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564 delegates to be split between Paul and Romney

(564 delegates is a direct quote from Doug Wead who is an advisor to Ron Paul in his campaign. The quote of 564 can be heard at the 3:02 min mark on the link below.)

The strategy the campaign is implementing is on track to collect a boatload of delegates.

This is a two man race between Romney and Paul. Santorum and Gingrich are not on the ballot for 500 delegates worth of states. They are not, and will not be on the ballot in other states besides just Virginia. They have no grassroots support and virtually "zero" ground game. They cannot win the nomination.


All this MSM Propaganda pushing either Santorum or Gingrich is a joke. Anyway you work the numbers, they are out.

We are in this for the long haul! Go RP2012!!!


Keep an eye out for how much better we do in both caucus states and states that use paper ballots :)

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Not sure why Doug Wead mentioned 564 degelates

You can use this link to see who is currently on each state's ballot. Click on each state abbreviation. http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/

Gingrich and Santorum are both on the ballots in OH and TN, two states that have been reported as not containing their names.

While it shows Santorum is on in IL he is not eligible for only 9 of the state's delegates.

Technically, no one is yet the ballots in certain states like PA and DE becasue the filing deadline is still weeks away.

Could he be talking about caucuses?

If you add up all the delegates from the caucus states and Virginia there are about 513 delegates give or take. He could have added some other states where they did not make the ballot. After all caucuses are all about ground games and organization - both of which Ricky and Newt do not have.

Ron Paul is getting people out there to become delegates and sending them to the national convention. I doubt if Santorum will even have any delegates from Iowa, if he is in long enough for them not to switch their support - seeing as most, if not all, of his support came in the last 3 or so days before the Iowa vote anyway.

YES YES YES!!! Behold the power of the Caucus

Most people that live primary states have absolutely NO understanding of how a caucus state works.

What is reported, and was reported from Iowa, was merely who won the presidential preference straw vote.

This has NO BEARING on the allocation of delegates. Many people vote in the preference poll and then simply leave the caucus.

The real business begins thereafter.

The caucus attendees are separated into their precincts and from each precinct a number of delegates are nominated and then voted on.

These are simply delegates which are elected to go on up to the BPOU, County, Congressional, and/or State convention (depending on the party's bylaws). Here in MN we move up to the BPOU convention (Basic Political Operating Unit).

The actual delegates for the National convention aren't selected until this summer sometime.

If you are well organized (and we know the Paulistas are WELL ORGANIZED) you can turn the supporters out in huge numbers and provided everyone knows everyone else on the precinct level you can essentiall run the table and get all the delegates. This is how a caucus system works and it plays wonderfully into the grassroots Ron Paul Revolution movement!

While some people were working on their golf game last summer others of us were working county fairs, farmer's markets, parades, etc. finding the Ron Paul supporters and holding Mock Caucuses.

Running the numbers

Ok this much is confirmed...


Newt didn’t make Missouri

…or Ohio, Tennessee, or Illinois….


…..others coming soon. The pundit talk out of Iowa was that Santorum and Newt had no ground game. They weren't joking.

So I read elsewhere that the campaigns are aware of state ballots that we (the public) are not because many states ballot deadlines have yet to run out and those ballots haven't been certified yet. It would probably be illegal to leak that info before the ballots are certified. This may be why he blurted the 564 number....because he knows more than we do at this point. We are going to have to dig for this - expect NO PRESS coverage.

Michael V. Cowan

Link Repair

Looks like your links got cut short. These will direct viewers to the articles you referenced.

LA Times



Seems like a moot point because according to the article...

"Missouri's primary is a "beauty contest," meaning that no delegates will be awarded. The state Republican Party will hold caucuses in March for that purpose."

Even though he's not on the ballot, what keeps the caucus from choosing him anyway?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

bad links. sorry!!

Newt didn’t make Missouri

…or Ohio, Tennessee, or Illinois….


…..others coming soon. The pundit talk out of Iowa was that Santorum and Newt had no ground game.

Michael V. Cowan

Your links don't work

Those links both show up as dead links. Can you post the complete links please.

Ron Paul supporter, video game collector, and video game online retailer

these links work now. sorry.

thanks for checking

Michael V. Cowan

The OBSTACLE is...................the GOP

which has shown they are more crooked and certainly more conniving and more blatantly breaking the rules than any Mafia guy ever was!

Don't worry, I have faith in the GOP that they will pull something off, because they are LIARS & CHEATS. America doesn't need the GOP. Furthermore, can we do a TV AD exposing these creeps for who they are? Palease!

I say, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Here's what I have, it's the only theory that makes sense to me


If you click on each state link, it shows who is on the ballot. As you can see, some states do not have their ballot process complete yet, because their ballot is blank. I think Doug knows that Rick and Newt are not on some of these ballots.

My question is why didn't Doug explain?? My only guess is there are legal ramifications for speaking about it before it's official.

To be honest, shame on Doug for saying it when he did. Especially if my theory is wrong, and the number is truly unfounded.

I suspect you're right about future states - Here in Indiana...

they need to have 500 signatures from each district to be on the ballot. The deadline is Jan. 31st, and they will be watching close this year because an after-the-fact audit showed that Obama had duplicates on his app last time and should not have technically been on the primary ballot here.


There is speculation that Newt and/or Santorum are having trouble getting the signatures because a bill was raised to do away with the signature requirement for $10,000. Due to some outcry, this bill has now been put on hold until after this election.

Getting interesting!

About a 102 delegates are currently up for grabs

between Paul and Romney. 49 in Virginia, 52 in Missouri. Not sure where the 564 are coming from. DC has 19 up for grabs but just lil Ricky is not on the ballot there.


Where is the 564 delegate

Where is the 564 delegate total coming from...? Just answer the question. I initially though it was from states that Newt didn't get on the ballot for... What is Wead talking about? Whoever made the post should know the answer.

Wholeheartedly agree

I cannot find a legitimate explanation on this to save my life.

Let's run the numbers

OK so Newt and Sandtorum have lost 264 delegates because they did not have a ground game. So what does that mean? It means they would have to win 1704 delegates at the national convention to warp up the GOP nomination. Now that is above 75% any way you want to cut the Mustard. Ant no way in hell are they are going to pull that off. So why do they just not drop out? Let me tell you why. The Establishment is padding their bank accounts to stay in to try and take RP out. The Establishment is scared to death of RP. Newt and Santorum can not in no way win the GOP nomination because the 264 will do them in. No one is going to win the first round at the national convention. So it will go into round two, at which time the delegates will become free delegates and can vote for who ever they wish. So now you pack of Morons you can see why a lot of folks hung around in Romney's camp acting like Romney supporters, getting them selves elected as Romney delegates. When the second round of voting begins they will jump ship and vote Ron Paul which was their purpose all along.
At that time America will see that we had a game plan all along. You called us stupid and you bashed RP and in the end you got your rear ends handed to you.

phony numbers

dude just cut it out with those phony numbers already. it is getting sad. disinformation has no place here.

once we get a reasonable explanation for the 564 number we might accept it.

But you didn't do any

But you didn't do any numbers... where are the numbers?


Agreed. Stop tossing this 564 number around. It comes from one source - Doug Wead - and absolutely NO one has been able to prove it in any way. It makes no sense so far! Either wait for good evidence, or wait for Doug to explain. Don't spread this!

200 page Romney

I don't know if this was posted, but I'm going to read it.


This is no joke

A judge in VA has already thrown out the law suit which was trying to get Newt and Santorum on the ballot. Bottom line Newt and Santorum did not do their homework. They screwed around and lost 564 delegates, that is if they had won those states in the first place. So they can kiss those delegates good by. That is called no ground game. I done a double back flip when Newt knocked off Romney in SC. That told me that Romney was to be had and RP would have him in the end. Why Newt and Santorum even stay in the race is beyond me. Even if Newt did get the nomination, which he will not, there is no way he could ever beat Obama without the RP supporters. Make no mistake this is going to be a two man race which will be between Romney and Ron Paul. In the end the people who vote for Romney while holding their noses will switch to Ron Paul because he is the only true conservative running. Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination. So by no means give up on Ron Paul. Do not believe the crap that the MSM will try and feed you. The MSM and Obama only fear one person and that is Ron Paul. Ron Paul will completely bury Obama in the general election. So if RP asked for donation do not fail to give. He is in this for the long run and it will take money. I do not throw in the towel. I will continue to give because I know this man can win. I do not buy the MSM BS. I am in for the long run and you should be too.

stop the disinfo about the 564 number already!

dude just cut it out with those phony numbers already. it is getting sad. disinformation has no place here.

nobody disputes the fact that newt and santorum are not on the ballot in Virginia. The issue is with the 564 number!

once we get a reasonable explanation for the 564 number we might accept it.

They could add write-ins if the legislature votes on it+


Why is this being diminished? I am concerned about it.

virginia law does not allow write-ins for primaries!

I don't have the link to the relevant law with me but you can search for it.

Read the link!!

That is how they can get around it.

Right Now

Gingrich - 27
Romney - 17
Paul - 9
Santorum - 6


Right Now

Gingrich - 27 Romney - 17 Paul - 9 Santorum - 6


More Accurate

this site is correct, but CNN on TV shows diffrent numbers for the grannies to see. Notice This?

Watch this America!

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