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Lung Cancer

I know this is off topic. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer today. We do not know what stage it is in or if it has spread. We will find out soon.

In the past, i have seen other cancer posts and I was wondering if anyone here knows of any cures. Thanks for your help.

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Cancer - Google Bill Henderson or see link

My wife had stage four cancer and all we did was change the things she ate. Yes I know that sounds a bit of a stretch. But around the 16 week mark it was gone and all we did was change what we were eating. 3 years and counting.


FYI: her oncologist has been referring patients to my wife to talk with them, because he can not.

I will post more info when I get to work.

look up the Budwig Protocol

so far so good...

My father had cancer as well...

We modified the diet and followed a modified version of the Budwig diet. It all comes down the body knows how to heal itself if given the proper foods like for example essential fatty acids. The diet lacks a lot of these essential nutrients when eating a Western based diet

For example: Canola Oil is used by everyone including box organic foods found at like Whole Foods, but nobody really pays attention to what Garden Centers sell to kill bugs... The main active ingredient like 95% of it is Canola oil. So if its used to kill bugs think of what its doing to us? How can the body survive if we feed it junk food all the time.

Best wishes to your Mom.

Cures? Well...

For some people yes. The Gerson Therapy has worked for the people in this documentary called Dying to Have Known:


There's a girl in Australia that has a blog and video diary called the Wellness Warrior. If you want to know what you go through with the therapy, her and her mother are fighting cancer together on the program.


Max Gerson's daughter wrote a book called Healing Lung Cancer

& Respiratory Diseases the Gerson Way.

In the macrobiotic video I posted below, DAIRY FOOD was believed to be the source of the cancer, with a macrobiotic diet causing built-up mucous and gook in the lungs to come out. Gerson Therapy might achieve the same result, by banning all dairy. It's very expensive and labor-intensive, though. Brown rice (macrobiotics) is cheaper than organic fruit and vegetables for juicing (Gerson), and it's probably easier to cook rice and vegetables than press juice from the vegetables manually as the recommended Gerson juicer requires.

So if I were short on money or outside help, I'd probably opt for macrobiotics, oxygen supplementation and herbs, as described in the xanga link I posted. Just my opinion.

Here's a woman who cured herself of cancer

using the macrobiotic diet:

It's part of a whole, informative series. She was first diagnosed with ten tumors in her lungs, though it's not perfectly clear what her diagnosis ended up to be.

Here's the approach I would first consider with any cancer:

I pray you and your mother will be motivated to research and avail yourself of the most credible, appropriate therapies you discover.

God bless.

My sympathies to your family.

My sympathies to your family. My aunt has cancer and it's been a long struggle. She reduced it the first time, but it's back. She started to eat more organic food, and tried medications that, for the life of me, can't remember right now. But I believe it's more non-traditional methods. I'll update this post if I find out more about how she is going about it.

Prayers go out to your family.

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Food matters documentary

I think they had some good info in the "food matters documentary". They stated your mom as the patient can demand heavy doses of vitamins but they can't prescribe it.

Thank you for looking.

So many re willing to settle for treatment, and have been trained to not even seek a cure. Doctors in particular. There seems to be something to alkalizing - look into raw food diets, Russel Means credits it with his cure.
Last I heard, an acquaintance was responding to IV vitamin C therapy. She had done the whole "last goodbye" and all, she was that far gone. Three months later, she was improving, but I have not heard anything in 6 months now.
Then of course, see "Run From The Cure - The Rick Simpson Story" if you are where you have access to medical marijuana. Good luck to you and best wishes for a speedy cure for your mother.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

A couple of things to look into...

Vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood of and severity of many cancers. Some studies show it is beneficial to lung cancer sufferers: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,154038,00.html
"Those who had high vitamin D levels and summer operations fared the best: five-year survival was 72 percent versus 29 percent for those who had the lowest levels of the nutrient and winter surgery."

Sorry it's a fox link, but it's a good one, and check Mercola's articles too (he's a Ron Paul supporter). Here's one on his successes with Lung Cancer patients: http://www.mercola.com/article/sugar/sugar_cancer.htm
"After 70 days, 8 of 24 hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) mice survived compared to 16 of 24 normoglycemic and 19 of 20 hypoglycemic (low blood sugar - that's 66% died compared to only 5% for low blood sugar). This suggests that regulating sugar intake is key to slowing breast tumor growth." - Blood sugar may be the key driver in cancer cell growth!

Also, consider a paleo diet... low carbs. You may get some great advice on the forums at www.marksdailyapple.com which is full of Ron Paul supporters and very informed people with independent ideas on health issues and treatments.

I think vitamin C is good, but I'd be leaning toward Vitamin D 10,000 iu per day and reducing insulin levels via low carb intake, i.e. cut out most sugars and grains, foods we did not evolve with. Bodies can do amazing things with those 2 changes. Check the before / after success stories on Mark's Daily Apple to see.

God bless and good luck!

btw: Don't take the vitamin D (D2) that doctors prescribe, it hardly works (but it's patentable), get D3 online, 5,000iu (2 a day) or 50,000 iu (1 every few days) - get D levels checked though... www.vitaminDcouncil.org tells you how and where to buy... great info resource too, run by Dr. John Cannell.

Email me on liberty@humanactionmedia.com if you get lost or want further advice.

I will check it all out

Thank you so much!

Re: lung cancer

I am putting in a link of a doctor who had appeared on "fox & friends" who had apparently cured himself of cancer using a novel therapy.He has also been quite successful in other cases as well.It is worth Your checking it out IMHO.His website is
and this is you-tube link to his appearance on fox & friends
I pray to god almighty to give you and your near and dear ones the strength to weather this storm and to guide you all such that your mother makes a quick & complete recovery.

Here is another place to go read...

There are many ways to go and I think Rick Simpson has a compelling story to tell about Phoenix Tears.

I'm also very encouraged by some of the reading I've done on preliminary testing of DCA. It too will never be the touted miracle drug because it is not a billion dollar patentable compound and directly threatens the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

There is a web site I can't vouch for but which seems to be a pretty good collection of up to date info on this research, and DCA seems to have the same attraction as the THC/CBD Phoenix Tears oil - no harm to healthy tissues, no danger of toxicity other than by flushing the system too fast, and effective triggering of tumor shrinkage to the point of elimination, even where not yet visible since it acts systemically and at the cellular level.


My prayers are with you and your family...

... I lost my best friend to cancer and I hope you can help your mom get well and beat this horrible disease.

I read a post here on DP that concentrated Vitamin C infusion worked for people. Unfortunately it is not approved in the US. If you Google it you will find news reports and articles.

Good luck and stay strong!


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This is incorrect

You can get IV vitamin C therapy in the US. You have to really want it.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


RonPaul818, I am truly sorry to hear that and sincerely hope your mom beats it!

I would recommend "Burzynski, the Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business" for you to watch. It's free online:

He at first was focusing on brain tumors mostly but has expanded into other cancers since... His treatments of brain tumors have a higher success rate with no side effects than traditional methods (chemotherapy and radiation).

Somebody maintains a website now where his former patients tell their success stories and I can see three there with lung cancer:

I hope what I posted will help you somehow.


That is a big help.


RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version

VITAMIN CANNABIS ~ Part One (Documentary)

Marijuana Chemical May Fight Brain Cancer
Active Component In Marijuana Targets Aggressive Brain Cancer Cells, Study Says
By Kelli Miller Stacy
WebMD Health News

Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells
By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74
In 1974 researchers learned that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice. But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results, which were never replicated -- until now.
May 31, 2000

The term medical marijuana took on dramatic new meaning in February, 2000 when researchers in Madrid announced they had destroyed incurable brain tumors in rats by injecting them with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

The Madrid study marks only the second time that THC has been administered to tumor-bearing animals; the first was a Virginia investigation 26 years ago. In both studies, the THC shrank or destroyed tumors in a majority of the test subjects.

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No matter the treatment she

No matter the treatment she may or may not choose, support and enjoy your mom, get her to enjoy her life now, try not to worry or concern with anything else much in this time. My dad had lung cancer, God bless.

Marijuana is known to arrest

Marijuana has been shown to mostly arrest the growth of cancerous cells and might even be able to reverse some as well. And marijuana is more effective than synthetic cannabinoids, so don't let the doctors sell you short with the synthetics. I've seen the studies.

It's not a cure but it will give you more time to find one. Feel free to message me if you have more questions.

Here's something I found on the subject just from a quick Google search.


There's definitely much more scientific literature out there, I did a project on medical marijuana for school a few years back and one of the journal articles I used was specifically about how much better marijuana was than the synthetic alternative. There were actually a few cases where tumors would not only stop growing, but shrink as well.

I would check your local libraries/universities to see if hey have access to scientific journal databases. If so, you can find a wealth of studies on cancer treatments.

Marijuana cancer treatment

Good luck with your mother's treatment.

Dude I ran them most medically oriented dispensary in my area. I specifically was treating sick people, not selling to recreational users with a license. Take it from me marijuana might help make the treatment more palpable for her.

It does not cure cancer or slow growth (I did notice there is more frequently than not a very weird karma about who seems to get cured from cancer and who goes downhill, my patients that died were a former cocaine big wig and the elderly wife of a corrupt cop from the early days of the DPD. I honestly was kind of happy she died, I refused to treat her after her husband robbed me at gunpoint). The rest of my cancer patients were recovering when I left the industry, including a girl with a massive inoperable brain tumor.

Yea, well the Harvard

Yea, well the Harvard University study that I linked to says that they saw a 1/2 reduction in lung cancer growth from using marijuana as a treatment. And I read several studies which showed similarly effective results from marijuana. So I will trust those peer-reviewed university studies over your anecdotes from working at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Just a little bit about reading studies, THEY IMPLY NOTHING

Marijuana has a number of cannabinoids which affect a number of different receptors. The only one tested in this study was THC which affects CB1 and CB2 receptors. There are roughly (to my 2006 knowledge) 1021 different cannibinoid receptors on different cells in the body all responding to different cannibinoids (around 200) and triggering different effects. The majority of these are CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Because they were only testing one of these chemicals isolated, you would have to reproduce the study settings to a T to expect the same results. This kind of study is great for determining if a new medicine should be made, but it does NOT SAY MARIJUANA USE IMPROVES LUNG CANCER PATIENT OUTCOMES. It says THC use in the way in which these subjects were exposed improves outcomes. There is a gigantic difference between this and smoking marijuana.

The issue though is that marijuana is roughly 8-14% THC by dry weight and you need to know how to make concentrated THC from it, which I do. Basically you have to make a pure oil extraction (I used CO2 because it's cheap and the most pure) and separate the oils by centrifuge, electro-conductivity and then centrifuge again, while knowing exactly what you are looking for. BTW that method came from a now Harvard researcher. If you are smoking marijuana it will worsen, not improve lung cancer because of the presence of the other things in the marijuana and it COULD KILL THE PERSON SMOKING IT. That comes from personal experience prior to my MMJ career. Smoking marijuana CAN cause lung cancer, I'm a medical marijuana advocate but I am realistic.

Buds often have things like Aspergillis and pesticides on them especially if they are wet, as they are often sold. These can kill healthy adults. Concentrates such as has can also have impurities (google soap hash). Depending on the sources they can be mixed with opium too, this is a state to state thing and it depends on the MMJ laws in the state. If people feel they can get it from abroad, occasionally it comes in the form of reddish incense sticks from India and Afghanistan, these have opium and an inexperience MMJ dispensary operator would buy them without knowing, this is not the same as soap hash. Has oils, if done improperly (especially using cheap isopropyl alcohol or butane to make the extraction) will damage the lungs and make the person who smokes them EXTREMELY Ill. Just to be on the safe side I never used buds for oils that I didn't grow aquaponicly.

This is why I said you need EXPERIENCE to know how to apply a study like this. Like I said below TWO of my patients died over a period of TWO years. I had a better patient survival rate than the people who were selling to recreational licensed users and only a few incidental real patients. I never sold to recreational licensed users, ever. This is because I never just unscrupulously sold snake oil. I was honest with my patients, I treated them, I did not just sell them weed. There were a number of THC compounds I made (you would need a compounding pharmacy to get any of this stuff if it was widely available, most cannibinoids have a short shelf life), one of these compounds was even capable of better pain reduction than 300 mg of Demirol, the strongest painkiller on the market, with 0 addictiveness (was for a special patient, came to me on deaths door was able to ride a motorcycle away after only 2 mos of treatment and his prescription medication reductions helped them to be able to operate on his condition).

Marijuana is an amazing medical tool. But you really need to know what you are doing with it to use it as medicine. I never make claims that it can do things that I am not 100% sure it can do.

Lol w/e

Bear in mind the timeline. Those studies came out well after I left the industry in 2006. I have no intention to go back and have not kept up on studies about MMJ, which have since started up everywhere. In my day you had to read 4 languages to understand what was going on, so you can't really mock me just because the information is more convenient for you now.

Also I have known pot-only smokers that have died of lung cancer. It might help, but I'd never recommend smoking MMJ to a lung cancer patient. Edibles yes but they are metabolized differently and sometimes people lose one or two of the benefits above as a result.

Also I trust Harvard about as far as I can throw it. They'll do a study if it suits them and build the results as such so that some new copyrighted drug can be placed on the market. There are still many studies which show no difference in treatment outcomes except as a result of more people being able to last through the duration of their treatment. It's the same with Hep C interferon treatment.

Don't be rude BTW it's rude. And for future reference University is where people go when they are trying to put off getting experience and studies are valuable, but so is hands on experience. You might get an idea of how to do things from these studies but you learn how to make things work by gaining experience. If I was in business in that industry still turning a study like that into practice is simple order (if it looked to me that the funding was not suspicious), not so much so when you smart alec from the outside. It's very important to be honest in medicine and not sell snake oil. It's pot not panacea, I never once told a patient that pot might cure their cancer, it improves treatment outcomes.

all about delivery

A high enough dosage of THC and canabinoids can and has cured many of cancer. This was done with oil as it was the most effective means of delivery, something that smoking it does not do nearly as well.

That aside also suggest the OP research b17, many studies prove most cancers are a deficiency of b17.

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I guess you 're not talking about regular hemp oil?

The kind they sell at Whole Foods does help cancer, but it's the omega 3 fatty acids in it.

Is there another kind of hemp oil available?


I described a crude version of the process I used to make concentrated THC and other specific cannibinoid oils above.

You need a lot of pot to do that FYI.

I hope your mother can recover

I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I personally don't know any verified cures and would be suspicious of anyone that claims they do but there are stories that come out all the time about 'new cancer cures'. These might be lies or there might be some truth to some of them.

I have thought in the past that if I or someone I knew got cancer, then I would investigate them further. One good way to find these stories is to go to reddit and search for 'cancer' or 'cancer cure' or something like that and sort the search results by 'new', 'relevant' and 'top'.

Here is a link to a search for 'cancer cure' sorted by 'top'. This means the highest ranked submissions including those terms are displayed:


Play around searching for other relevant terms like 'lung cancer' and sorting the results in different ways.

I don't know how much help this will be but I'm just saying what I would do if I found myself in your in position.

I hope your mother can recover.

Here is a post with

a lot of good info on it. A good place to start would be to read up on the Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Institute. You can find the links and videos on the post.

Need Cancer Advice for my Patriot Uncle

Prayers and good thoughts

Prayers and good thoughts from me to you and your family.