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Mark Sanford supports Ron Paul

Excerpt: Paul's whistle stop tour of South Carolina

"A lot of people do identify me with another generation, the younger generation who's so enthusiastic about the things that we've been talking about in going back to the constitution," Paul said. "So this to me is very encouraging because the growth of the freedom movement is getting to be exponential. It was very, very slow for a long time."

One notable member of that younger generation came up to express his support for Paul after the event. Landon Sanford, the son of former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, stopped Paul as he was shaking hands on his way out to pass along a message from his father.

"Just wanted to let you know my dad fully supports you," the younger Sanford said of his father, who served alongside Paul as a congressman from the Charleston area in the late 1990's. "He can't really say it because of Fox, and he wanted me to tell you he enjoyed working with you very much."

(Sanford is a paid commentator for Fox News.)

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Not surprised AT ALL!

Anyone who watched Sanford before his disappearance debacle KNOWS he was a Paul supporter.

Now, he is a Fox News contributor, and you can tell he SOOO wants to say he's for Paul, but he can't, so he isn't publically endorsing anyone.

There's no point: He'll be fired. Just liker Tucker was from MSNBC. And Pat Buchanan - that's the REAL reason he was fired - his new book is no different than the dozens of others he had written before.

Besides, the second he does, all Paul's enemies will bring up Sanford's own personal baggage, dragging both Sanford and Paul down.

I'm surprised Fox hasn't fired Palin for defending Paul, but she'd go and write a book about it and that would be the end of Fox News! Sanford just doesn't have that kind of leverage.

BTW: I just read my email and Viguerie endorsed Santorum. I hereby declare: I HATE "CONSERVATIVES."

I will never use that MEANINGLESS DEGRADING term for myself ever again! Paleo-conservative libertarian it is, no matter how long it takes to spell it out!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Tell Daddy dearest to forget

Tell Daddy dearest to forget about FIX NEWS....they are scum....come and join the REVOLUTION.....DON'T BE AFRAID TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!!! I know Jenny Sanford said NO way would she ever support the NEWTard!

I think she supports Paul too

But she is afraid to say it. I saw her on Hardball and Chris Matthews really tried to nail her and all "Republicans" to the wall.

She said no to Newt, but the way she couched her being undecided was exactly as other secret Paul supporters do it - by not defending ANY of the other choices and NOT attacking Ron Paul. The real clue is not attacking Paul. Seriously, how can you truly be "undecided" at this point yet have nothing good to say about Santorum or Romney?

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Some courage please

Please tell your father our country needs it's men to show some courage, now!

The time has passed for any lingering concerns about the party, faux news, or anythings else.

We need the good men & women of our country to stand up and be counted for the cause of liberty. No more hesitation.


Liberty = Responsibility

Perhaps when this post...

leaks to Fox News, and Mark Sanford is fired, then he will be free to come forward with a full and official endorsement.

Saint Paul Need All The Help.

Saint Paul Need All The Help. RON PAUL 2012