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DeMint Agrees With Ron Paul's Foreign Policy!

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Who's DeMint?

Why should I care?

That guy will say anything to gather some support for....himself.

Either grow a pair and endorse Paul already...

or cut the BS.

I don't play, I commission the league.

DeMInt is a phony coward...I heard him on a radio show...

here in NY on Saturday, the godawful neocon Monica Crowley. He talked about the SC primary and not ONCE did he mention Ron Paul. He mentioned every other candidate, even the non-candidates like Bachmann and Cain. What a fraud; another slick politician who pretends he is a conservative because he talks a good game. Phooey on him!

Tom Davis and his colleagues in the SC State Senate are the REAL heroes for having the guts to endorse RP!

DeMint is timid

He values politics more than principle.

DeMint is a pussy

DeMint is a pussy

No Demint does NOT agree with Ron Paul on foreign policy or ...

Anyone who thinks he or she sees significant agreement between Demint and Paul either doesn't understand Paul, Demint, or both.

0:45: "The best way to defend our country is to move towards a balanced budget, concentrate our defense capabilities back here at home, and make sure we can defend our interests around the world."

  1. "Move towards a balanced budget" is vague, because you can get there with or without raising taxes, and it puts the emphasis on balancing the budget rather than cutting spending and cutting taxes. Paul is clear: CUT SPENDING NOW AND CUT TAXES. Also, "move towards" sounds much more incremental at a much slower rate than anything Paul is talking about.
  2. "concentrate our defense capabilities back here at home" What the heck does that mean? Arguably, our defense capabilities are already concentrated here at home.
  3. "make sure we can defend our interests around the world" Right, like keeping Iran from going nuclear. How is that different from Obama, Mitt or Newt?

If you guys think this guy understands Paul, much less agrees with him and will endorse him, I'm sorry, but you're confused.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Jerez, why doesn't this guy

Jerez, why doesn't this guy find some integrity and endorse Ron Paul instead of waiting to see who the likely nominee is? Pathetic.

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I used to like Jim DeMint a lot

But now it has become much more clear that he's just talk when it comes to Ron Paul. I'm not talking about anything else, like his voting record or anything, just about his stance concerning Ron Paul. His stance is, he's willing to talk about Ron Paul, but nothing more. So right now, that 's all it is, talk. It's getting to the point to where I am beginning to think that, for whatever reason, he's just trying to get some leverage off of Ron Paul's ideas and campaign.

Senator DeMint, I've seen and heard enough of your talk, it's time to show your true colors. It is time to walk the walk, or shut it.

At least Nikki 'Co-Opted' Haley had the backbone to show where she stands before the SC Primary, with Mr. Newt 'Washington Insider' Gringrich.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

Haley's endorsement was purchased by Romney

Otherwise, carry on....

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Senator DeWimp

How does SC vote for him but then 40% vote Newt?

Everytime I see his name now I just think oh there's "Senator DeWimp". I'm sure he would had faced some repercussions but this is a GOP primary. He can't endorse a Republican Congressman?

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screw you Jim, spineless coward.
a man has to stand for something, Jim.
you think history remembers those that play it safe?
you had a chance to make a difference, you chose your political ambitions instead. you'll be remembered as "just another politician"

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Yeah....thanks DeMint. You

Yeah....thanks DeMint. You could have secured your page in history by endorsing liberty...instead you secured your government salary and benefits for a while longer.

I think DeMint understands

that he needs to stay elected in a state like SC that is full of knuckle-dragging, slack-jawed, inbred, drooling, immoral, big-gov't loving, fake Christian, murder-mongering retards.

A State like SC

I think if you look a little harder (Big T) at South Carolina you would see that it has been invaded by a bunch of northern snow bird Union Retirees, a bunch of Centrist pigs wanting their 401Ks bailed out.

Clinton/Bush/Obama: Centrist losers with their hand held out looking for a Government Bail Out Program to keep their Dividend checks propped up with Artificial Stimulus "False Profit. Welfare for stock market Gamblers.

Much of what I encounter

in SC are GW Bush-brainwashed-religious-hypocrites who think destroying the axis-of-evil countries will keep us safe. Our social circle are families with teenagers like our son. Even that is limited - we are kinda loners.

Though the social security/medicare/401K preservation mentality is very viable too - I have a neighbor who would fit that description. She informed me that Ron Paul may have "followers" but she was not one of them - and she knows I support him. Kinda hurtful and I have not spoken to her since - that was several months ago.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Sorry Jim

I do not care to hear what you have to say either.

Stop talking about Ron and his ideas unless you can step up to the plate and

Until then just keep your mouth shut about Ron's philosophies please.

Ron Paul is My President


Thanks Jim for all the help to save the CONSTITUTION.

Jefferson and Washington would be proud of you how jumped right in to help out after the rockets red glare has already bursted in air.

Here is the sad part Jim when this is all said and done I am not sure

Our flag will still be there.

Flag may be there but the CONSTITUTION may be gone.

Like I said AMAZING.




Jim DeMint Is A Patriot

In the '08 selection cycle, I was somehow signed up to be on his mailing list (probably because of my outspoken ability to email Senators in opposition of draconian legislation, like HR45, HR645 (of 2009), and the like).

It's good to see him on Judge Napolitano's television show. The Judge is a patriot, as well.

Actually, it more resembles THE BORG of Star Trek, than any of these examples...


Jim DeMint is a COWARD

He didn't have the guts to stand up for Ron Paul's foreign policy when it could have made a HUGE difference in South Carolina.

Jim DeMint Globalist/Centrist Pig.

Jim DeMint is a fake USA Citizen he IS a Centrist/ Globalist pig. He stopped being a American back in 2004 with the Bush/US Chamber of Commerce/ Wall Street globalist movement. He earthier has no foresight or he just don't care about working America citizens. I live in his district.

Clinton/Bush/Obama: Centrist losers with their hand held out looking for a Government Bail Out Program to keep their Dividend checks propped up with Artificial Stimulus "False Profit. Welfare for stock market Gamblers.

Think before you write

DeMint was the no1 republican proponent of Auditing the FED in the Senate.
He endorsed Rand Paul for Senate.
He and Mike Lee were the only early supporters of Rand's budget proposal to cut spending by 500 billion.
Pushed for balanced budget amendment.
Voted against NDAA.

If he loses position in the party by taking sides in the presidential race, he'll lose fundraising ability to promote more good candidates to Senate, and having more fiscally conservative people in Congress is just as important as winning the presidency.
Ron Paul needs support in the Senate if he wins, and DeMint is critical in that.

Critical video!

Even though SC is over, Jim DeMint has a national influence. So this can still be used throughout the entire election.

Dont understand why the hell

Dont understand why the hell he wasnt doing this the entire time. Seems too important to dance around and play politics with. But maybe he was just among those converted in the SC campaign, so i suppose, mission accomplished anyway.

Too little, too late.

DeMint seems to know in his heart that Ron Paul is right, but lacks the courage to stand with him. It's almost worse than being a clueless establishment stooge. Jim DeMint knows what is happening to this country, but lacks the spine to do anything about it.

Sort of...

Here's another clip:
Basically he's saying Paul needs to improve the way he expresses what America's foreign policy should be in order to inspire confidence in voters. He doesn't necessarily disagree with Paul. And he's right - Paul needs to do a better job of communicating what he will and will not do in terms of foreign affairs. I think DeMint has his own views but is open to Paul's views b/c he knows that tsunami of debt that's coming will weaken national defense, and only Paul intends to do anything about it

If DeMint had been as brave as the four state senators

he would have added 5% to Paul's total, maybe more.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Well you can't force him

I'll bet he'll come around.


...a jackass, but jackasses tend to stick together. If his acolytes vote RP, we are going to benefit from this ( hopefully ;( )

Did he vote for

the patriot act, NDAA, plan to vote for SOPA, PIPA ?