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SC Primary Results Thread; Paul's Speech After South Carolina Primary - Video


Official results on the South Carolina State Elections Commission

Newt Gingrich 40.45% 243,153
Mitt Romney 27.83% 167,280
Rick Santorum 16.98% 102,057
Ron Paul 12.97% 77,993

Please share you news, observations and insights in the comments section below.

RON PAUL 2012!

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Looking for Exit Poll Data

It is my suspicion that something is quite wrong with the election results in SC, and since I actually have family there I'm naturally very concerned that they have somehow been disenfranchised by some sort of vote fraud.

Is there reliable Exit Poll data? How skewed is it from the Secretary of State's released numbers?

If record numbers of voters have changed party affiliation since 2008, and things have gotten steadily worse, it makes almost no sense that discouraged Liberals would choose someone so far from their own values in this primary election.

In short, it makes no sense that Dr. Paul does better and better in Straw Polls and random surveys, but that actual votes somehow manage to flip-flop by as much as 30%

Is there a great discrepancy between how South Carolina voters said they were going to vote, how they voted, then how they said they voted?

The Big Picture for Ron Paul - A Game Over for his Opponents

The last place finish mobilized me to create a new weapon for Ron Paul:

I wrote a piece comparing Ron Paul to other candidates on a general level and presenting his positions on things I find most important:


I believe it could be a very, very effective way to get people to think. If we can spread something like this, even the South Carolina voters couldn't ignore it.

organise to protect your votes.

If you guys do not organise to protect your votes, they will be stolen again and again.
Too much effort, and, money has been donated to see your efforts being subverted. it's obvious, it is happening.
At the next primary organise at every polling station to record the EXACT number of votes across all stations and tally this against the return from the count.
If you do not, you will never have the proof required to call shenanigans.
Organise, protect your efforts, your votes, and Pauls campaign.
Libertarians in defence of their rights and the electoral system should not fear being counted within the party.
you have to do something.

start working together for each other or fail on the heap of fascist history.

A Perfect Storm is Brewing

Ron Paul has every reason to be pleased with the way things are going. His results compared to 2008 are staggering and gathering pace. It is very clear both the Republican "establishment" and DC establishment are panicking about Ron Paul and now about Mitt Romney too, hence the manufactured "surge" of Gingrich following a similar Santorum "surge" in IOWA. If it gets down to Paul/Romney and then Mitt Romney is taken out by "breaking news" which makes him unelectable in a month or two's time, then it's a Ron Paul home run. If Romney drops out now then there are over 500 delegates handed to Ron Paul on a plate, as neither Gingrich nor Santorum are running in some delegate rich states.

A perfect storm is brewing. The establishment MSM propagandists have tried everything they know and are making it more and more obvious they are trying to fix the results. This can only get worse for them, meaning more Americans will see all the censorship and lies as they become more desperate. Electoral and voting fraud will become increasingly tempting to the establishment, and at some time it will come back to bite them. It's all part of the education which will help Ron Paul down the line. The awakening of the American people is expanding exponentially, and that pace too will accelerate every week from now until June and beyond. As the weeks pass by, true Republicans will see an opportunity to get back their party from the socialists and return it to its conservative roots. That will accelerate the shift towards Ron Paul within the party and set him up for the nomination.

This is one perfect storm I await with relish.

I write as a concerned Brit and admirer of Ron Paul since early 2008. In early 2011 I wrote to an American friend: "Ron Paul can win the nomination and presidency." So far, all is on target. Why do you think Ron Paul is looking so confident and relaxed while the status quo brigade are in panic mode?

The secret is out. What Dr Paul will be doing in 2021 after his second term as president:

The world is waiting for president Paul!!

I am an American living in the uk right now. I think we need to set up a Ron Paul event in the midlands. Get as many ron Paul supporters there and show the world that Ron Paul is popular around the world and his answers are what most countries need to listen to. I'm in Nottingham and would love to get something started here in the England for Ron Paul!

I posted this before, but

I posted this before, but since you mention Nottingham, I can't resist posting it again. :)


Every time since I'm following this Ron Paul campaign, especially in the last few weeks, I more and more have to think about this video clip from the English TV series ('80s): Robin of Sherwood (Robin Hood):

"Robin of Loxley: You were sleeping. You slept too long. We all have. Its time we woke... time we stopped running!"


IMHO it's a very powerful video and with the haunting music of Clannad... I don't know what it is.. but I just associate it very strongly with this whole struggle of Dr. Paul to change the world for the better. :O

"This isn't an ordinary fight. This is a fight between the powers of light and darkness."


Complete video starting from the beginning:

buy a cattle prod

and wake up the sheep

uncle sugar is broke

Fraud is the problem But not the biggest issue

For the media to say things like Ron Paul is not trying to be president or he is only trying to spread a message to change the republican party is a joke!! The only way he can change the republican Party is if he is a real threat in these primary's. He will be our next president and needs to start acting like it. Nothing is absolute but he can be absolu sure all his supporters WANT him to be president and America NEEDS him to be president!! The message is great and he has been saying the same things for years. Now that America is listening to him He needs to believe he will and can be the president otherwise we might as well not vote at all. Look all I am asking is for him to show more of a desire to be commander in chief it's what we are here for if he was not running for president sure it could just be about his message but he decided to run because we support him and want him as president it's time he accepts that role!! The media should have no doubts what his motives are!!

Election Results

Ron Paul is being minimalized by the media and we will never know the truth of the election results since the Ron Paul team is not willing to do their own exit polls. The mainstream exit polls cannot be trusted, yet exit polls is the only way to catch vote fraud where electronic voting machines are used (now outlawed in Germany). Those of us in IT know how easy this is to do if you have access. Look at the company who controls and has access to the software and your eyes will open.

Bottom line, don't expect much improvement in the coming primaries, unless it is announced that exit polls will be conducted. Then fear of getting caught may reduce the fraud.

Official results

This just in, officials are liars, thieves, and murders. THey cheated us in Iowa, they cheated us in NH, and now they cheated us in SC. GOP Is exposed as a crooked outfit, the msm is exposed as a crooked outfit, each of the candidates that goes along with the crooked elections are crooks as well. If elections realy counted I guess the potus would issue a executive order banning them.


This much is clear...

...We should go full steam all the way to the Convention on August 27, 2012, in Tampa, Florida. Either Ron Paul wins in a 2 or 3 or 4 way race, or one of the others wins a plurality, but needs Ron Paul's endorsement to get to the 1,144 delegates at the National Convention needed for the nomination. Either way, we can exert much control on this process and policy. The key thing is to have confidence and persistence in knowing that we have the best candidate who among those is singularly right in his positions. ONWARD TO TAMPA!!!

heck yeah!

of course we have the confidence because we are secure in our understanding of liberty. the other candidates may have the media and the establishment...but we have Hayek and Rothbard and hundreds of others. no one should underestimate what a sizable advantage that is.

onward to Tampa, indeed.

Freedom! Forever!

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South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during pri

South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during primaries


Jan 21, 2012

Already, there has been some question into folks who cast their ballots on Saturday.

South Carolina's Attorney General, Alan Wilson has notified the U.S. Justice Department of potential voter fraud.

Wilson says an analysis found 953 ballots cast by voters were people who are listed as dead.

He has asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.


What do you guys think about this?


On War and Defense: Our most important resource.
Thoughts? Feedback?

Very Good

To restore the country, we must first restore the party.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

What up with this?

Well I have to say, that was

Well I have to say, that was another good speech, and made me feel much better about yesterday.. I think at this point we really need to stop filling ourselves with the poison from the mainstream media. Stop giving into their fear and manipulation. The moment we do, they've won. Listen again to speech and replace the neagativity with inspiration.



Important: Can everyone seriously chill the heck out

1. Stop freaking out about "voter fraud" or "election fraud", etc. Were the votes miscounted in Iowa? Most likely. Does it matter? Not at all. If you guys weren't so busy freaking out about such irrelevant things, you would understand this. Our candidate is going after the caucus states early on. What this means is the "straw polls" that are conducted are essentially meaningless, especially for Iowa where the vote is non-binding. So read more about the system and stop going nuts, it makes you look crazy. The only negative impact it would have is on momentum, and everyone already knows the media isn't going to do anything to help with momentum anyways. Which brings me to my second point..

2. Stop attacking anyone and everyone that mentions Ron Paul. It's ridiculous. You make us all look like a bunch of crazy psychos. Is there tons and tons of media bias against Ron Paul? Yes, absolutely. Does it mean everyone is a part of this "conspiracy"? NO. When Fox News failed to put RP's activities on a chart of where candidates were in SC, it wasn't because there was some huge conspiracy against Dr. Paul, IT WAS BECAUSE HE WASN'T CAMPAIGNING IN THE STATE. People complaining about things like this make us all look like a bunch of idiots, so stop. Just accept the fact that the media will virtually give us no help at all throughout the primary cycle as well as throughout the general election. They won't, get over it. It would go completely against anything they have an interest in as far as their jobs and bottom line are concerned.

Just get on the phones, start talking to people and spreading this message. You complaining about a bunch of random stuff that the campaign managers are not making a big deal to complain about should raise a big flag for you and make you say "maybe I am freaking out about something that isn't really that important." We are going to win the White House, so be productive and figure out ways to help that cause instead of going around the internet completely turning people off from even considering Ron Paul the candidate. Your actions represent him whether you like it or not, so don't screw this up for us.


Thank you for saying that.

Thank you for saying that. I've been going insane reading most of these posts. We need more people like you here.

hear hear!

hear hear!



Don't be surprised--Americans

Don't be surprised--Americans ARE that stupid.

Ron Paul YouTube Video

Man you guys are going to just love this video, it's uplifting and halarious, it had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Please if someone can send this to RP I'm sure he'll love it.


Some would call this fraud. Not the winner or court however!

These are quotations from the In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of Chelan.

"The general election for the Office of Governor of the State of Washington was held on November 2nd, 2004. The gubernatorial candidates were Christine Gregoire, Democrat; Dino Rossi, Republican; and Ruth Bennett, Libertarian. On November 17th, the counties completed their initial tabulation of votes and out of the over 2.8 million votes counted, 261 votes separated the two leading candidates, Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi, with Mr. Rossi in the lead."

"The Court concludes that petitioners have not met either the clear and convincing burden or the preponderance of the evidence burden as to the element of causation. The Court concludes further that no matter the number of illegal votes, whether they total 1,678, as determined by this Court, or 2,820, as argued by petitioners in their closing, this election may not be set aside merely because the number of illegal or invalid votes exceed the margin of victory, because the election contest statute requires the contestant to show that the illegal votes or misconduct changed the election's result."

Election Fraud

This is taken off of the FBI website...let's start calling tomorrow -- who is with me....If enough people call it could be another wake up call.

Voter fraud complaints may be directed to any of the local U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, the local FBI offices or the Public Integrity Section (202-514-1412). A list of U.S. Attorneys’ Office can be found at www.justice.gov/usao/offices/index.html and a list of FBI offices can be found at: www.fbi.gov.

no change until it gets much much worse.

This outcome was not a surprise. People can't swallow Romney and Gingrich wont get black voters to come his way so its all leading up to a second term for Obama (which is also not going to surprise me) it wouldn't matter anyway their all the same person. Unfortunately this country will not see the light until its goes totally dark so we all better be prepared and prepare your children. I hope to see you all on the other side of the fray. Stay low, fire and maneuver...



An age thing!

Some people on here say it is an age thing, an education thing or voter fraud. The voter fraud does exist no doubt. But we must educate. The young people have gotten the message. We need to target those 40+. Being an Irish citizen I can't contribute financially but I have signed on to gaming sites, news sites, dating sites, you name it I've joined them in the last six months to promote Dr. Ron Paul. Almost 100% of the time the reaction from those 35 and under is positive to Ron Paul. And almost 100% of the time it is a NEGATIVE reaction from those 40+. They say he's crazy, he scares them, he wants to encourage the enemy...and on it goes. These people have been programmed by the main stream media to fear Dr. Paul. To win this year, educating these people is VITAL. The one thing that crops up time and again is "fear". How you go about changing this mindset I don't know, but I do know to them the FEAR is REAL.