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After the SC vote, I took a walk in the cold Iowa night

Tonight after reviewing the SC results and reading post caucus comments on Yahoo I decided to go for a walk. Something you don't do lightly in 19 degree Iowa weather.

I am a 20 year Army and Air Force veteran, enlisted and officer. Currently a retired Captain. I am one of the lucky vets, not missing any pieces or parts, and I did not come back in a body bag like many of my brothers and sisters in arms did.

I live part time in Hampton, Iowa and part time near our base in Incirlik, Turkey with my Turkish wife Suna, near the Turkish base where we have our airmen stationed. Suna worked as an AF civilian for over 22 years. If you have known someone who has been stationed there, Suna probably got their ticket for them. She has had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul, his wife Carol, their son Rand and his wife. She was very impressed with them all as people and enjoyed hearing our candidate speak about peace and goodwill toward all nations. She told me she thinks he is much like Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey (their George Washington).

I had the privilege of being on stage with Dr. Paul at the Des Moines Iowa Veterans Rally on 28 Dec 2011.

Truly an honor I shall not forget. If you have not seen the speech, it was covered by C-Span. Google it - sorry don't have the link.

Enough about me and my wife. Just know we are diehard fans of Dr. Paul. Suna's mom used to say before she died that the only reason the world still survives is because there are always a FEW good people out there.

I took my neighbor to the vets rally he was a Vietnam Marine with 2 tours there. He was also with me on stage. He and his family are new converts to our candidate's cause. Next day after the speech he placed a sign in his yard for Ron Paul. He has told me he won't vote for anyone else. Since he is a former Eagle Scout and Marine, I take him at his word.

Now back to SC and the 4th place finish. I know my brother, his family and our many friends who voted for Ron are disappointed. I really was hoping for 1st or second place. Didn't happen. I have read other posts about why 4th wasnt so bad. It stated that we did pick up some delegates tonight, a + in my book. And that by keeping the others in the race it kind of splits up the vote. Also we have been told Mitt was a shoe in, tonight proves that is not the case.

I believe in the good doctor and his advisors around him.

America likes an underdog in sports, business or politics.

With the way he and his team are working, after my walk and a breath of cold Iowa fresh air I now feel he cannot lose.

Believe in freedom and the message. Evil dark forces are really trying very hard to keep in war. Do not let the vile message of fear and hate overtake you or your loved ones. Reach out to your fellow humans gently encourage them to savor the message of peace and freedom both economic and spirit. Find at least one more person to really hear Dr. Paul's message. Stay away from the dark side. Don't be a hater. Stay away from vulgarity and malice toward the opponents we face. We will not win people to our side by calling people names or using obscene language. Yes, some things I have seen thus far really make my blood boil and I would really like to rage against those things. It is ofttimes difficult to hold your speech or just plain whack somebody, but remember our goal is freedom, and victory for our rightous cause.

I am writing this for my daughter whose mother, my first wife, was Iranian. She still has distant relatives there in Iran. And although you never find a more devoted American, she has often told me she would like to see Iran as it is in someways a part of her cultural upbringing via her mother and grandparents who are now American citizens though they were all born in Tehran.

Additionally I have about 18 nieces and nephews, all 16-25 years old. I do not wish to see their precious lives (our Future) destroyed in needless wars so someone at Halliburton or KBR can get a fat dividend check.

After my walk and a few thoughts put down before you all I will sleep good tonight because I am going to need it for round 4 coming up soon. Remember it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be NICE.

Bless you all and our cause for Liberty.

Eric V. Grote Capt, NC, USAF retired

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The Big Picture for Ron Paul - A Game Over for his Opponents

The SC results mobilized me to create a new weapon for Ron Paul.

I wrote an article comparing Ron Paul to the other candidates, presenting his positions on issues I find most important and adding some rare biography info:


It could be a very effective tool for getting people to think (well, if they bother to read it).
A lot of talking points can be extracted from it and used independently as well.

Great message. It was a bit

Great message. It was a bit depressing, but we must press on.

"She told me she thinks he is

"She told me she thinks he is much like Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey (their George Washington)."

I know you meant that as a compliment, but Ron Paul and Kemal Ataturk have little in common. Ataturk was responsible for the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. In percentage terms, it was worse than the Jewish Holocaust, as they nearly annihilated the entire Armenian population and annexed western Armenia. Ron Paul's foreign policy is the opposite of Ataturk's.

@ Waskily Wabbit

I stand by my comment. Where to start by addressing your issue.
#1 I believe it was a very sincere compliment from my wife. Most Modern Turks have a great reverence for Ataturk.
One of Ataturk's most famous quotes is Peace at home, Peace in the world. While my wife made the comment about the similaritites between RP and Ataturk, I believe his quote is one of many things which make Ataturk and RP similar. Also sound money was something Ataturk was very keen on same like Ron Paul.
#2 During the period in question 1915-1919 or 1920 it is very true that Armenians were brutalized. Approx 1.4- 1.8 millon were killed.
#3 During the period in question Ataturk was fighting in the west of the country namely the Dardenelles area. The ottomen empire was still somewhat chaotic. Your statement that Ataturk was responsible I believe is in error.
4. The written records of these events from the ottomen records are available to anyone wishing to review them. From translations of documents I have seen a different picture arises. Armenians in the eastern part allied themselves with Russians in the east and tried to create a revolution and form a new country Armenia. Some of the first events occurred in Van a city in eastern Turkey. As I recall from my reading a slaughter of approximately 24,000 Moslem Turks at Van was the flashpoint and start of what today is called the Armenian genocide. Again this occurred before Ataturk founded the Turkish republic on 19 may 1923.
#5. As far as your percentage statement, what's worse 24,000, 1.5 millon, or more than 6 millon Jews answer in my mind is none are acceptable. In wars it is the average joe citizen who suffers Ataturk knew this and just like Ron Paul he expressed it over and over.
#6 He Ataturk could have easily continued to prosocute the war effort and he probably could have restored the ottomen empire to include Iraq, syria,lebanon, libya egypt etc he choose peace and an end to the bloodshed. Later he tried to stay as neutral as possible for the remainder of his life until he died in 1938. My feeling is that this is another similarity between RP and Ataturk.

This I think is the only even somewhat negative reponse My post recieved. In my view my post was and continues to be a compliment to Dr. Paul. It was meant to rally our troops around our future president. I am sorry you felt the was an affront to our candidate. I gave my time to serve our nation to protect your right to free speech. But I believe you are incorrect with your statements.

eric grote capt usaf ret


I sincerely hope I have the strength to follow your advice to the letter. Thank you for your words.


I am sure you will be strong. I was always taught to use the 10 second rule when replying in haste with anger. It usually stops me from saying something I will regret later. thank you for your comment. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Bless you too patriot.

Thank you for supporting Dr. Paul.

We need more military spokesmen like yourself.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


We are very lucky to have many wonderful veterans spokespeople. If you know a military active duty or vet please bring them ron pauls message. MSM is doing its best to cover up the true statesman in this race. Lets make sure they don't succeed. thanks eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Obi Ron

Re: "...Evil dark forces are really trying very hard to keep in war. Do not let the vile message of fear and hate overtake you or your loved ones. Reach out to your fellow humans gently encourage them to savor the message of peace and freedom both economic and spirit. Find at least one more person to really hear Dr. Paul's message. Stay away from the dark side..."

Very well written. Well, if Ron Paul is 'Obi Ron,' then you sir, Capt. Grote, must be Yoda re-incarnate:

Pt. 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aeSplGGsPg

Pt. 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQi7f3s5PSs

Pt. 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWY-FHRLrdc

We go all the way to the Convention. If Ron is not the winner, then the winner will need Ron's endorsement.


You must be from Maui and are named Brandon There Capt Yoda vision at its best. liked #2 best. Any other sources besides Press 1 about the 12 K troops to libya. when I googled it all sources relate back to the 1 source. if we have sent that many folks over there can you find me an alternate source. Please let me know that is a very important thing if it proves to be true. thanks for you post eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Bless you for your patriotism.

Bless you for your humility.
Bless you for your patience.
Bless you for your perseverance.

The Virtual Conspiracy

at Spacehabitats

you must have been blessing me in the past probably why I am one of the lucky one with all my parts and pieces. Thanks for you comment. By the way like the wise old owl said WHO-WHO is the quote from. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

ytc's picture

Bless you for your great admonition to the hot-headed ones!

"Remember it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be NICE."

I can see Ron Paul giving that very same advice to us!


That quote was found in my grandfather's wallet after his death while going through his belongings. It was quite worn and he must have looked at it many times in his life. Without a doubt it is the most precious gift he ever gave me. Im sure Ron would approve. thank eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

I was there too

at RP's Veterans Rally in December and I could not agree more how poignant that speech was. It's a shame the two-person "occupy" protest had to interrupt him.

Thank you for your service and this post.

The fire rises.


Turn your lemons into lemonade. RP retort to the 2 occupy gals was perfect "Freedom of speech ain't it great". Don't get me wrong I am not an occupy fan But it took courage to do what they did don't you agree? And I gave more than 20 years of my freedom to give those people the right to free speech. I have also seen hecklers at many different venues can be upsetting at times. Are you a vet and will you be in DC president's day? eric Also like the Quote who said that?

eric grote capt usaf ret

@plumwacky. Absolutely.

I agree with you, to some extent. First of all. I do believe in the 1st amendment, but I know sometimes it can be abused. Now whether the 2-person "occupy" interruption was legit or not, yes, you're right, they did have the RIGHT to protest. It's just sometimes I wonder if it was condemnation of Ron Paul's policies OR if there ulterior motives involved. I don't know.

Our political discourse has waged so much over the past several decades. It pits one against the other to the extent that neither seems to gain. The establishment, Republican & Democrat, seems to always gain via dividing us as a nation.

It's like the powers that bee bank on us being divisive, because on some level that's only how each party can claim power. I refuse to accept that. Not modern democracy in the world has only two-party rule. There is no such thing.

I'd like your thoughts on the subject and, thank you for your service.


PS. the quote is from C.V. Wedgwood, The Thirty Years War. It's a great book explaining the protestant-catholic war in the early 17th century.

The fire rises.

Thank you

for a lovely post


If I could send you anonther 500 good posts you might be able to build a nice fence haha. Love Ireland beautiful place from the pictures ive seen. One of my favorite movies "Waking Ned Devine" love the green of the emerald island. Hope my wife and i can visit one day soon. Immer Hop hop in der kopf-german for always up up in your head. from the heide kopfs. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Good story

Thank you for sharing that with us.

We have a passion for the cause of liberty but that passion as you say captain, has to be under control.

The results pouring in across the tube was that our message was once more being ignored by voters.It was and it wasn't. We quadrupled the percentage from the last time!

We watch these debates through our eyes but not through the eyes of the uneducated.

We are dealing with basically decent voters that have never read the basic books on economics, the history of the Fed and books that have given us a proper constitutional compass to make our way back to the Constitution.

Our only option to break through is to share our knowledge by selling them the books and pamphlets and DVDs that educated us!~

Ron has the message and the knowledge, integrity and consistency. what he lacks in delivery on stage he makes up with character. We see it but the unannointed don't! We've read his books or books written by other patriots that have exposed the truth to us and given us an imunity from the rhetoric and grandstanding of the demogogues.

We have two options: To provide voters with the knowledge we have. To persuade Ron to take advantage of the stage and the television cameras.

The booing incident could have been turned into a plus.The 20 or so booing could have been part of Ron's performance opportunity.

Scenario: South Carolina GOP/CNN debate

Ron is booed by a handful in the audience regarding his foreign policy.

Protaganist: "You boo me and that is your privilege but it is also my privilege to ask you to consider this situation:

Suppose you were forced into a situation where you were told that your children had to be eduated on Marxists principles or your taxes would go up 100% unless you complied? Suppose the government told you that 30% of your taxes would be taken from you to fund green energy or to fund an Iranian nuclear plant? What would your reaction be?

"It's human nature that people push back.

"Suppose the government policy makers said let's go do that to some other country and we'll really get serious by threats and use our airforce to let them know we're serious? What would their reaction be?

"We worry about nuclear power in the hands of Iran but you aren't being told the full story.

The Department of Energy gave 4 miilion dollars to two Russian institutions to help Iran develop the Bushehr nuclear facility. That story broke on CNN four years ago.Goggle Bushehr and Lou Dobbs youTube:


"You know I'm opposed to foreign aid because it's unconstitutional and it's immmoral and makes no economic sense. But US tax dollars are being misused to help Iran with their nuclear capabilities and then once they near its completion they are threatened!

"When people are pushed in America or pushed abroad there will be "blowback," as the CIA calls it.

"The golden rule applies in government and in our personal lives. I'm still for a strong national defense but I won't throw away the Golden Rule when we can use it to our advantage."

"Jesus talked about 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you,' so I know you aren't booing Jesus nor his message.

"Jesus said that the 'peacemakers, would have blessings and be 'called the children of God.'"

"I don't take your boos personally since I know there is a misunderstanding of my message. I invite you to talk with me about the foreign policy of our Founders who also believed in the 'golden rule.'"



I am a little confused by the report. was the 4 millon given to Russian institute during the Bush administration or during Obama's administration?
Also yes it is easy to say RP should have turned that against the folks in the crowd who were booing but in the heat of the debate it is not always easy to do so.

Remember the debate I forget which one it was where the ? was asked should we just let that man die without health insurance. when the moderator said Congressman Paul The crowd erupted with yeah and clapped etc. Even Dr. Paul looked somewhat shocked at the response from the crowd. Has anyone considered that perhaps the crowd was cheering for our candidate NOT for letting the young man die. Maybe they just felt they were happy because the moderators were letting him speak about something he knows quite well.
I don't belive RP fans would cheer about letting a man die because they didn't have health insurance, I believe in my heart they were just Happy that the moderator gave him a chance to speak. Just a thought.
yes he could have said who would Jesus bomb?
I think he is doing great could it be done better, there is always room for improvement with anybody and anything we do.
Like your comments about educating people and this should be the role of our media folks but they have failed misably in that task so you are right it is up to us. 1 person at a time. Our house is on fire RP saw it smouldering for years and has given the alarm it is time for us to put out that fire. After its out we should fireproof it by never forgeting or allowing our children to forget that freedom and liberty should be protected at all costs.
Thank you for your comments and the info on DOE just another reason to get rid of that department. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

rxgrote's picture

Great reply

Hopefully Dr. Paul or someone from the campaign will read it and incorporate it into the next opportunity to use it.

...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
2 Cor. 3:17


Thank you brother for the kind remarks and help with these posts. Your brother eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Thank you Captain peAce

Thank you Captain


Liberty = Responsibility


are you a nurse or medical professional by chance?
thank you for your comment. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Organisation and voter turnout

Don't know if it's accurate, but right after N.H. I read somewhere that RP:s whole organisation in S.C. up to that point had been one single volunteer with a laptop.

A turnout of 21.50% and RP getting 12.97% of the vote, it all goes to show the importance of creating an organisation on the ground. Mailing the brochure and buying air time are essentials too, but if there is no organisation in that particular state RP is no better off than the Santorum or Newt.

Hopefully people will band together in the primaries to come. Every politican or political group needs at least one zealot for every precinct. Learn from the democrats and win one for the Gipper!

Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper.

Thank you Eric.

I live in SC - and was tossing and turning in bed while you were taking your walk.

You are right that evil forces are at work and have cloaked themselves in the guise of "Christianity".

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear - we know better and our prayers do not fall on deaf ears.

It is frustrating to watch but not unexpected. The wicked will not prosper - we need to stay true to what we know is right and good.

Thanks again for your post...it really encouraged me.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Great News

SC Registered Voters: 2,804,231
Ballots Cast: 603,014
Voter Turnout: 21.50 %

That means 78.5% of eligible voters didn't see the value in voting

less than 10% of all eligible voters voted for Newt with 243,153 votes

We still have lots of work to do and lots of opportunity

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

SC population of 4,679,230

It's even more interesting when you consider the population of SC. Sure, many are not old enough to vote, but;

1. Only 13% voted.

2. Only 5% voted for Gingrich.

One thing is clear, the media is our biggest problem because in the last three elections they have proven they can still control enough people with the television to influence elections, even when the guy they're promoting is not even on the ballot in his home state.


I was an involved media activist from 2002 until 07 when I got involved with Ron. Until we accept that a major portion of this movement needs to focus just as much energy as we do to Ron to changing broadcast media in this country. Until we change it nothing is going to change. The media is truly our biggest enemy. Anyone that is still in denial about this is fooling themselves.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"