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Dear Friends,

Here is some relevant stories and information that was emailed to me over the long weekend:

Ron Paul will be on the Daily Show on June 4 - the day before the NH debate! See the scheduling info here from CTV (Canada)

Thanks mniram. More stories follow:

Ron Paul is the Slashdot Community's Favored Candidate - Vote and see comments here:

Thanks Brandon

This is a great one: Could Ron Paul Win in New Hampshire?

Andy Hagans says, "I created a social news site JUST for Ron Paul! If it gets a core group of participating users, maybe it will also feed my unsatiable appetite for new Ron Paul videos and articles. Check it out:"

Also, Feri tells us to check out because Ron Paul wins against every other Republican candidate. Try it!

What the heck is a Google fight? Check Wikipedia (that's what I did)

I am working on getting email addresses set up for individual bloggers as well. While I can't respond to them all because of the volume, I do read them all! Thank you all for the emails - keep them coming!

And if anyone out there is a Drupal expert, please contact me about making this site better!

Michael Nystrom

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