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1/21 - Augusta Chronicle - Young Crowd Greets Ron Paul in Warrenville, SC

Young crowd greets Ron Paul in Warrenville
By Steve Crawford
Staff Writer
Friday, Jan. 20, 2012

"WARRENVILLE — It was the same venue, but it wasn’t the same crowd.

When Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul walked into the banquet hall at Bobby’s Bar-B-Q in Warrenville, supporters leaped to their feet and cheered, much like people did when they met Newt Gingrich at the restaurant two days before."
Source: http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/government/elections/2012-...

Amazingly positive article, that proves hope for the future of the freedom movement and chronicles the swing in young voters towards Ron Paul's campaign, as well as talking about democrats that had once worked for Obama are now working for the Ron Paul campaign after their choice decided 'Change' meant to him, something different than what his core supporters were truly looking for.

They have found this change and hope for freedom in Ron Paul.


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