results and puts his head/body in front of Paul's results.


Here's a clip from the article. Read the rest at the link.

Ron Paul may have won the SC Fox News Debate Twitter Poll but if you happened to watch the polling results on Fox News you would hardly know it.

The Fox News reporter responsible for showing results used every chance possible to show that Ron Paul wasn’t the frontrunner in the state. As the first Ron Paul results showed him far ahead in voter confidence regarding the economy the reporter quickly noted:

“Ron Paul way above the line, Ron Paul always tends to do well in these Twitter surveys, they are not scientific they are people voting for their voter candidate SOMETIMES and other times they are a good measure of what is being said.”

In the foreign policy results the reporter said Newt Gingrich did “very very well on Foreign Policy” while adding that Ron Paul “also did well in Foreign Policy.” It should be noted that Ron Paul actually beat Newt Gingrich in Foreign Policy.

While Ron Paul scored the best for “Answers vs. Dodges” in all categories including personal record, economy, race, foreign policy and social issues” the report chose to focus on a slight dip in foreign policy and social issues.

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This is Twitter. Its not like they can spin it as a handful of

RP supporters spamming the Tweets. I would think that Twitter is the most accurate real-time polling data available. Yes it's true that the demographic is younger Americans, but it should also be pointed out that a huge chunk of RP's regular supporters dont waste their time with that "tweet nonsense" lol. I am very encouraged by these results.

There's a culture at Fox

that they feel they know their viewership. I don't think they realize that their viewership is being flipped one by one. Or more likely they do and they are trying to stem the tide.

I like when the reporter was

I like when the reporter was forced to say "His bars are bigger than all the others". I was thinking his balls are bigger than all the others, speaking truth to people who don't even know what truth is anymore.
Does anyone know the name of the woman who interupted the jackass? She deserves some credit for what she did, calling him out like that.


Thank you for highlighting this piece of truth

It was on Faux & Friends this am also

They also went on to say that Ron Paul was just collecting delegates to have a voice at the convention. It sounds like a threat when they say he better be careful because it will hurt Rands political career. Eric Bolling then went on to say he will NOT take the GOP hostage.
They do not have a clue as to the force they are dealing with. They will soon enough.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

You know what's next

This is the last time Twitter will have anything to do with the debates.

"Would you send your sons and daughters to die for nation building?"
"Would you be willing to go further into debt to China for this?"