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Stephen Colbert Comes Out for Ron Paul

..... asked by Mika Brezenski on MSNBC's Morning Joe about who he likes, Colbert being funny initially says "Herman Cain" .... Mika then presses him asking who he likes that is still running and Colbert replies:

"Ron Paul"


...... utterly stunned, uncomfortable silence by the talking retard brigade .... no one knows what to say ....

Colbert proceeds to recover the pregnant pause by extolling Dr. Paul's consistency and virtues ....

Give the C man some DP love ....

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Colbert Needs to Know

I think we should all contact Colbert and tell him we admire him for having the courage to "Come Out" about Ron Paul! Just like we did with Kelly Clarkson. I can't find any way to contact him though without having to go on Facebook or Twitter. I don't like either one of those so, any suggestions? If so please email them to me at dolittle.skippy@yahoo.com Thanks



This is the only time I've seen Colbert be sincere about something!

That means a lot in my book.


♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫

This is the only time I've

This is the only time I've seen Colbert be sincere about something!

That means a lot in my book.

What makes you think he was sincere?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


He was 100% sincere

First he asked if he could combine them. But he repeated he was serious and you could tell somewhat out of character.

Colbert did same thing at the migrant workers Congressional hearing, broke character. There's another video I think with Kerry backstage at his show where he's out of character.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Let me ask you this

If the real Colbert was to send a check supporting Obama or Paul, where do you think he would send it?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


I've seen him do this only

I've seen him do this only twice, when he gives a sincere answer.

He seemed sincere to me

There was clearly a different tone in his voice, like "this is the real Stephen Colbert talking and not the TV character." Maybe it's just my imagination.


After watching the news all day, and monitoring the polls online, it is clearly evident that the media is doing everything in its' power to shut out Ron Paul. What can we do? During last night's debate, the audience took one step in doing something about it. But, we need to do more! Should we point our own cameras at them and ask them why they continue to ignore a candidate that people want to know more about? After his best performance yet, good poll numbers, all the endorsements, and even after Stephen Colbert picks him over all the other candidates, there is still hardly any mention of him. Just a lot of edited video content that makes the other candidates look more popular, and incorrect or misleading facts and analysis. Seriously. What can we do??

"and even after Stephen Colbert picks him "

and even after Stephen Colbert picks him

Being "picked" by a comedian playing a satirical character cannot be expected to be taken seriously.

The rest of your post are points well taken.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


It seemed less satirical and

It seemed less satirical and that he dropped character. But, I get what you're saying.

I agree!!!

I am totally stressed about this. Something is just not right! How can this be happening and nobody calling out for a fair shake on all the opponents? We all live here in America, this is OUR election! Not just the corporate powers that be!
Can the Ron Paul campaign take legal action?
I feel like we are in a losing battle, but I am a fighter and don't want to accept the media dictating who should be president. I am a daughter of the american revolution, my relatives helped build the USS Constitution, my lithuanian grandmother came to this country in ship in the steerage section to find freedom without knowing a lick of english! Just like everyones family paying a major price for freedom!
What do I tell my daughter?
We need to fight the good fight!
I am close to tears...

Colbert is a big gov liberal

Please remember that Colbert is a character that is a satirical caricature of a conservative TV personality.

Underneath all that is a big government liberal who, like Stewart and Maher, believes there is an important and crucial role for big government in our society. All three favor not only Obamacare, but single-payer healthcare, for example. Not to mention more, not less, regulation.

While they all have real criticisms of Obama, it's mostly about Obama not being sufficiently liberal. They would never support any Republican/conservative over Obama, including Paul.

I am a huge fan of all three of these guys - especially Stewart and Colbert - but it's not because of their political beliefs. It's despite their political beliefs.

Regardless of what the Colbert character says, please don't be fooled into thinking the real Colbert actually supports Paul for president.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


He supports him over the others

I think you're right in a that there's no question of his pledging overall support, since the questions only pertained to who he would pick among the Republicans running. I think he's being honest in saying he likes (and implicitly, respects) Ron Paul - not that he agrees with him - just as we like those three comedians despite their politics. That's good enough for me for now. And remember - guys like Stewart, Cobert and Maher are intellectuals who've had their minds warped by brainwashing probably since childhood, a shave so many of us. It is hard to escape that trap once your mind has been shaped by it for so long, but if anything can free a person, it's exposure to a man like Ron Paul, with his unwavering conviction, integrity, consistency and record of being proved right. Those three guys may be Liberals, but more fundamentally, I believe they're just human on a sincere personal quest for truth. That may be hindered and obscured by cynicism, and the professional imperative to go for the laugh - but IMO it's still there and leaves the door open. This interview shows Colbert has been listening to the good Doctor. He's not fully convinced - but RP's foot is in his mental door. You never know what can happen...

Is Colbert Sincere?

I know Colbert is known for being liberal, and I know that he is also known for being sarcastic with his humor. I thought about that while watching the video but I didn't see that in his behavior at all. He actually looked like he was a little nervous about saying it. Hope I'm right because it would be a great endorsement! Also, Colbert is smart. Maybe he too sees the writing on the wall.



After watching the news all afternoon, and monitoring online polls, it is clearly evident that the media is doing everything in its' power to shut out Ron Paul. How do we confront them about this? During last night's debate, the audience took one step in doing so. But we need to do more. We need to point our own cameras at them and ask them why they continue to ignore a candidate that people have demanded to know more about. Even after his best performance, all the endorsements, and after Stephen Colbert picked him over the other candidates on national TV, there is still hardly any mention of him. Only editing of video content to show the other candidates in better fashion and incorrect or misleading analysis. What do we do??


Stewart "AND" Colbert supporting Ron??? WOW!

This definitely helps on the "youth vote" (of course we've already got a huge advantage there anyway with Ron)!

The influence of a Stewart "or" Colbert is pretty significant, but "BOTH"?! Wow!

When did Stewart say he was for Ron Paul


Colbert's endorsement is worth lots more than that skag

Sarah Palin.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

That was funny... Colbert is

That was funny... Colbert is a funny dude...Lol!

Herman Cain is an outsider, he's not even running! You can't get more outsider than that.

Classic satire.

The Ron Paul plug was neat too...

Liking Colbert even more than

Liking Colbert even more than I used to.

I knew it!

I was just discussing this a few days ago in a post I created about Colbert's very intentional mentioning of the fact that S.C. is an open primary:


We Must Shut-down the Federal Reserve System as soon as possible

This is Why the Federal Reserve System Must Go!!!!!

Where does the privately owned Federal Reserve get its money?


The Federal Reserve in effect is a private company that loans the American People its own money and charges the American people about $400 billion Dollar every year INTEREST.


But you have not seen anything yet. LOL

At some later date when this newly created Federal Reserve money finally lands in a local Bank. This local Bank is allowed to loan out an additional nine dollars for every one dollar they hold in deposit. The Federal Reserve just prints up another nine dollars and gives it to the Bank..

This is known as “Fractional Reserve System Banking”.

Of course when all this extra money is printed it goes into the pockets of the Bank owners and the current dollars already in circulation being held by the American people is decreased in value by a proportion amount. They is said the American the Dollar has loss 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve took control of our money.

Do you ever wonder exactly how much money the American people has been screwed out of since 1913 when the Federal Reserve took control of the money?

That is very easy to calculate.

The National Debt for 2011 will be increased by $1.5 trillion Dollars. So, based on the ratio of one + nine = ten dollars, that means the Banks was allowed to increase the money supply in 2011 by 10 X $1.5 Trillion Dollars = $15 trillion dollars increase to the money supply during 2011 alone.

I think We should take "Fractional Reserve Banking System" away from the Banks put them on "100% Reserve Banking System" and Abolishing the Federal Reserve System. Then tell the Treasury Dept. to print up $15 Trillion Dollars and purchase all the interest bearing Bonds back and then destroy them.

I want you to really think about what I just said because we have just totally eliminated the National Debt and all yearly interest payments on the National Debt. This action will not increase the money supply by one penny because we have merely traded non-interest bearing newly printed Dollars for all the old interest bearing Bonds known as our National Debt.

Presently we are allowing the Federal Reserve to increase the money supply more than our entire National Debt every year by increasing the National Debt by $1.5 Trillion Dollars.

I can not believe the American People are so stupid to let the Federal Reserve a private Company freely print our money and increase the money supply by TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year. They are stealing our money, INFLATE THE MONEY SUPPLY and there by decreasing the personal wealth of every American Citizen.


Since the inception of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. They have increased the money supply by ($15 X 10 = 150) a total of $150 trillion dollars. Or $150 trillion dollars divided by 98 years (2011-1913=98) = $1.53 trillion dollars per year.

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Plus the American people pay about $400 Billion Dollars annual interest payment to BORROW OUR OWN MONEY from the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

RON PAUL is the only person in Washington who wants to Shut-down the Federal Reserve System because he is the only one not taking their money. That is why everyone else is against him.

Since the Internal Reserve Service (IRS) is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve System and was also founded in 1913 to make payments on the money borrowed from the Federal Reserve + annual interest payment (known as the National Debt). They do not pay Federal Income Taxes on the money they extorted from the American people.

I guess what’s the point of making Income Tax Payments to yourself?

Now that’s a hell of lot of money.

But, then to make matters ever worse these International Bankers are not satisfied by merely stealing Trillions of Dollars of own money. They take this stolen money and BUY-OFF all our elected Government Officials of both parties in Washington, DC. Plus they buy control of all of Mass Media Net-works, all our New Papers and all the Movie Industry.

These same people are now using our own money to destroy our own country, take away all of our Liberties and enslave the American People.

We must elect someone who will stop this now or I promise you we will end up fighting in the Streets.

These are ones who conspired with Franklin D. Roosevelt to recall all the American Gold in 1933 and made it a Felony for the American people to even hold Gold. The penalty for not selling your personal Gold to the Federal Reserve was a mandatory 20 years in prison. Of course the Federal Reserve just purchased all the gold back from the people with printed American Dollars and then built the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, KY to store the LOOT.

Has the Federal Reserve already stolen all the Gold Bars in Fort Knox?

RON PAUL has been trying to get a bill through Congress for the last 20 years to audit the Federal Reserve. Both the Democrat and the Republican parties have fought him tooth and nail on his audit bill.

This may very well be the last chance for the American people to peacefully take back our Country.

VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012… regardless of the ticket he runs under.

Harry Dingey

Harry Dingey

Agreed on most, but one small thing...

They don't really use printed money that much. When they lend the money out (based on the fractional reserve ratio limitation you mention above) they simply put the money into your account (electronic money), which is essentially just a promise that the bank will furnish you that amount of money in legal tender should you ever request it. Most of the time people don't as they write checks, wire transfers and so forth - so in essence what's happening is just a transfer of promises, legal tender is very rarely used. This type of money (created by a regular bank by virtue of issuing a credit) is called commercial bank money and is categorized under M2 category in money supply I believe. It also represents majority of money in money supply - I think about 90%. This ability of banks to create credit (debt based money) out of thin air is a feature of fractional reserve banking you mention and is directly responsible for creation of debt-driven economy.

Money-printing by FED mainly happens when FED wants to expand the supply of money to prevent deflation (which is disastrous in a debt driven system like we have) - they just buy treasury bonds from the private owners and banks and give them the newly created money in hopes that this money will be reinvested back into the economy. Also many times this is just "printed" figuratively. It's just a new electronic money deposited into the account of the bank that sold the bonds (or account of the private bond owner). It can be printed if the bank requests it in cash though, so for practical purposes it's the same as actually printing money.

But to your main point - yes, fractional reserve banking needs to end.

So Mote it Be??

You a freemason?

OH JOE SAYS....let's not go into WHY you like Ron Paul

no....no....no....let's just CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!

Let "Herman Cain" fans know!!!

Please spread the word about this interview!


Let "Herman Cain" fans know!!!

Please spread the word about this interview!


Theeasylifeofthe allknowning butseldom doig armchairQuarterback!

Don't get me wrong, I really feel that good constructive criticism is healthy and good, but I really think that a lot of these guys on here who are always highly critical of Ron Paul's performances in these debates need to get off their duffs and hit the pavement or run for some office in order to spread the message, instead of contributing by their highly critical play by play analysis from the couch. I really think it would sober them up in a hurry, and restore a lot of the respect and admiration for a guy who did his very best last night. And by the way it was amazing!! I actually handed out super brochures all day yesterday in the cold and I talking to tons of students on the side walk(by the way most of them sincerely thanked me for doing what I was doing)at BYU-Idaho. I did this for about six hours until one friendly officer and a university security officer can and protected and served me by scaring my two dogs half to death, telling me to put my hands where he could see them, then telling me to put my bag of brochures on the wet ground(he yelled put your bag on the ground), and then put my hands on the hood of his car as he frisked me for guns and knives, and then I was treated to a Nazi style game of inquisition!! Then They threatened me if they had ever one complaint, or if I stepped foot on there private side walk again that they've have me run out of town or thrown in jail. Mind you, I'm Mormon and I served a two year mission in Finland for this church!!! The reason that I was there talking to students was because one of my friends that goes to school there was threatened with being kicked out of school if he continued in his political activism after that university cancelled all political clubs. Mind you that the school newspaper the day I got thrown on the hood of the car for nothing had a section about the candidates and the GOP race!!! What really makes me mad is that on our churches official web site it says"the lord has stressed that we aught to be concerned and involved in promoting good government." I guess just not on there property ironically enough!! But after my experience the other day and many other ones like this, I always look at the cup half full when I see anyone giving it there best to fight for the "message of liberty" and I think more of these armchair quarterbacks on this site would too if they got out into the real fray from time to time!!!

I love how some did not get the joke "If you guess RP's name"

Coblert is quick witted !

Newt winning the Drudge Poll

Some people do let online polls influence their vote, unfortunately. If you haven't voted in any of the online polls, please do it now. I voted on the CNN and Drudge Poll.