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Palin Warned the GOP !

"Paul, Paul, Ron Paul!"

The crowd demanded that mediator direct one question to Dr. Paul. How many minutes total did Paul get? CNN Republican debate time was not equitable. Fox News ignored Ron Paul almost completely as did the liberal media following the debate. The bias is coming from all directions. Palin was right when she warned the GOP not to alienate Ron Paul supporters. I am officially alienated!

I am a constitution minded conservative who has always voted Republican. In the past there has been a cry, "not to split the ticket." The appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges has always been important to me. I voted against the liberal democrats in all presidential and mid term races because I believed the Republican party was more likely to support the constitution and appoint judges who would do the same. Big federal government and giant deficits continue to grow. I carried a sign at a Tea Party rally that said, " $ 1st mortgage Bush. 2nd mortgage Obama. $" on a map of the USA. The two party system is beginning to look like a one party system. The bailouts keep coming and the debt ceiling keeps rising. I favor a strong high tech military but not a post cold war police state. The Patriot Act and NDAA assault my personal liberty.

This party is over! The Republican party lost my straight ticket vote forever. If Obama wins, so be it. When McCain shocked me with his unwavering support of controversial NDAA provisions, I was ashamed I voted for him. Many citizens do not vote because they do not want to vote for the lesser of two evils. I am going to vote but it will not be for a Democrat or a Republican.

Tomorrow morning I am opening a saving account. I hope Ron Paul will retaliate against the disrespectful way that our Constitution is being treated by the two parties and the media. The ideals, liberties, and separation of powers built into our system are like poetry that swells my heart. The "battle field is the world" mentality our government is taking has triggered my, "it is our right and our duty to throw off such government" button. My money, time, and resources will be available if Ron Paul runs as a Libertarian or on any other 3rd party ticket. We are not just energized, we are indignant.

Listen up and listen good. It is not Ron Paul that we love. It is our Constitution and the concept of Liberty endowed upon all of us by our creator. I love the United States of America. Freedom is worth a fight. Remember Dec. 25, 1990 when a super power became a 3rd world nation over night. My family was in a military base in Germany that morning. The USSR died, not with a bang but a whimper. This in not the Ron Paul Revolution. This is America fighting for her life, not against foreign invaders but against locally organically grown punks and thugs. The lesser of a few squabbling evils can not win. Deficits, bail outs, undeclared wars, and consumer confidence funny money can not be allowed to win. America is beautiful and she is worthy of a champion.

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Well said.

Well said.

Newt would look good wearing a laurel wreath and toga...

but I wouldn't give those to him because his head would explode. :)

Ron Paul is THE ONLY politician who would get my vote of all the candidates or Obama because he is the only one with any shred of integrity up there. I think if the Republican party continues to marginalize RP and he goes third-party, they deserve to lose to Obama. Every candidate should get to answer each question to see where he stands on the issues so they can be compared. Instead, we have this "Circus Maximus" where all eyes are drawn away from the fact that the country is going down in flames, attention focused on Newt playing the pipe and Romney and Santorum dancing around him. Honestly, is that ALL there is to focus on???

Well said, we need to draw a

Well said, we need to draw a line in the sand and let the GOP know, it is Ron Paul, or it is Obama. I will refuse to vote for anyone else other than Ron Paul. I feel utterly offended by the GOP.


I will not vote for the least of the two EVILS.

I will hand write in RP or 3rd party.

How they have treated the good DR during this process.

NO WAY NO HOW.......

Well said Jenn!

Well before this election cycle began I predicted that we could be witnessing the end of the Republican Party and, while it's still very early in the game, that prediction may well come true. I have been voting independent for many years and will continue to do so. I hope for the Party and Country that Ron Paul gets the nomination because I won't vote for any of the others or for Obama.

I think it's best for the Republican Party establishment and their friends in the MSN to hear that message clearly now. Third Party; write-in; Libertarian Party. Any one of those choices works for me.

I am right there with you

I am right there with you


WELCOME JENN TO THE REVOLUTION - Glad you saw the light!

The 2 major political parties have hijacked our personal liberty which includes keeping OUT ony 3rd party from the process.

Party loyalty has gotten us NOWHERE because THERE IS NO REAL DIFFERENCE between these parties.

What's going on with Ron Paul is that he's running as an OLD STYLE Republican in a new-style (NEO-CONNED) Republican party with NO RESEMBLENCE to its former self.

So rest assured if you support Ron Paul that you still ARE voting for a republican - just the right KIND of republican.

Yes everyone says that he's really a Libertarian but so be it.

If he does not get tht nomination I will END my republican affiliation and join the actual Libertarian Party.

But for now I'm happy to see another passionate, intelligent thinker on board.

We need you!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ninety Nine Monkeys for Ron Paul (POEM)

Ninety-Nine Monkeys For Ron Paul!

This process by which we select
Our President that we will elect
Has yielded this Year
The neocons worst fear:
The Ron Paul Hundredth Monkey Effect!

No matter how hard the media tries
To make Paul look bad in our eyes
We know his program's correct
'Cause we think and walk erect
And know the media only tells lies!

They're reduced to trying to dissect
Ron on some old newsletter subject
But these media whores
Ignore neocon wars
and the Constitution they never protect.

They speak death to Paul's message of Life
'Cause they only know how to sow strife
But now masses reject
CNN's neocon disrespect
And FOX news is really the Devil's wife

Now we howl and hoot at their ire
For we know that their only desire
Is to see America wrecked
But even presstitutes detect
That Paul's campaign has unquenchable fire!
Charles Ulysses Feney

"This will all end with show trials and piano wire!"


should take her own advice.

Hello, my name is Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

I left the Repugnat party the last election cycle.

I couldn't stomach what they did to Ron Paul the last go round, and I took great pleasure in leaving, so I totally know how you feel. I wrote in Dr. Paul's name on the California ballot in 2008, and I will certainly do it again -- although I have much more hope this time around. Made a bunch of calls this morning, but mainly got a lot of answering machines :(

Voting Ron Paul

Im voting for Ron Paul no matter what! It seems alot of my fellow RP supporters are on the same page. I want the Republican Party to know that they lost to Obama due to how they treated RP and his supporters!!!

I too agree.

I woke up this past October. I decided I could not vote for another repub. or dem. again due to the lies and corruption. So I told my husband I would vote off and hope that one day, maybe that would at least send a message or encourage a third party. Thank goodness I found Ron Paul and this site as well as this has been a great teaching tool. I have always considerded myself independent, but registered repub. so I could vote in the primaries (here in FL)over the years and I generally leaned that way. I will change that after this primary to Independent because I don't want to be counted as one in the stats. And my husband is with me on this.

I Agree

I held my nose when I voted for McCain in '08, only because I knew who Obama really was. In reality, even if McCain had won, things wouldn't have been much different from what Obama has done. McCain is still the same package with different colored strings attached.

Truth is, if anybody else gets in other than Ron Paul, it will be more of the same, just different colored strings attached. We all know that no one pulls Ron Paul's strings, because he isn't attached to any strings.

I have had it with the Republican Party. I would have a hard time to vote for anyone else except Ron Paul. I would do a write in before I voted for anyone else other than Ron Paul.

I second that...

and AMEN!

Great article to which I can relate

This article is great. I especially can relate to most, if not all, of the author's past experiences with political parties. Ron Paul is the face of more than a political party; he is the current face of an unstoppable movement of individuals seeking liberty itself. This movement will not be stopped because it is not about a particular political figure, it is about an idea whose time has come (again)!

United States of America v. United States

The United States of America is a Confederacy of Free Sovereign and Independent States and the United States is that territory owned by and ceded to the United States of America....How many of you really know the Constitution of the United States which was established by only nine states...on June 21 1788 when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution of September 17 1787. There are 2 unions in this country by law which one do you support?

See: http://usavsus.info/

indeed.. just search for usa vs us

Here! Here!

You are not alone! I voted Democrat in 2004 and Libertarian in 2008. I just cannot vote for a neocon in the Republican Party and have seen the slow, systematic demise of the GOP over the last 8 years, which scares the hell out of me. If that party falls, so be it. It probably needs to so it can be reborn into something new.

We know they can't win without the liberty vote. They can't sustain themselves with chicken hawks, dominionists, corporatists and neocons guiding their party. At least people like us see this and are willing to coalesce behind a movement. Again, you are not alone.

I'm with you, Jenn

I would prefer the Democratic party be destroyed first, but since that isn't happening yet I'm fine with the Republicans getting squashed. They talk a big game but don't have the follow-through.

Both parties are the same

I would vote Libertarian. Everyone knows that Libertarians will vote for Paul if he gets the nomination. If Paul doesn't get the nomination after the brokered convention (which he may, since we will have delegates), it is better to vote for our Principles which are Libertatian anyway. As far as I can tell, the difference between Ron Paul and the Libertarian party is that he is pro-life, and the Libertarian party is split on the issue (somehow 1/2 do not endorse all life, just theirs). Don't waste your vote in that case, cast it Libertarian.

Same here

After 2008 my eyes were opened wide to how corrupt the establishment is. That was when I decided that I would only vote my conscience even if that meant a write-in. I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008 and will do the same in 2012 if necessary.
I will not vote for the stooge the establishment puts in his place. I will be writing in Ron Paul if his name is not on the Nov. Ballot.
I feel that this is the sentiment of a very large portion, if not most RP supporters. If they alienate us, they will fail badly and we will have Obama 2.0 for the next four years.
It is my hope that the Republican Party will then implode and become rightfully irrelevant and a better limited government party will rise in its place with us leading the charge.

We need to get to high school

We need to get to high school kids who can not vote yet but will be able too in 2016. If we get younger kids the message will spread like the plague. If we keep predicting the prophecy of financial turmoil which will come upon us, when it comes true, we will be the school of thought people will listen too. We have many forces working together. As the economy gets worse we will not be able to fight these wars, the neoconservatives will be more and more isolated. Everyone must stop watching Fox News, don't even have your cable box on that station. We must destroy their ratings. Watch Freedom Watch that is it. We must alienate supporters of Hannity, Rush, Levin, and the rest of those clowns. Rush was just dropped from the Radio in San Francisco because of a lack of ratings, we must continue this through out the country.

Operation Beheaded Tyrant: Its time for coup d'etat of the party

I think that we have been looking at this from the wrong perspective. We have been trying to conform the Republican party to our message. This is a mistake. We need to take over the Republican party. We have a large advantage. It is estimated that over the next 5 years 10% of the Republican party will die because of age. We can make the Republican party grow by 20% by spreading the message of liberty. We are the youth, we need to stop asking permission, and start forcefully asserting our dominance into the party. Neoconservatism is an endangered species, that will go extinct. We need to implement a strategy known as Operation Beheaded Tyrant.
Step 1: Infiltrate the Republican party: Done
Step 2: Sabotage: If Ron Paul doesn't win don't vote
Step 3: Obama has a second term and the economy gets worse
step 4: We will convert the masses in our countries time of desperation
step 5.: Rand Paul will be President in 2016

You Have Hit the Nail on the Head!

The GOP changes or it dies...plain and simple.If Ron doesn't get it,I will vote libertarian or constitution party and the dopey republican party will be defeated again...

Ron Paul'08


It's much more about the ideas than the man/woman. I love Ron Paul, but if the brightest beacon of liberty in the nation were someone else, I'd be supporting that person. If it were not for Ron Paul, I would not be voting Republican. I've been libertarian-minded ever since I saw Harry Browne on CSPAN during his first presidential run. If Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll either write his name in, vote for the Libertarian candidate, or stay home and do something more productive with my time.

Don't stay home ...

write in Dr. Paul's name on your ballot. Be counted!

Exactly where I am.

I have been a Republican for 10 years, a party that has always pretended to be conservative. In their rejection of Ron Paul, they have exposed their true colors and I can no longer pretend with them.

If Ron Paul does not win the nomination, it will be time for the party to collapse and be replaced.

I long ago gave up on

I long ago gave up on Republicans seating Supremes that would uphold the Constitution. Their picks have proven to be on par with the Democrat nominees. I will say, Obama has carried it to a new level with scum like Kagan.

The end of the Republican party, so be it!

If any party serves tyranny, they need to end. My vote will always go to the most principled individual. No more mindless tribalism. I will be voting for Paul in any form that is presented to me, either as the republican nominee or as a write-in. This is not a horse race. We are a liberty movement and LIBERTY is more powerful than any single election, political party, or even any system of government. Every thing is on the table. The sleeping giant known as "WE THE PEOPLE" has awoken!

What an Awesome post!

You should tweet this out to the world!