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Video: 4 South Carolina Senators Endorse Ron Paul at Press Conference

This is our video from the press conference at the South Carolina State Capitol building in Columbia on January 17th, when four state Senators strongly endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president:


Compared to other primary events we've attended, this one had little major media coverage. We were surprised to see no video of this on the news, so we uploaded the entire event.

The fine gentlemen who endorsed Dr. Paul are:

Senator Tom Davis: http://senatortomdavis.com/
Senator Daniel B. Verdin: http://en.wikipedia.org/w...
Senator Lee Bright: http://www.leebrightsc.com/
Senator Kevin Bryant: http://kevinbryant.com/

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How many state senators? It

How many state senators in SC? It means more if there are 20 total then if there are 200 total. How many state politicians are backing the other candidates? Does Paul have more local politicians backing him then the other candidates? What about state representatives, backing Paul vs. backing opponents? Can we get a chart or listing showing the local endorsements per candidate?

46 total, 27 GOP

There are 46 SC State Senators, 27 of which are Republican.

This is 9% of the total Stat Senate, and 15% of the GOP contingent

These are State Senators, not

These are State Senators, not U.S. Senators.

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.