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Gingrich Cancels Campaign Event, Poor Attendance - Ron Paul Draws over 1,000 at Same College

What? The media tells us Newt is 'first' in polls?

"CHARLESTON, S.C.- Newt Gingrich has cancelled a campaign appearance in South Carolina because of poor attendance."

"There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston's arena, where the event was taking place."


Ron Paul's College of Charleston event draws over 1000:


Media deception!

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I agree. Newt has very little

I agree. Newt has very little enthusiasm, but I just have an issue with some people misleading others with false headlines and incorrect facts (not you).

But let's be fair, Newt does have a lot of support in SC.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Newt doesn't have a lot of support!

That's the point.

He only has the support of the media and establishment. They are a very small percentage of the population.

Newt's support is mainly due to the influence of the media.

Actually it looked better for Paul

because 70-80 Paul supporters came into the room to plump of the attendance. Newt supporters were not to be seen apparently. Still, it was 100 or so people for Paul in a room set up for 800.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Did you watch the C-SPAN

Did you watch the C-SPAN coverage? There very barely 30-40 people. But in fairness, all their events had been poorly attended, and it was really early in the morning. BUT we need to stop criticize newt for not getting people, when Paul was scheduled for the SAME event.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


I was going by one printed online news story that claimed a bunch of people showed up along with Paul.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Fact: Ron Paul drew 1000

Fact: Ron Paul drew 1000 people on THURSDAY at different location (OUTDOORS) at the college.

Fact: Ron Paul was scheduled with Newt to appear at SMALLER venue on Friday at INDOOR location. Only 30 people showed for BOTH Newt and Paul. Ron Paul stayed. Newt cancelled.

Why doesn't the title reflect that and why don't some people bother to look at the facts?

Reality is that title should be: Ron Paul drew 1000 on THursday at college, but only about 30 on Friday. THOSE ARE THE FACTS! If you are gonna downplay Newt's attendance, you need to include Ron Paul too.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Fact: Brian Middleton is a punk

Trying to distort the referenced facts posted in the title and topic. He wants everyone to focus on his distortion that the speeches happened at different places, one indoor, one outdoor, and different days, when they were both at the same town and college. Rather than the big picture, which is that Gingrich is drawing no crowds and cancelling events even though the media is reporting he is way ahead with over 30% in polls, while Ron Paul is actually drawing thousands and the media is ignoring him and reporting polls where he is far behind, Brian Middleton wants to focus on different buildings and days. He's lost.


not a punk

just a neocon shill, doth protest too much you shill. Show me a gingrich event with 1000 people you shill, you can't because he has no real support.

Okay, FACT DENIER! You can

Okay, FACT DENIER! You can argue until you are blue in in the face, but that won't change the facts... Call me whatever you want and the more you act like a bully the more you will alienate support for Ron paul.. Keep it up... and then one day you will wonder why there is a lot of annoyed people that would otherwise support Paul, but because of people like yourself are left with bad taste in your mouth. And no matter how many times this is pointed out by other supporters that UNDERTAND this, you appear not to have learned..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I've read the entire thread

You sure leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm afraid I agree with Brian.

It was the same low-attendance SRLC event that both Paul and Gingrich showed up for. Gingrich skipped it, Paul stayed and spoke. It was held on the same college campus where Paul spoke the day before to a large crowd as a speaker in the Bully Pulpit lecture series.

It would be more appropriate to compare the crowd size of Gingrich and Paul at the Bully Pulpit series if in fact Gingrich took part. Both candidates had a low turnout at the SLRC event but by one online news report extra people came in when Paul arrived.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The subject is the media propping up Gingrich

And the media propaganda itself, not the event details. See the bottom line of the post, which says Media Distortion. If you don't know the subject it's easy to see how you can get confused and go on a tangent.

The bottom line was a URL.

I don't see where there's a tangent. Yes, there was much ballyhoo in the media for Gingrich and it was born out in the vote results (if they weren't fraudulent) but the point of the post was that, because Grinch suffered low turnout at the SRLC event, he wasn't really "supported" like Ron Paul was the day before at A DIFFERENT EVENT, same campus. It's that apples to oranges comparison I take issue with.

This is not to say that Gingrich didn't have lower turnouts at his events IN GENERAL than Paul did, and I rather suspect that was the case. However, it could not be deduced by comparing the two very different events on different days on the same campus.

I think the logical conclusion is that there were plenty of undecided voters and little-committed voters who wound up pulling the lever for Grinch because he seemed to best express their anger. These less-involved voters may never have wanted to go hear a candidate in person but they voted none-the-less.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Dude, read, please. Newt

Dude, read, please. Newt cancelled event that he AND Ron Paul were scheduled to speak at. Ron Paul got the same number of people. About 30. Newt cancelled, Paul stayed. If the poor attendance is bad for Newt, it woud be bad for Paul too. To suggest otherwise woud be flagrant hypocrisy.

Calling me a "punk" is superfluous and just ignoring the facts. Paul drew 1000 the day before. He drew about 30 on the day he was scheduled with newt. Is that fact so hard to accept?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I'm not ignoring the facts

But I'm going to start ignoring you.

Text I got from College of Charleston

"Ron Paul's speech was PACKED. That dude (Newt) is such a crock." Love it.

It doesn't matter

because he will look as good as the liberal media makes him look no matter how many people show up. In this case they won't even report it.

I saw Ron Paul's speech from Friday morning and it looked like there were maybe 20 or 30 people there at most. I don't know how many actually attended but it doesn't matter because the liberal media wanted the impression that nobody supports Paul.

Get Off The Net for just a few days and then you see what the rest of the brain dead Americans see.

Why did Santorum end up winning Iowa? Because now after today you will have three primaries with three different winners and that wacko Ron Paul hanging around with his crazy left of Obama ideas. This is what the liberals want and this is what most Americans will accept.

When you are without internet for a while the enormity of bias against Paul is magnified and makes it very disheartening.


It's amazing to me that people who all are for the same cause can't even keep from arguing amongst themselves. How are we ever going to come together as a country? It's not that big a deal who saw Ron Paul where or how many showed up. We need to focus on trying to figure out how to stop voter fraud and how to reach more people! Geez


That is because some people

That is because some people here are misrepresenting the facts.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Here's the youtube video of Ron Paul's speech.



Thank you!

Yet another "rock star" reception.

To Bad...I Heard Chuck Norris Was There Too!


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Huckabee's Ho...

...endorses Pelosi's Pal.

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You can't call right now.

I do call while reading Daily Paul though. It's pretty easy to switch between tabs.

The 2nd fizzle of Newt

Media is pushing him hard, again. Not sure why, but they're really selling him. I think a lot of people got sold on him from the debate because he was snarky in the beginning, even though he really didn't hit any home runs the rest of the time. Who needs substance, though? He created the most drama, which is enough to earn most people's vote.

Cause they need at least one

Cause they need at least one "conservative" in the race to absorb Paul votes.

Epic Battle between Gringrich & Dr. Paul on DRUGE Poll! NOW!

Folks, call all your friends get them to vote for Paul on this poll, it's a real fight Newt is holding firm at 3% above Paul, we need an influx of voters to shift the balance of power, get on it. NOW!!!!!

Here's the link: http://www.drudgereport.com/

Sweet Graphic illustrating this topic


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remove this wrong post PLEASE. 2 different places, i saw RP video on republican conference, only few attended (about 30)