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LOL - Rush's wheels are coming off

This is great! First 20+ minutes was all defending Newt like crazy with a little Romney Caymen defense sprinkled in.

-50% of country is divorced an will understand
-At least he asked his wife for permission for the open marriage, calls that noble and showing integrity
-Predicts a public backlash against the media over this.

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That's because one of the side effects of oxycontin is

cognitive dissonance.

As much as I don't like Rush any more

You need to have listened to him for awhile to understand his sarcasm. That whole rant was him making fun of the left for their hypocrisy of this situation vs. the Clinton years. I guarantee you it had more to do with that than defending Newt.

I quit

I quit listening to Rush in 1993. It felt so good that in 94 I quit smoking and drinking. It took stop listening to Rush to clear my head enough to realize I had to get rid of the other things that were poisoning my body. You can too! Remember garbage in garbage out.


Good for you. He is a tool!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

People would rather

do anything and everything in order to avoid being called a hypocrit. Ron's foreign policy stance makes a hypocrit of a majority of the country and specifically some of these talking heads. To be considered a hypocrit is the worst.

I heard a study on smoking (NPR months ago) and they actually said that people have better results quitting if they go and tell friends and family that they are quitting than using the patch, or nicorrette etc. Because, specifically, of the hypocriscy element that people wish to avoid being labled as. Thus why they said to do this and tell friends and family your quitting or you quit. It was a psychology thing.

It's ego's. They would have to endorse RP and endorse a foreign policy that makes part of their existence on the radio hypocritical. that's my $0.02.

What else would you expect...

What else would you expect from a Viagra popping, Dominican Republic visiting sex tourist?

so now he's become an

apologist for decadence and hedonism in order to save face, just like he had to become an apologist for foreign adventurism. Well, if they could rewrite that part of what it means to be a conservative, I wouldn't be surprised if he can pull off convincing "conservatives" that they're now liberals, and it's Ok, because they're somehow really conservatives.

Black is the new white.


"But I'm never wrong about anything." Q.E.D?

We already know that people who listen to him are sheep.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Also heard him say that

Also heard him say that Gingrich wasn't rich. I guess being a multimillionaire isn't considered rich in his circle.

The screaching sound you hear from Rush

Is the wheels coming off the neo-con bandwagon.


Asking his wife for persmission to have an open marriage, while he's having an affair and talking to his wife with his mistress next to him ... that's noble? Integrity?

I wonder if Newt asked his wife if it's ok to abandon her after she got MS, because THAT would be the noble thing to do.

Limbaugh is a fucking tool ...

Oh, I suppose it was noble and showing integrity for Limbaugh to support throwing drug users in prison while he was addicted to Oxy that he was acquiring illegally? Is that what integrity is?

Oh my goodness ... I tell you, if Paul isn't the nominee, I hope the Rep candidate gets owned, gets embarrassed in the election to serve these faux Conservatives a cold glass of STFU. Then I hope that the Reps get a slim majority in Congress and NOTHING happens over the next 4 years, I'm talking gridlock supreme, then we can hopefully get someone sane in '16.


Gingrich....a moral relativist and a coward.

He wanted to avoid the spectacle of messy public divorce. After all, he had a reputation to uphold...the diametrical opposite of a Ron Paul.

And the public can't see this? If so,God Save America from the Americans.

You're Way to Optimistic

(1) There won't be a 2016. We won't make it.
(2) The pubs made a deal with the dems.

The republican party is a joke

can't wait to gtfo

I heard it. The establishment

I heard it. The establishment and its obsequious courtiers will defend, like a reflex, any smear of the court candidate. Now, if it was a breaking news allegation against, say, Ron Paul, who represents the country party, they will reflexively agree with the allegation and carry forth its narrative.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

Oh you know it.

Oh you know it.

The height of hypocricy!

I'm sure most people remember how Clinton was criticized for his perjury due to his infidelity and Rush has been talking about it ever since!
And we're supposed to think that the Republican party can take the moral high ground with this political albatross on it's neck!
Realistically, this will be the political thorn in Newts side!
Of course these Neocons will not admit it.. Suicide!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

do you think

it is possible to get a radio commercial on his show that plays a clip of him criticizing Newts individual mandate? I'd be willing to "chip in" for that.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."


I heard the first 15 minutes of his show and thought he was just being sarcastic. I realized that, once again, he had nothing meaningful to say, so I turned him off.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

Someone should tell Newt

that polygamy is illegal in this country. Any candidates we can think of to spring the news on him?

If not us than who?

Yes, Rush, and I'm sure he

Yes, Rush, and I'm sure he asked for an open marriage BEFORE he cheated on his wife... right. He has so much integrity. No, he simply didn't want a divorce to affect his political life.

are you kidding me...

..Now Rush is debating the differnece between having a mistress and having an "open marriage". How the hell can anyone buy into this crap?

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

That convicted doctor-shopper's popping blue pills like crazy!

That convicted doctor-shopper's probably got the DT's, popping blue pills like crazy!

"C'mon Russhhhhh! Wake up! Gotta waaaaaakke uppppp!!!"

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

keep praying

for god to heal our land, it's working. It's nice to see these demons exposed for what they are.


Listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage etc. You are just giving them ratings. Look at these media outlets for what they are, they'll throw Ron Paul supporters a bone every once in awhile by saying something like "I agree with his cuts" or "I like him for this or that" These statements are completely meaningless and a lame attempt to make themselves appear unbiased. The next day they'll turn around and say Ron Paul is crazy, unelectable, blah blah blah, the usual complete nonsense. This happens over and over again. Stop listening to them. Aside from the very few positive remarks they are all running the same playbook against Ron Paul.

You are entirely correct*

*But I must point out the one statement you made that is incorrect. You say that by listening to these jerks we are giving them ratings. (I haven't listened to talk radio since the Clinton days.) That simply isn't the case.

Arbitron ratings is "The Book" that all radio stations subscribe to for ratings. Arbitron sends booklets out to individuals in all radio markets during the "sweeps" periods and asks those individuals to keep a Radio (or TV) diary for a week. Those diaries are where the actual ratings are derived.

Just wanted to be sure that those brave souls who still want to listen to blow-hards are not under the false impression that simply listening to them is giving them ratings.

Didn't know that

What about TV ratings? How are those calculated?

Diaries and boxes

X number of households have a Nielsen box or "set meter" as well as diaries, and ratings are extrapolated from those viewers' viewing habits. This now includes TiVo viewing.

"OPEN MARRIAGE" for Christians is a DEAL KILLER~~


Our Liberal friends must be loving this!

Just like us!

In Liberty



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul