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Las Vegas Pre-Caucus Celebration!

View from Lounge: http://www.loftatnewport.com/Common/Gallery/Photo/Gallery/ne...

Arial view: http://www.ezrarealty.com/images/properties/galleries/newpor...

View inside Lounge: http://images04.olx.com/ui/3/37/03/60053403_5.jpg

Calling all Las Vegas Ron Paul supporters, I am trying to organize a pre-caucus celebration at the above location, Friday Feb 3rd at 5pm! In order to offset costs I have to charge $20 a person but there will be beer/wine provided but most importantly, just like the billboard project, the goal of this is to drum up publicity and good press for Ron Paul! If I can get 20 people to commit to coming and paying 20 bucks each, I will put my money up to reserve the space and then inform the local media of this event, which will hopefully cover it the week before the caucus! In addition to the business of helping Ron Paul, I think it will also be a very fun event where Ron Paul supporters and any of their friends can just hang out and relax while enjoying good company and good conversation!

If you would like to attend or know anyone who would please direct them to the meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul2012/events/48847902/

Let's make this happen!

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Well looks like Friday is a

Well looks like Friday is a no-go, tentatively planning on Thursday or Saturday depending on which works best for everyone. Please email me at robfellner@gmail.com if you think this is something you would want to participate in.

I hope somebody doesn't poison the hors d'oeuvres

because that could tip it to Romney.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



My CO caucus will be on Tue Feb 07. So I need to save all travel funds for the state convention in Denver. NV is by far the funnest environment for RP supporters. I was a clark county delegate last election and I have had great LasVegas times. Good luck on your venture, I am sure you already reached out to their meetup.