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Doug Wead on MSNBC w/ Alex Witt 01/21/12

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Well, here goes.

Like market advertisers does to you and yours on a daily basis, you can instill subconscious messaging by telling the audience something that is profoundly truthful yet perverted. E.g. the population is in general sexually frustrated (due to dogma) and so the appeal of sex to a product will generate tremendous amounts of interest to that product.

Now, know that subconsciously, people KNOW that Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are very much of the same breed - but it's not getting adressed in the MSM and so, it is left untapped to the spin doctors. And so...

When someone like Doug Wead comes along, who KNOWS about the sorcery done by the power brokers, only needs to push a few places to initiate a landslide. And he's having great fun with it, as you can see:

"That 'Newt Romney' can challenge... that Newt Gingrich could 'CHANNEL' [Romney]", and proceeds to give a big belly laugh witch eases tension and lets the brain reason this out on all levels.

And the fact that this is a true picture of reality as well, makes it even more profound. It's like a freudian slip working for you by the simple fact that people in general are living their life based on lies.

This is our time.

truth liberate

This is excellent news

I was wondering why Paul and Romney have been easy on each other...

Doug Wead

Love this guy, puts things in perspective and offers up a bit of the campaign strategy and how it is effectively working.

Doug is a very interesting person and quite brilliant. Lucky to have him on board. Worth a bit time taking a look at his history.


This is important news to use when you are polling for Paul

when someone happens to say newt or Sant we can use this info. Plus, I always like to leave the call with, "and by the way, did you know that more active military donate to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined."

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The magic number, and why we want Newt to SC

There is a total of 2286 delegates allocated for the convention.

Gingrich and Santorum are not on the ballot of several states and have no chance of winning 564 delegates from those states.

If Ron Paul wins at least 579 delegates, this means the most Gingrich or Santorum can win is 1143, which is 1 short of the requirement of 1144 to win the nomination.

2286 Total delegates allocated
- 579 Minimum Ron Paul delegates
1707 Delegates remaining
- 564 Delegates unavailable to Gingrich or Santorum
1143 Delegates available to Gingrich or Santorum - not enough to win the nomination

This leaves a two man race between Romney and Paul.

This would mean a brokered convention. What are the chances that Ron Paul will ONLY win 579? Very small I think.

Let the neo-con trinity fight it out in SC and FL. Our real battlefield is yet to come. Give them just enough rope to hang themselves.

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Oops. The math doesn't work out like that.

Let's say Ron gets all 564 of the votes that Gingrich and Santorum can't have (not realistic, but this illustrates the math well). That would leave 1722 delegates up for grabs, of which Ron would need 15 to make his minimum. Give him those, and Gingrich and Santorum have 1707 delegates available -- far fewer than the 1144 needed for the nomination.

The problem with the math, you see, is that you can't assume none of Ron's delegates come from the 564 Gingrich and Santorum don't have available.

Can you help me get to the 564?

Virginia = 49
Missouri = 49

What other states are they not on the ballot? I can't seem to find anything online.

Good catch, 464 to go

I really hope this is true, but I can't for the life of me figure out what other states are missing. I'm not doubting Doug, but I want to make sure I can explain this before I start repeating it.

Looked into it but couldn't find anything besides this

Gingrich NOT on ballot in Virginia and Missouri

Santorum NOT on ballot in Virginia and Washington D.C.

However, does your count take into account that Romney

already has a few delegates, he picked up at least 7 in Iowa and 7 in NH ???? which is still questionable. Ron Paul and Romney are neck and neck with those numbers, although they may have just given Santorum a couple in Iowa, or maybe not!!!

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

Exactly right - EYES ON THE PRIZE FOLKS!!!! Makes speculating on why Jesse met with Newt earlier in the week doesn't it!! RP is the anti-Romney and will emerge in the caucus states, but MAKES CALLS to SC TODAY!!

The more personal exposure the campaign can get with votes the better.

i think there was a

i think there was a pterodactyl in that audience at the debate.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. - V

I'll bet you $10,000

Doug has only revealed a couple cards. The rest of the double deck is close to his chest. More in store.

"Would you send your sons and daughters to die for nation building?"
"Would you be willing to go further into debt to China for this?"

Doug Weed

He's the mack

Anyone notice how Romney seems to intently listen to Ron?

When Ron's giving an answer he hardly seems to look away or somewhere else like Newt was doing and sometimes Santorum.

Romney seemed interested to know how Ron would answer certain questions.

And Mormons are taught the Constitution is all important and divine, so you think he'd respect and defend Ron's policies.

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I have been studying Romney's

I have been studying Romney's countenance during the debates since 08. Back then he, Guiliani, and McCain would be smirking, scoffing, guffawing and basically carrying on like arrogant high school jocks. It didn't look well for them even then when many thought RP was a kook because that mean spirited posturing did not appear very presidential, adult, or gentlemanly. Then RP began being taken more seriously when the MSM caught onto the economic problems. Suddenly Romney et al.'s ears perked up a bit more during debates. He wasn't scoffing and snickering anymore. Next was that embarrassing exchange between Romney and Perry that made those bickering fools look very juvenile and unpresidential. I'm sure he was warned by his advisers to refrain from getting caught up in situations that made him look unpresidential. Also, it seems apparent that Romney has noted the large appeal and widespread ground support that RP has and as a businessman he does not want to turn off RPs base when he might need them later.

But on top of all that, I think he genuinely wants to listen to RP as an expert because he loves his experts and he by now knows that RP is both right on economic and constitutional issues and that RP has tapped into something with the base that he doesn't quite understand.

As a mormon myself, I think,

As a mormon myself, I think, Romney should know at least some of the things that many of our religious leaders have warned us about in the past. If he doesn't he must have had his head in the sand when they were speaking. Great mormons like Ezra Taft Benson, J. Ruben Clark, David O. McKay, and Cleon Skousen just to name a few.

Romney does listen, and learns.

I have never heard Romney attack Paul other than on Foreign policy, and even that is a disagreement rather than an attack. If you listen to Romney he is all about states rights, and ending federal regulations. If he weren't such a warmonger and didn't support NDAA, there would be a possibility I could consider him.

Newt not on the ballot for 564 delegates?

That is awesome news, but can this be accurate?

I know Virginia = 49

He is not on the Missouri primary ballot, but that won't really cost him any delegates because they are assigned by a caucus later on

Even if Doug's counting Missouri that is another 49 delegates for a total of 98.

What are the others?

If I were on the other side, i'd be so annoyed at Doug Wead

Doug kills 'em with kindness, a permanent smile and that slight chuckle. Even when they have gotten nasty in the past, Doug gives 'em that Lukas smile ( ala Cool Hand Luke ). Damn i'd be so annoyed if I were on the opposite side. LOL

"The good doctor, who you WEREN'T seeing right there..."

LOL, what was that all about?!

I caught that, too.

I esp. noted "the good doctor"

Am I upset?

Part of me is a little bit upset Doug gave away the Campaign strategy. However, part of me thinks it might be a good idea for people to know the other guys they are supporting can't win the nomination, especially since over 500 delegates are unattainable to them.

Of course, people don't pay attention to Ron Paul anyway, so I guess this is just a moot point. he will walk into the convention with all the delegates he needs, be voted as the nominee, and the GOP will be like, "what just happened?"

Part of serious chess strategy is...

...giving away 'strategy'!


it's an open secret within political circles

that statement was for public consumption. it helps to break down the air of invincibility of newt romney.

I was glad he pointed out the

I was glad he pointed out the delegate issue! That is really what the primaries are -- a race for delegates. If you can point out now that a vote for Gingrich and Santorum is a wasted vote, due to the fact that they are not on the ballot in many states, then we narrow the pack further, all the sooner. And we can focus on taking out Romney.

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"Newt Romney"


"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Two-Man Race

Mitt vs Dr. Paul

Then repeat to Obama (Romney twin)

"In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a patriot.”-Mark Twain

i love doug wead!

And his fuck you smile :)