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Bill Maher Stands Up For Ron Paul & Calls His Audience 'Brainwashed Liberals'

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fat guy would not have even looked at what Dr. Paul stands on and is just repeating the media sound bites.
thats the power of the propaganda !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

That fat guy

is Rob Reiner. He played the quintessential liberal hippy kid on "All in the Family" back in the '70s... you know, the show that made gun rights and the UN dirty words because that bigot Archie Bunker was in favor of them.

Reiner's only redeeming quality is that he produced "This is Spinal Tap". Other than that, he's a bag of hot, smelly air.

Get Ron Paul on Bill Maher

We should write a letter to HBO or Realtime telling them to put Ron Paul on the show. We should say the panel instead of just a guest.

The liberals can keep Bill

The liberals can keep Bill Maher. It was funny to watch that annoying little rat David Frum get so worked up though.

HAHA Yeah I though it was

HAHA Yeah I though it was funny when Frum said "No one is talking about Santorum and how he has mentioned the destruction of the middle class." Haha Santorum's ideas of fixing the middle class consists of outsourcing them to Iran for global adventurism.....what clowns these people are. The sad part of all this is: our country is in dire straits and our people are suffering while these clowns are writing books, and giving lectures about nonsense.

i can almost see the audience

looking at each other, "do we clap now? what the hell just happened? will someone on stage please tell us what to think?"

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Maybe we give China - Hollywood and the Networks

Lets give China, Korea and Japan both Hollywood and the MSM, to help forgive our war debts. I can live without the MSM and war.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Brainwashed Liberals

and Conservatives.

The panelist's response that Maher liked Paul "because he would let you smoke pot" is a great example of being brainwashed.

The President nor the Federal Gov't has any responsibility nor Authority to forbid citizens from doing anything. In fact the only authority to forbid anything is listed in Art 1 Sections 8, 9, & 10 and it is the People that are forbidding the Gov't, not the other way round.

The D's and R's have simply convinced many (most?) Americans that the Gov't is Mommy & Daddy and they are allowed to tell you what you can do and can come into your room any time they please to make sure everyone is being good little boys and girls.

If the People allow the Gov't to behave as parents, then rest assured the Gov't will treat Citizens as children.

that was Rob Reiner with the

that was Rob Reiner with the pot smoker comment, and he made is facetiously. He knows this is EXACTLY what all the church lady republicans are saying and he repeated it as a joke!

I actually thought it was pretty funny!

Let the culling begin !

Too many just don't or won't get it. We've got voter turnout on our side though!

And next week

He will come out and say he's crazy again and that hes unelectable or some other nonsense. (I hope this doesn't happen but with all these popular media figures it always seems to)

I be stunned.

And I think the brainwashed liberals were stunned. How is it that cheers for ending war come only during GOP debates these days? Where is the "Peace movement" - those liberal hippies? Do they all rely on the war to make their mortgage payments now? Well, that works out tidy for the war-profiteering banksters, doesn't it?
Good to see a media circus clown stop and be human for a moment. I wonder how long he can sustain it?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

This is a huge step for Bill.

This is a huge step for Bill. It really underscores the fact that liberty crosses party lines and is the reason Dr. Paul can win the general election.

Thanks Bill

"He's catching on, I'm tellin' ya."

I Agree

Ron Paul is getting in his blood. If he keeps researching, he will move from liberal to libertarian for ever.

It's a tongue in cheek reference

to the sillyness of our 2008 ad.

But the libertarian movement within both approved political parties is like a genie out of the bottle at this point. We can work out the necessity of "safety nets", "welfare", and "programs" with the lefties over time.

Right & left (or whatever) libertarians already agree on civil liberties and foreign policy, and are converging on the Fed.

We all agree that the WELFARE, need for WELFARE, or sustainment of the sick, poor, vets, elderly, homeless, abandons, orphans SHOULD be there, the only difference is that we don't think compulsory taxes should be the source of money, rather people who do as God wants, "whatever you do for the lowest, you do for me". The state can't help here. The church can. You and I most certainly can, and we should.

Under proper economic conditions, there would be more of a safety net and far greater prosperity than under authoritarian destruction, which is why Ron Paul's ideas are far more compassionate than all other candidates.

But we are pushing back against 3-4 generations of state worship. Libertarianism isn't an instant conversion.

Bill would love to spill his honey...

About Ron Paul. There's only one problem...he would lose his job!

Would you hesitate if you were making several mill a year? Course, I would probably speak my mind and take the ax. But, calm minds must prevail...I guess. Bill Maher knows about bread and butter.

A corrupt, corporate owned media will take no prisoners. We know this by the way Ron Paul gets treated by these cronies. ONLY the people can stand up such a system. WE are the answer.

The Same...

Could be said for Stewart and Colbert, who have been kind to Paul since 2007. Bless Bill for calling (most) liberals what they are-brainwashed. The good news is they, like the neocons and theocons, are on the way out.

Yeah, just like when he said

that men willing to kill and die for their cause can be called many things, but coward is not one of them.

I think

they are cowards. They don't appreciate life as we do.

There's enough of us, we can support


Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

Replicate Roger Ailes - and his FOX creation

Need big money sponsor, that owns cable network and can create another "fair and balanced" product.. or find the fringe network/tv hosts or other's that are libertarian leaning and start to back them...push to be put on major networks.
Be a very interesting idea to try to mobilize - get all supporters to donate $10 for libertarian/conservative programming start with $10MM and buy air time. At least it would be interesting to watch and listen to like a Jerry Doyle or others especially the Judge, who speak the truth...my 2 cents.

After we donate tons of fed notes to RP.


Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

Bill Maher is all over the map when it comes to Ron Paul

One day he says that Ron Paul is his "new hero", but then the next day he forgets about him and says they (the Republicans) are "ALL" crazy (he's 99% right on this). Then he said if he had to support anyone, he said he liked Romney. Now he's defending Paul again. It's very strange. But he does seem genuine when he defends Dr. Paul, so I guess it's somewhat encouraging. If Bill Maher really likes Ron Paul, he should start mentioning him more often.

Beware, he's all show biz!

Beware, he's all show biz!

So true.

It's unfortunate he's not more independent-minded, because he is a funny guy.

Can Maher be turned...?

I'm going against my username by stating this (it's just a hunch of mine), but trying to convert Bill Maher into a true libertarian would be like trying to convert John Meynard Keynes into an Austrian Economist. Maher is an arrogant statist all the way. Sure he may superficially oppose imperialism as well as the war on drugs, but fundametally he is a top-down central-planning progressive.

I recommend checking on youtube when Maher had Nick Gillespie on his show if you want a glipse of what I'm talking about.

It's confusion. I'm seeing it

It's confusion. I'm seeing it among other liberal progressives on various blogs,etc. They don't know how to reconcile what Obama has become, in terms of foreign policy, the NDAA, etc.

Not too exciting

Hmmm, I don't this he was defending Ron Paul. He agreed with RP's perspective regarding "empire" however he will cheerfully rip the good Dr once when he gets the command.


Liberty = Responsibility