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Boston Globe: Active-duty military, veterans in SC look closer at Ron Paul! Shows picture of Super Brochure


Check out this awesome story! And the picture is even better, featuring the Super Brochure!

- snip - “Perhaps the people who know best are the people who are enlisted. His message resonates because what he says makes sense to them,’’ said Karen Kedrowski, who chairs the political science department at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C."

“The Republican side loves veterans and the military - you can see that in their spending,’’ said Bradley Hatfield, 25, who served in the Marines for four years until 2009. But he agrees with Paul that some of that military spending is waste. “Ron Paul is going to end the gravy train for a lot of stuff, and it’s not going to hurt the military.’’

"Uncontrolled spending, added Jacob Jameson, 26, a Navy veteran and now an economics major, is putting the country on course to becoming “poor, broke and destitute.’’

"Last month, Jameson dug deep into his pockets - a sacrifice for any student on a budget, he said - to donate $100 to Paul’s campaign."

- end snip -

Read the whole thing:

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Front Page of the New York Times and this article proves:

The Super Brochure works. You can read and hear for yourself:

This is a bottom up campaign, and we are changing history. The grassroots has the most talented group of people across the country working nonstop to make sure Ron Paul wins. And to read and hear all the wonderful stories about people taking action is inspiring.

Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

Boston Globe is owned by Murdoch

And therefore will always try and spin things in their favor.

One sentence that stood out to me was: "but by one barometer active-duty troops favor the one candidate who wants the United States out of foreign wars along with a drastic reduction in defense spending: Representative Ron Paul of Texas"

He doesn't want us out of all foreign wars; certainly the ones going on now that can be avoided, but this is not to say he won't attack another nation if they pose a real threat to the United States. They want people to re-assume the whole notion of "Ron Paul is isolationist" mumbo jumbo.

And although overseas military spending falls under department of defense spending, they fail to draw that line. We all know that Ron Paul is for a stronger national defense and would only cut non-domestic military expenditures.

It's good though that they at least acknowledge the fact that he get's the most money from active-duty military personnel, because Paul has been unsurprisingly absent in recent issues of the globe.

-Boston Globe subscriber

GREAT story!


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

This is why...

It is the politicians' responsibility to rein in the military and first seek solutions via diplomacy. The military constantly trains for war, its what we do! Think of it kind-of like a champion boxer who trains every day for his next fight; he desires more than anything to utilize his training and hard work in the ring. This encompasses most of his daily thoughts...it has to in order to have the level of dedication required to train hard enough to be a champion. But does he really want to go in the ring and get his nose broken? What probably motivates him is the prestige and the title of champion. In the case of the military, most of us don't want to go into battle, but absolutely will in order to maintain our freedom in the United States. This is where the pride and prestige of serving comes from.

Again, it is the politicians' responsibility to rein in the military when necessary and to first seek solutions via diplomacy. What we have today is not the case because the politicians have their hand in the cookie jar and feed their thirst for power using the Military Industrial Complex, they are not using diplomacy as they should and therefore perpetuate war.

So, the troops whom are capable of independent thought have come to realize the errors in our foreign policy and the warmongering of which we have been a part and that it does not support the maintenance of our freedoms in the US.

Fortunately we are still living in a Democratic Republic and are able to speak out against the politicians. And, as a member of the US Armed Forces, I will fight until the very last breath in my body to support and defend that right against all enemies foreign and domestic!

"Insert wise comment here."

I agree

But with regard to this statement:

"In the case of the military, most of us don't want to go into battle, but absolutely will in order to maintain our freedom in the United States."

To me, the only way to lose our freedom is to let our government pass laws that diverge from the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thus, taking away our freedoms.

I fail to see how any WAR is preventing anyone else from taking our freedoms. Was Nazi Germany going to take our freedoms? no. Was Korea gong to take away our freedoms? no. Was Vietnam going to take away our freedoms? no. Iraq? Iran? Syria? China? nope.

The idea that another country would/could take our freedoms is borderline absurd. But sadly this is the line used to encourage more wars etc.

I am a 4 year veteran of the US Navy, and have been and seen just about all the world...no one is out there plotting to "take away our freedoms". [absurd]

The only powers that are hell bent on this idea are banksters, corporations and our corrupt government. This will become unconventional warfare, no battlefields...its the idea that is under attack from the inside.

Once we realize this, the world will become a better place. Unfortunately, many do not know or have not woken up yet. But they will. Its inevitable.

a Ron Paul revolution is just the beginning.

Apparently they've not reduced the fluoride at the Citadel....

Excerpts from NYT article on the Citadel response to SC primary:

There’s not any one dominant military candidate, and you see that with the students,” said Scott Buchanan, a political science professor at the 3,300-student college."

“If Rick Santorum were president, I’d be honored to be sent overseas,” he said. “He’s strong on national security, so I’d feel very safe with him in office.” !!!

"The only presidential candidate with a military record is Mr. Paul, who served as a medical doctor in the Air Force. But Mr. Santorum has emphasized his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Mr. Gingrich speaks about visiting World War I battlegrounds while his stepfather was stationed in the Army."


Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Flouride, hell!

Those nitwits are on sopors!

oh wait!!!!!!!

i've too been to battlegrounds - some from the civil war - some from ww2 - oh! and i've been to the concentration camp at Dachau........so.......i can be president?!!??!?!?

Good article.How did Reagan

Good article.

How did Reagan end the soviet empire? By making them spend more and more on their military, until it bankrupted the USSR. will history repeat itself?

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