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While i was in Nevada about a week ago!

I never shared this, but i want to let you know without a doubt in my mind we will win Nevada, while i was gambling and while i was in a few casino's, people would start conversations with me and most always had to mention the gop race and that they where supporting Paul. I would have to say half the time everyone was talking about Ron Paul. When i was also walking in Reno, i saw about 20 sign wavers, i was handed 3 super brochure's by different people while i was there (I told them i was already a supporter). The only signs i saw where Ron Paul bumper stickers/signs as well, i think Nevada without a doubt is a victory. And im thinking a landslide victory. So don't be discouraged!

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The Sacramento, CA Ron Paul Revolutionaries & C4L

are going up to spend next weekend in Reno and help out.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift



I went to Nevada for a CNN debate and met Carl Bunce

and the people heading up the campaign there. Organized and top notch people with strong group headed by Carl.


It ain't over

till it's over!

About Nevada

I am a precinct coordinator here. There was no place to sit down at the RP heaqquarters tonight for caucus training. And we were in a big majority at the county republican meeting, and we have most of the county officers as well.

Yes, this is a heavily mormon state, but I have to believe our ground game here is the best in the country. Dedicated, ethusiastic people coming and going all the time. I have personally registered 11 dems and indies as republican to vote in the caucus, and I plan on going all the way to Tampa as a delegate.

We are ON IT in Nevada!

Thanks for that

This kind of news is very welcome right now. You guys out there and others like you are American heroes.

In 2008

That was one of our best showings. It was also Mitt Romney's strongest. I think Romney got 59% of the votes there in 2008. I am guessing there is a large mormon population there.