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Palin Warned the GOP !

"Paul, Paul, Ron Paul!"

The crowd demanded that mediator direct one question to Dr. Paul. How many minutes total did Paul get? CNN Republican debate time was not equitable. Fox News ignored Ron Paul almost completely as did the liberal media following the debate. The bias is coming from all directions. Palin was right when she warned the GOP not to alienate Ron Paul supporters. I am officially alienated!

I am a constitution minded conservative who has always voted Republican. In the past there has been a cry, "not to split the ticket." The appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges has always been important to me. I voted against the liberal democrats in all presidential and mid term races because I believed the Republican party was more likely to support the constitution and appoint judges who would do the same. Big federal government and giant deficits continue to grow. I carried a sign at a Tea Party rally that said, " $ 1st mortgage Bush. 2nd mortgage Obama. $" on a map of the USA. The two party system is beginning to look like a one party system. The bailouts keep coming and the debt ceiling keeps rising. I favor a strong high tech military but not a post cold war police state. The Patriot Act and NDAA assault my personal liberty.

This party is over! The Republican party lost my straight ticket vote forever. If Obama wins, so be it. When McCain shocked me with his unwavering support of controversial NDAA provisions, I was ashamed I voted for him. Many citizens do not vote because they do not want to vote for the lesser of two evils. I am going to vote but it will not be for a Democrat or a Republican.

Tomorrow morning I am opening a saving account. I hope Ron Paul will retaliate against the disrespectful way that our Constitution is being treated by the two parties and the media. The ideals, liberties, and separation of powers built into our system are like poetry that swells my heart. The "battle field is the world" mentality our government is taking has triggered my, "it is our right and our duty to throw off such government" button. My money, time, and resources will be available if Ron Paul runs as a Libertarian or on any other 3rd party ticket. We are not just energized, we are indignant.

Listen up and listen good. It is not Ron Paul that we love. It is our Constitution and the concept of Liberty endowed upon all of us by our creator. I love the United States of America. Freedom is worth a fight. Remember Dec. 25, 1990 when a super power became a 3rd world nation over night. My family was in a military base in Germany that morning. The USSR died, not with a bang but a whimper. This in not the Ron Paul Revolution. This is America fighting for her life, not against foreign invaders but against locally organically grown punks and thugs. The lesser of a few squabbling evils can not win. Deficits, bail outs, undeclared wars, and consumer confidence funny money can not be allowed to win. America is beautiful and she is worthy of a champion.

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Don't know why McCain shocked you, but

Welcome to the party!

The first time voting Third Party is the hardest. After that there is no guilt!

Even my mother (65 years old) actually voted Libertarian for Governor last year, she was so pissed off!

I'm a registered Republican too, and the Supreme Court IS the most important issue in Presidential years, but I'll never vote Republican again in a national election unless it's for a true Constitutional Conservative / libertarian.

Local (town, county) races are different though - voting Third Party led to 4 years of a Democrat who wracked up debt and taxes faster than Obama was able to brainwash the masses. No, locally the only thing that matters is taxes and regulations, and the Dems make Obama seem moderate and Republicans actually are ok.

Stay registered Republican though, at least if you live in a closed-Primary state like I do!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Telling it straight sister!

Up this goes!

If Dennis Kucinich were in Ron Paul's position, I'd be reading the Daily DK. The details are irrelevant.

People vs. the kleptocratic zombie borg is a far cry from fanatic cultism, rather it is exactly the opposite.

Independence from the shackles of lordly mandate is not a cult idea, rather it is exactly the opposite.

This is self preservation vs. usurpation which has already taken place against our will should we have realized this en masse nearly a century ago.

No one but Ron Paul...

Why? Because he is the only one that will follow the Constitution. I am an American before I am anything else and I won't vote for the lessor of two evils. Never again will I be conned into throwing my voice away.

That's right, when you vote for someone that does not hold your core values, you throw your voice away. I want to be heard and I want to hear others who feel like me, but it can not be done if you put your support behind the lessor of two devils. America is at another crossroad and I pray she heeds her warnings.

These neo-cons have stolen our Country away from the American people so if the Economy crashes, we will at least know who to look at, that's right, the American people will be the ones you will have to blame. We know right from wrong but many choose not to find out who is destroying their Country. It is those who refuse to wake up and vote their core beliefs. They are tricked into signing onto evil.

Who here would vote for the Devil if they were told he was leading in the polls. Who would say that they would vote for Jesus but it just looks like he is not going to win or would you vote your beliefs for the man from Galilee? We have been led down the path of destruction long enough, we must stand up for what we believe or forever realize that we stand for nothing.