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Thank you...to everyone in South Carolina who fought for liberty today!

Patience is a virtue. This country is waking up more and more everyday. In 2008 3.7% of South Carolina voted for Ron Paul. Much growth in four years. Thank you to everyone in and out of South Carolina that donated their time and money for this movement. On to Florida.

Paul Passes Santorum in latest National Gallup Poll - http://www.gallup.com/poll/election.aspx

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Especially Dr. Vasovski and crew, we know you left it all on the field! Thanks again for giving it your all! We'll be back to do it again in november!

Mike West

I just returned from SC

I was blessed to be able to attend the "rally" at the Hilton and then able to sign wave outside the debate and get interviewed by an ABC affiliate. I watched the debate at "the boathouse" in myrtle b. along with a crowd of RP folks. Met up witht he local meetup group at the Liberty Steakhouse...and signed wave twice by myself on Kings hwy. I taped 2 large signs on my car and cruised Kings Hwy during the primary... I'm tired!

I Second the Thanksgiving

Yes, I, too, thank the good folks in SC who voted. I thank the state senators who risked their careers for the truth of Ron's message. I thank the voters who supported Ron. I thank the grassroots in SC who worked tirelessly to spread Ron's message. To the misguided voters who voted for someone else, spend the time between now and the national convention when Ron eventually becomes the GOP's nominee reviewing Ron's constitutional principles. Then, we can ALL get behind the removal of Obama in 2012 with Ron leading the charge.

I extend this very SAME thanksgiving to the voters in the upcoming primary in Florida as well.

No, thank you!

After the Iowa caucuses, we saw quite a few people on here questioning the dedication or push of the Paul campaign, and even more-so the 100% volunteers in the thick of it. People, listen! We are fighting a machine here. I felt so bad for our Iowa brothers and sisters out there that pushed with all their might the message, and were downplayed, post-results. I understand, and I feel your cam-PAIN. I am on a full on drive to convince my friends and family that have come to the side of liberty, that this is not a trend, nor a hoo-ra. This is a fight between liberty and tyranny. This is merely, and I stress that, a beginning for what is to come. PLEASE STAY POSITIVE! If you only knew the effort that myself, my brother, and literally thousands of others put into this. We won. Believe it or not, we have converted non-believers, and apathetic consents into fighters, skeptics, and true believers. I cannot stress enough that it is about the message, not the man. KEEP PUSHING! I will continue contributing my time, effort, and hard-earned(our biggest belief) money into the rest of the caucuses and primaries. WE'RE NOT DONE! Stay positive and remember we are fighting the good fight. And let's be honest. If this sways you away from the message of peace and freedom, than you yourself have some reading, AND SOUL-SEARCHING to do. WE ARE NOT HERE BECAUSE WE WANT TO WIN! We are here because we believe in ourselves as individuals. We believe that freedom is a right, and not a privilege. And honestly, did you think it would be easy? This is a movement, a message, and way of life. We didn't zig when we should have zagged. We promoted what's right in the world and we won't stop until that is achieved. For the sake of us in the Palmetto state, don't stop believing, because I've never been more motivated to keep pushing for anything in my life. From a true, disappointed South Carolinian............

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Thanks for posting.

I know there's got to be some awesome people in South Carolina.

Grinch's curve is a classic

'dead cat bounce'

he's gonna implode, soon. Give it within the next three states.

it sucks that people have to waste delegate votes before he implodes, but have no fear it will come. it just sucks having to put up with moron pressitute MSM giving Nut Grinch any more free $100 million air time.

I knew the whole ex-wife bit by CNN was gonna backfire: most people are sheeple. and, most sheeple are 'sheeple' because they're gullible.

PPP poll prepped us for the vote fraud. regardless of SC constituency's Grinch voting idiots, or not, fact remains as long as our elections are run by the Diebolds of the world, no election result can EVER be trusted for certain.

but looking at the long haul. Frothy & Grinch just begun their own countdown clock toward their own implosion. it sucks that it'll be a few more states before they drop out, but let it be known under no uncertain terms, this race IS between RP vs. Mutt Wrongney. no one else has national infrastructure, nor actual support base that isn't astroturfed & purchased, not to mention, being on all 50 state ballots.

I already got my popcorn out: watching Grinch self-implode will be a joy to behold; just can't stand the prospect of watching this turd's face on TV, in the interim.

For those who have helped us increase the Doc's support by about 5 times, since 2008? Thank you SC R3VOL! I know he didn't put in as much campaigning effort as in IA or NH, we all know that the grassroots did bulk of the work there. Just think what many more of us can do! It's a great testament to the R3VOLution's inspired drive and the urgency of the message. bravo!

now off to meditate.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

"it sucks that it'll be a few

"it sucks that it'll be a few more states before they drop out,"

NOT REALLY! When they drop out, their delegates will be free to go to anyone they want (I think), that's why we Paul supporters need to be their delegates! They are not in it for the long haul, but they can provide a Paul supporter a delegate slot to the convention! I am going to be a delegate are you? Let's HOPE that a good number of the 25 delegates swinging Newt "won" tonight are Paul supporters!

Thank You SC Ron Paul Grassroot Volunteers and Supporters!!!

Thank you to all of the South Carolina Volunteers and Supporters!!!

We are very proud of you!!! You increased Ron's vote total from 3.62% in 2008 to 13.00% in 2012.

An AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT especially in light of the fact that their was NO Official Campaign Presence in the State.

Only the Ron Paul Nation to bring home the Candidate.

I know the $1.5 million in TV/Radio Buys and Direct Mail helped, but you did it all on your own with NO PAID Staffers on the Ground.


Please give any tips you can to the Florida RP Grassroots who are facing the exact same situation as you had to deal with......

This situation you refer to

"Please give any tips you can to the Florida RP Grassroots who are facing the exact same situation as you had to deal with......"

You mean the rampant and blatant vote fraud?

See the other thread "Vote Up" to organize a grassroots watch in your area NOW.

Thank you all so much!

Now on the next level of the game.

Thank you

SC for your hard work.


Congratulations Dr. Ron Paul.

With around 15% of the vote, Dr. Ron Paul I assume will pick up around 3 delegates (need verification) giving him a total of 13 delegates. 47 more States to go. It is a long race and Dr. Paul is in it until the end. Many here wanted to see better results in South Carolina, but seriously in a State that relies on the military industry what should we really have expected. Wait until the western States begin to make their voices heard.


You need to win a congressional district in order to get any delegates, so we're not getting any tonight. In fact, neither is Romney.

Nevada will be better, but don't expect a win. In any case, it's proportional so we will win delegates no matter how well we do.

Yeah you're right

The farther away from DC we get, the better. I see Newt going down a black hole in Nevada.

Actually he's polling really

Actually he's polling really well there.

Thanks to the tens of thousands in SC

Who stood up for liberty and the constitution today.

We will probably end up with more votes in SC than in New Hampshire.

you raise an excellent point!

Our growth in each state from the percentage we got in that same state 4 years ago is increasing from Iowa to NH to SC. Granted it's only a silver lining, but I'll take it!! :-)

Stand strong, everybody. Keep campaigning!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.