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Keep your heads up!

Keep your heads up!!! So it wasn't a great night. But it could have been far, far worse. Mitt Romney could have won, the media would have declared this race over. Newt and the Froth would have dropped out and we would have been scrambling for a chance to speak at the convention.

Not many of us expected to win in S.C. Not much money was spent on the state. Hopefully the grass roots got it done on a delegate level, if anyone knows for sure, please speak up.

What we are looking at now is a THREE man race. And as much as people wanted a two man race, that never was in our best interest. In a two man race, you have a winner and a loser. In a three man race, you get a brokered convention. A brokered convention has always been our best chance for the nomination. And it's always been about the delegates.

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You're Right......A Brokered Convention is a Must!

The GOP is full of stupid people who want to lose to Obama.That is obvious.Keep on to the caucus states and keep pushing as much as possible...

Ron Paul'08