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What does Texas think of Ron Paul?

Almost 82% of the votes. After how many years in Congress? He's been re-elected 12 times. I think the fine people of Texas know exactly what they have. The rest of America needs to see how amazing he is. To be re-elected so many times and get that margin of votes shows he gets things done. He's not a marginally popular candidate.

Lake Jackson, Texas is in Brazoria County.


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It's a big state ... lots of different opinions

Been a supporter of Dr. Paul since 1984.
I've lived in his 22nd and 14th districts and voted for him every chance I could.

I was a delegate to the state convention in 2008. Dr. Paul was majorly dissed at that convention. He still managed to draw large numbers of youth and liberty-minded individuals, though. But any discussion of that influx on his part was quickly dismissed at the general assembly. Individuals that were recognized by the chair were immediately cut-off if they attempted to give Ron Paul any credit at all.

The 2008 Texas Republican Convention was disgusting. The rank-and-file seemed to be nothing more than lemmings.

A quick anecdote: during one of the general assembly meetings, I knew Dr. Paul was somewhere in the building. I also knew that he was about to be leaving the building. I walked to all the exit doors at the convention center and finally was lucky enough to catch Dr. Paul, thank him, and shake his hand before he exited the building. It was just he and I there for those several seconds. No throngs of people, no reporters, just a simple man who had a schedule to meet. Yet he stopped in his tracks, shook my hand, gave me a heartening smile after I thanked him, and exited the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Dr. Paul's own party has pulled many, many dirty tricks to try and oust this man from office. The large daily newspapers in Texas rarely paint him in a favorable light. I am not convinced that Dr. Paul has Texas wrapped up. In fact, I think he has a tough row to hoe here. Perry's dismissal definitely helps, but we need serious grass-roots upsurge in this state over the next two months. Performing well in other states prior is critical.

Dr. Paul needs delegates in Texas ... big time! I was an alternate in 2008 but shifted to delegate when one of our party could not attend. Become a delegate! Alternate delegates matter too!!

Even Rick Perry only got 54%

Even Rick Perry only got 54%

Everything is bigger in Texas

including Ron Paul. Lol.

If he's good enough for Texas

If he's good enough for Texas he's good enough for me.