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-VIDEO- Ron Paul campaigns in Spartanburg 1-17-2012

Texas Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul campaigns at the Marriott at Renaissance Park in Spartanburg Tuesday afternoon, 1-17-2012. (4 DAYS TIL SOUTH CAROLINA PRIMARY)


This is why he is leaving in a rush....
-Paul plans D.C. detour to vote against debt increase-

Rep. Ron Paul will drop off the campaign trail in South Carolina on Wednesday and fly back to Washington to cast a vote against raising the debt ceiling, his campaign said Tuesday.

Jesse Benton, Mr. Paul's campaign manager, said that vote was a big enough reason to change plans, which had called for them to be in South Carolina campaigning ahead of Saturday's primary here.

Mr. Obama said late last month the federal government was once again close to breaching the legal limit on how much it can borrow, and he requested Congress raise the ceiling again. Opponents would need to pass a resolution disapproving of the increase and have it signed into law, or else override a presidential veto, to bloc the increase — which is highly unlikely.


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I am

sick of these clowns calling him Mr Paul! Disrespectful.