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Lung Cancer

I know this is off topic. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer today. We do not know what stage it is in or if it has spread. We will find out soon.

In the past, i have seen other cancer posts and I was wondering if anyone here knows of any cures. Thanks for your help.

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Please check out MMS

www.jimhumble.biz Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

The site is loaded.

The most comprehensive website for alternative cures and links.

I found a website several years ago that absolutely amazed me. I have read all the posts here so far and several have mentioned cures that are listed there. Also, several people have mentioned Brezinsky. If I'm not mistaken, Brezinsky's cure is for a specific form of brain cancer using a derivative of urine. It works, but is very specific in what it treats. Also, someone mentioned pot. I wouldn't go inhaling the stuff. It may help with appetite and pain but find another way of getting it into the system. Stuffing more tar in the lungs when cancer is already present doesn't seem wise to me. Anyway, here is the best website I've ever seen for alternative cures for cancer:



Paul C. Hanson

Also consider hydrazine sulfate on top of the cures listed there or conventional cures, to treat against wasting..
What kills people isn't the cancer itself, it is the amount of the bodys nutritional resources that the cancer consumes, leaving nothing left for the patient to survive on. The condition is called Cachexia.

You may want to consider dr. Burzynski

I would

have mentioned him too but I think he is only allowed to practice in TX. Other medical institutions have tried to duplicate his findings and used stuff other than his formulas. So I wouldn't go any place but TX.

Gerson is another one, albeit, she can only do this in Mexico.

Dr. Mercola is another internet site that has tons of information.


Thank you all

Very much. I have been on this site since 2007 and the people on here are some of the most wonderful people in the world! Much love!

Don't be scared

The emotional state of the patient is paramount. She has to believe it can be beaten and think the steps she is taking will eliminate the cancer.

1) Take mega vitamin C - Injection if possible
2) Put some 3% hydrogen peroxide in a fine mist sprayer and have your Mom inhale the vapor. Hydrogen Peroxide consists of 2 parts hydrogen, 2 parts oxygen. The extra oxygen molecule is helpful in attacking viruses and infections

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

I too was going to suggest

I too was going to suggest the hydrogen peroxide.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32


I am very sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. I will pray for her and for your family.

I'm so sorry

My Dad had lung cancer too. At the time, I wasn't awake yet and how no idea where to look for answers. PLEASE, whatever you do, do not let the doctors rush you into conventional treatments. I believe it is the treatment (chemo and radiation) that are the death sentence, not the cancer. Get this book:
It is excellent and distills down I think 17 different non-toxic routes you can take. It comes with a CD with people's personal stories of overcoming cancer.
I believe if I had known of these at the time, my Dad would still be with us today. And I certainly know he would not have suffered the way he did.

My sister

died too. She had excellent healthy organs except for leukemia. Once the chemo started, she went down hill. Every time she would come back, they gave her more until all her organs failed.


sorry about your mom

My motehr died of leukemia after getting her one and only flu shot in her life. Perfectly healthy came down with AML 30 days after the shot. Please go to this site I have posted. God Bless You Both and Good Luck.


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i agree

theres a great doc. on this man on netflix, please before any radiation check this out. its also on youtube.



i advocated this a few years ago on this website. I've seen videos of youtube from all around the world saying that this works. One south american even claimed it cured mutliple quarter sized small cell carcinoma tumors(the absolute most aggressive lung cancer) in the lungs. definitely worth checking out!

I suspect that cancer is not

I suspect that cancer is not what we have been told. There is a theory out there that cancer is our body trying to clean up. Same with dandruff, acne, poor vision, etc. Our body has become toxic with junk food and other things like immunizations, fluoride, mercury fillings, sunburns, x-rays.

Good Luck RonPaul818 and go here for more information www.healingnaturallybybee.com or search the web for Bee Wilder.



The trick is HOPE.

My Mom had lung cancer as well. When she was diagnosed it had already metastasized to her brain. Her prognosis was a few months at most. She lived over 3 years. I know that 3 years is not a wonderful consolation prize BUT this was 10 years ago and her cancer was EXTREMELY advanced. If your Mom wants to live, she will, she just needs your help, love and support.

This is going to sound ridiculous but it I KNOW it worked. Visualization. YOU along with YOUR Mom need to visualize the cancers receding, shrinking and her body healing. Visualize your mother 10 years into the future, happy and healthy. While I did not have much in the way of practical hope, this is all I had and I think it worked. Well that and my Mothers will and strength.

Don't let the doctors tell her she is not going to live. Don't allow them to give her a expiration date. Physically remove them from her presence if need be. A hopeful doctor is better than the most experienced one. Give her hope, show her stories of people who have made it, let her see it is possible.

There are many alternatives these days to traditional chemo and radiation. She will be fine. Remember to VISUALIZE.

Feel free to contact me at any point if needed!!!


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Lung cancer is beatable, but not likely with mainstream medicine

Lots of good suggestions thus far, and now I will add mine.

In real life I am Tony Isaacs, natural health author, advocate and researcher. The number one topic of my research has been alternative ways to beat and avoid cancer and thus my ebook "Cancer's Natural Enemy".

You can go to my main website, "The Best Years in Life" (www.tbyil.com) and navigate to the articles section to see several articles about cancer, including a very comprehensive anti-cancer protocol titled appropriately "A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol.

I also highly suggest reading the entire "Oleander Series" of articles.

Literally thousands of people have used the protocol I suggest, or something close to it, with great success (about 85% plus for stage III and stage IV cancer and 95% for stage I and II).

One of those people was my uncle of about 85 years old. He first tried mainstream cancer treatment with no success, as the cancer continued to grow and spread with more lung tumors and then cancer in other parts of his body. After he began using an oleander medicine and doing other things suggested in the protocol, his cancer growth slowed down within a couple of months, then stabilized and then regressed to the point that he was left with only one small benign scar mass at the site of the original tumor. That was about five years or so ago and today he is still cancer free. His story is far from unique.

One thing to keep in mind - mainstream medicine seldom cures cancer. In the instances where it reduces cancer to the point of not being detectable, the cancer is likely still there - and the mainstream treatments of chemo and/or radiation damage the immune system and major organs and leave the body more susceptible to the return of cancer and less able to fight it off.

BTW, I am not trying to sell my book here, just help as best I can. Send me an email to dquixote1217 at gmail.com and I will send you a copy of the book for free.

All the best for your mom and you,


Check out my new site to help promote and fund Ron Paul: http://www.bestronpaulvideos.net/

I hope she gets better

I wish Good health to her.

My Mom Just Passed

from colon cancer a few months ago. Still in a weird state of shock. I am very sorry for what you're going through as I know how you are feeling.

To throw my 2 cents in: I truly believe if I were diagnosed tomorrow with a form of cancer, I would follow this approach


In fact, I plan on incorporating this approach into my life now so as to put my body in a balance where cancer cannot live.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sending you love and good energy}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

I've read several testimonials and statements over the years about how inhaling hydrogen peroxide cured emphysema and lung cancer.

You have to dilute it down to 3% using distilled water.

11 oz distilled water to 1 oz of 35% food grade H2O2 and then put it in a nebulilzer or nasal pump and breathe it.

"Dr. Warburg demonstrated that when the level of oxygen available to the cell drops below 40% of normal, the cell, in order to survive, begins to ferment the sugar anaerobically. The regulatory mechanisms on cell replication are shut off, and the cell begins to make copies of itself wildly. The growth of cancer cells is supported by fermentation which can be initiated only in the relative absence of oxygen."

Source of above statement is here ...

http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/ozone-cancer-treatment... ... take the time to read this, it is one hell of a write up.

Here's a good article on H202:


I'd start slow with this therapy. Lung cancer is a little more dangerous to deal with because of die off. Don't just have her go full bore on inhaling H2O2, do a little research and learn the precautions. The H2O2 could cause some serious die off effects very rapidly and you don't want the lungs to get clogged up with die off to fast; they need time to rid themselves of the dead bacteria/cells.

This is a very effective and low cost treatment, just do a little research before you jump on it and go all out.

Bottom line: Cancer is nothing more than a fungal colony known as candida albicans that has taken over the organ. When you rob the cells of clean oxygen (because of smoking for instance) they can't use their oxygen to ignite with glucose to create energy and have to revert to their secondary source of energy production which is sugar fermentation. This environment is perfect for a fungal growth.

Re-Oxygenate the cells and the fungal colony (cancerous cells) begin to die off or revert back to good healthy cells.

B17 & Burzynski

G Edward Griffin ("Creature from Jekyl Island" author) did a great documentary in the 70's that I saw six months ago and now I eat B17 rich foods regularly:

"A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17"

B17 is the most practical solution. If you had the resources, there's also Burzynski(see the video link in my profile tag).

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

I spoke with Griffin in

I spoke with Griffin in person about his book and apricot seeds. I then slowly started the apricot seeds and am up to about a dozen a day.

I know one thing I'd do

and that's go without the - Horrific cutting - burning -& poisoning treatments that one receives from the medical establishment.

Check out


This is why I like the Doctors proposed insurance amendment that would allow people to go outside conventional medicine & choose alternative methods of treatment & have their insurance pay for it.

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

So sorry to hear about your

So sorry to hear about your mother.

My mother JUST passed away from lung Cancer

Well...it was the treatments that killed her. I have some eye opening statistics to share with you. You can email me your info at kylemjohnsonsr@gmail.com .
I won't go into the whole story...but I tried to help her with anti-oxidants and other natural stuff that my professor father blocked some 3 years ago. They tried all of the typical stuff, biopsy, then chemo, then amputation, then radiation, then more chemo. Statistically...the survivorship of non treated generic cancer is HIGHER than "treated" cancer. The Cancer industry has made ZERO progress in 80 years.
The person who posted about the water is correct. My brother and I insisted that she take the alkalized water. She started taking it and actually made a rebound before she ultimately went down.
You have to get to her before the doctors scare her into doing those stupid treatments. SHE CAN BEAT IT!!! It's a battle for our minds and what we will believe. But like our politics, what they will have us believe is a fraud. PLEASE contact me. My mom dies less than 2 weeks ago. I am on fire to tell people what I have learned.

World Without Cancer

If you have not seen this 6 part series from G. Edward Griffin:


Leland Thomas Faegre


the water one ingests sets up the foundation for the human body composed of primarily water; all methods will be enhanced when STRUCTURED WATER is utilized. De-ionized, RO, and bottled water are all nearly bio-field dead. MMS, other heavy oxidizers have more immediate effect.

Structured water is bio-field active. This can be measured scientifically. It allows for greater effect of any dose at smaller doses in the body, and has ability to flush body of contaminants.

Cellular decay is de-hydration, so in order to perform and heal itself the body needs the natural platform of water as intended by nature.

Try and study the attributes of high altitude mountain water. Structuring emulates the energetic effects. So taking good spring water and structuring it and cooling it to 39F, just as it is born from the earth is a good foundation.

THe key here, as Gerson subscribes to is ingesting living foods, which are primarily structured water, is to eat living foods. Eating foods in a state of decay, result in the same in the body. Eating living foods and drinking living water result in increased generation or regeneration.

Minimize meat consumption, all bleached whites, and processed sugars. Avoid chemo and radiation, it has irreversible effects.

A BALANCE of fruits, vegetables and grains to achieve essential aminos; this is harder to do and takes time to achieve. Meat has a low form of all nine aminos, and this is why they say it is good; - it is the easy way to balance aminos, but poor of quality and in a state of rapid decay.

Make all changes steady and gradual....nothing sudden except the correction of water.

This can be an oppurtunity to rise above and help others with knowledge discovered....always use patient feedback to adjust the rate at which things are changed, but remember the simple key point: Ingesting items of decay state result in the same, and eating and drinking generative itmes result in the same; water must recently have come from a mountain stream or spring or be structured before consumed to allow nature's miracles to shine.

Think for yourself, question authority

Forget what you’ve been told about cancer treatment options for a little while and think about how a nebulizer works. Look up the name Rick Simpson. Approach the subject with an open mind, and watch the videos all the way through regardless of how you may view what he is talking about. (Some of it may seem a tad bit over the top at first) After a time, and some reflection, the truth will start to materialize and you will come to know that he is truly on to something. Pay attention to the subject and do as much research as you can. Do not let the propaganda that we all grew up with get in the way. The establishment and its beneficiaries have every incentive to hide the truth from people and keep things as they are. Good luck to you in your search because the subject gets much deeper.

So sorry.

If I had cancer, this is what I'd do:

Vitamin C Intravenous

Vitamin D3 10,000 per day

Reverse Osmosis or Ionized water only - no Fluoride!

3 tablespoons per day of Coconut oil (virgin, organic - tropical traditions is a good brand)

If I could afford him: Dr. Burzynski in Texas

I'd strictly adhere to Primal Blueprint Diet:

No SUGAR - EVER. Cancer feeds on sugar.

No grains, no veg oils, like canola or soy. No soy, ever.

Always organic produce

Organic green tea - from Ceylon, as Japanese green tea has high levels of radiation now.

The best Air purifier I could afford for indoors, try allergy buyers club online.

Lots of fresh, clean outdoor air and sunshine.

Medical marijuana

NO chemo, no radiation


I wish you the best.

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Here are some good threads on the topic:



Sorry to hear of your mothers illness. My hopes and prayers for her quick recovery and for your own personal comfort, faith and understanding in the will of God.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Sorry to hear about your mom,

Sorry to hear about your mom, hope all turns out okay! God bless!