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Morning Show Sign Project

Couldn't we pay people in New York to hold big signs near the windows of morning shows. I see them a lot on morning shows in the back windows behind the hosts. Or when Today Show is outside you see them above the crowd. I read what they say on them so I know others do as well.
It doesn't even have to be about Ron Paul all the time it could be something questioning MSM credibility or promoting a certain website.
I literally saw a guy holding one behind a window that the camera was trying to avoid but he was on his cell phone, and when they would switch camera shots the person on the phone would tell them to move over to the other window since it was on live he could tell him instantly.
I know you can hire people to hold them because I see ones advertising products sometimes.
I'm sure this is not the first time this has been suggested but is it something the grassroots would be interested in? What are the pro's and con's of this? Here is my take.

1. Cheap, and if Paul supporters in New York would do it maybe free but also if they want payment at least it is going to a Paul supporter. Which might end up in one of his money bombs or the Super Pac.
2. Effective because most people will read what it says which you can't always tell if they are doing with the brochures or even the TV advertisements. Not trying to knock the brochure project but once it is mailed out you don't know if people even give it a second glance(I have donated to the brochure project several times). I always flip the channel when advertisements come on so I know others do as well. When you have hundreds of channels you pay for it seems like a waste to watch ten minutes of advertisements.
3. Targets certain demographics we struggle with like senior citizens, stay at home moms or dads, etc. Plus morning television show are on in a lot of places like waiting rooms, restaurants, gyms. People DVR them to watch when they get home possibly.

1. It's freaking cold in New York
2. Have to worry about different camera shots.
3. Not sure if sign holders are hassled by the shows or not.
4. Limited messages on signs because of readability on TV at home.

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If there is anyone in NYC the

If there is anyone in NYC the five would a good show to sign bomb

Great idea!

*Wish I was in NY.

If I lived in New York, I would do it!

The pros FAR outweigh the cons. Besides, a little cold weather never stops a RON PAUL SUPPORTER!

I like it. The key is to keep

I like it.

The key is to keep the signs simple. Any publicity is good publicity.

An imperfect messenger of a perfect message. — Ron Paul


Good idea or not? Looking forward to some feedback.

I like this idea

the Buffalo Ron Paul group does stuff like this. Buffalo Campaign for Liberty meetup