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Dead people voting in SC Primary

The true test of Ron Paul's State Senator endorsements in SC will be if they fight the SC primary vote count or if they allow the fraud to stand.


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You guys need to pay closer

You guys need to pay closer attention.

The article was posted on 1/11/12 and updated on 1/12/12 so it COULD NOT have been about the SC primary which was on 1/21/12.

It was about previous elections, and the new SC law requiring photo ID to vote, which may or may not have been in effect for the SC primary, it does not say in the article.

WTH are we supposed to do about this!?

..."Shwedo said the records also included more than 91,000 people who now appear to live in other states."

Who submitted these

votes? How do they get counted? Electronic voting in SC - are they just input by a GOP or Dem party person?

I find the logistics intriguing because of the apprent ease.

Anybody know how and who could do this?

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Plain and simple

It's hard to win a contest when others are cheating. I don't mind playing and losing a fair game, but when it is rigged?

No wonder we've become a

No wonder we've become a nation of zombies.