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Wow - the best Ron ever from last night!

I've watched the first 25 seconds probably that many times.

I just love this man. Beautiful soul and so cute to boot.


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Aw, "Sensitive Santy" looking all butthurt...

...I love it.

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Nice clip. Can (a short form of) this be aired as ad?

The SC audience at the debate was magnificent, too. I bet many from DP were there.

this was very well done--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Cutting through the demagogue

Cutting through the demagogue BS with simple truths backed up by hard facts. Gotta love this man.


Agreed. He did very well. I'd say this was his best night so far.

Dr. Paul has been using many of the suggestions sent to him by us, and he is really starting to get his sights zeroed in.
I've been harping on JB about the importance of these debates, and I think they are beginning to focus more on performance.
They realize that it's not really a debate, but a planned attempt to frustrate Dr. Paul by ignoring him, and then ambushing him with questions after he is flustered.

The more he sharpens that blade of truth, the more fearful they get.
His comments on "corporations and the media" was a knockout.

We went to a debate watching party last night, and it was a packed room full of people cheering like crazy. It was a great night!!

Ron Paul is very clever

He is so good at slipping in little quips that endear people to him, and yet shows his complete humility. Can you imagine the crowd rising up like this for any other candidate? Hardly. I could watch this video on repeat for the rest of the morning.

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