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After the SC vote, I took a walk in the cold Iowa night

Tonight after reviewing the SC results and reading post caucus comments on Yahoo I decided to go for a walk. Something you don't do lightly in 19 degree Iowa weather.

I am a 20 year Army and Air Force veteran, enlisted and officer. Currently a retired Captain. I am one of the lucky vets, not missing any pieces or parts, and I did not come back in a body bag like many of my brothers and sisters in arms did.

I live part time in Hampton, Iowa and part time near our base in Incirlik, Turkey with my Turkish wife Suna, near the Turkish base where we have our airmen stationed. Suna worked as an AF civilian for over 22 years. If you have known someone who has been stationed there, Suna probably got their ticket for them. She has had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul, his wife Carol, their son Rand and his wife. She was very impressed with them all as people and enjoyed hearing our candidate speak about peace and goodwill toward all nations. She told me she thinks he is much like Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey (their George Washington).

I had the privilege of being on stage with Dr. Paul at the Des Moines Iowa Veterans Rally on 28 Dec 2011.

Truly an honor I shall not forget. If you have not seen the speech, it was covered by C-Span. Google it - sorry don't have the link.

Enough about me and my wife. Just know we are diehard fans of Dr. Paul. Suna's mom used to say before she died that the only reason the world still survives is because there are always a FEW good people out there.

I took my neighbor to the vets rally he was a Vietnam Marine with 2 tours there. He was also with me on stage. He and his family are new converts to our candidate's cause. Next day after the speech he placed a sign in his yard for Ron Paul. He has told me he won't vote for anyone else. Since he is a former Eagle Scout and Marine, I take him at his word.

Now back to SC and the 4th place finish. I know my brother, his family and our many friends who voted for Ron are disappointed. I really was hoping for 1st or second place. Didn't happen. I have read other posts about why 4th wasnt so bad. It stated that we did pick up some delegates tonight, a + in my book. And that by keeping the others in the race it kind of splits up the vote. Also we have been told Mitt was a shoe in, tonight proves that is not the case.

I believe in the good doctor and his advisors around him.

America likes an underdog in sports, business or politics.

With the way he and his team are working, after my walk and a breath of cold Iowa fresh air I now feel he cannot lose.

Believe in freedom and the message. Evil dark forces are really trying very hard to keep in war. Do not let the vile message of fear and hate overtake you or your loved ones. Reach out to your fellow humans gently encourage them to savor the message of peace and freedom both economic and spirit. Find at least one more person to really hear Dr. Paul's message. Stay away from the dark side. Don't be a hater. Stay away from vulgarity and malice toward the opponents we face. We will not win people to our side by calling people names or using obscene language. Yes, some things I have seen thus far really make my blood boil and I would really like to rage against those things. It is ofttimes difficult to hold your speech or just plain whack somebody, but remember our goal is freedom, and victory for our rightous cause.

I am writing this for my daughter whose mother, my first wife, was Iranian. She still has distant relatives there in Iran. And although you never find a more devoted American, she has often told me she would like to see Iran as it is in someways a part of her cultural upbringing via her mother and grandparents who are now American citizens though they were all born in Tehran.

Additionally I have about 18 nieces and nephews, all 16-25 years old. I do not wish to see their precious lives (our Future) destroyed in needless wars so someone at Halliburton or KBR can get a fat dividend check.

After my walk and a few thoughts put down before you all I will sleep good tonight because I am going to need it for round 4 coming up soon. Remember it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be NICE.

Bless you all and our cause for Liberty.

Eric V. Grote Capt, NC, USAF retired

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Well the media is a tool

Ultimately it's the counterfeiters which are the problem, because they control the media. The counterfeiters buy and use the media to defend their counterfeiting, and they buy the Congress too.

It's easy to buy things when you can print money.


Peace to you from Fairfield. RP won here with 49%

RP won here (Fairfield) with 49%

Hi jloin ~ I happened to notice your post and checked the 49% for RP in Fairfield against the "official report" at http://www.enr-scvotes.org/SC/Fairfield/36851/63949/en/summa.... Lo and behold! The South Carolina GOP gave RP only 11.16% in Fairfield. WatchTheVote2012.com is now also interested. Is there any way you can verify that 49% count in the face of no paper trail, and a computer vote "count" that was held in secret and hidden from public view? Please reply.

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I believe the poster was talking about Fairfield, Iowa

Ron Paul did very well there last time around.

...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
2 Cor. 3:17

Fairfield, Iowa

Thanks rxgrote ~ Arg! That explains it. I was hoping against hope that someone may have been able to attest to a discrepancy in Fairfield, South Carolina; so that we could start yelling "Thief!" or "Fire!" or whatever else one yells in times like these. Oh well! Thanks for chiming in.

"Veterans For Ron Paul To March On The White House!

Those of you that are touched by this story please look at the "Veterans For Ron Paul To March On The White House!" thread on this site. This event will be huge!

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Just a reminder...

I grew up around Valley Forge, PA. Of course I was inundated with the many stories of George Washington and how he lost battle after battle and he just kept fighting. How 16 year old boys fought in the snow with no shoes and lost their feet to frostbite, but kept following General Washington to fight to the last breath against tyranny.

The lines were drawn deeper back then. People were already living under British tyranny, the enemy was clear and defined, as opposed to "soft tyranny" now, being spoon fed to us, while distracted people talk up football and such.

Pray for our country.

why the confusion

Ron Paul has been in public life since the early 70's and first went to congress in 1976.

Why the confusion? These ideas aren't new, and weren't new to Ron Paul.

All that is new is that in 2007 some GOP officials screwed up big time and let Ron Paul get on a national stage...the rest, as they say, is history.

The voters have rejected this message for many decades.

Don't be surprised when many voters reject it today, as they are just doing as sheep will do, which is to follow the flock.

Always remember that we are ahead of where we were just a few years ago and we are moving forward.

Hi Eric...

I am a former U.S. Marine and I too have the same conviction to Dr. Paul.

I watched 2 videos on youtube, it had a profound affect on me, maybe because of contrast between the two and watching them in the same sitting, was like a deadly cocktail that really made me think.

The first one is "Rick Steves Iran", it's a PBS show where he travels and explores different cultures, really cool.

Last week a vet called into C-Span and really let William Kristol, the warmonger have it. He said "every American should watch 'a new american century', somehow he got that in before C-span cut him off.

I watched it that afternoon, what an incredible movie. Although there are 9/11 references, the movie is about the globalist agenda for the middle east.

After watching thousands of everyday people in the PBS movie, then seeing what these greedy globalists have planned for them, I got upset, this is really bad.

Hope you get a chance to view both in order, take care.

No Long Faces!

No Long Faces!

Thank you so much for sharing what is in your heart.


Revolt and crush the status quo! My ancestors didn't die in vain during the first revolution when they rose up with fellow patriots and fought for our freedom against tyranny!


Thanks for the guidance and the reminders

The Message of Liberty Never Quits

It presses onward and forward. We are engaging in a good fight. No long faces and no depress feelings. Yes it is sad that the message isn't yet resonating among the masses but it is growing. We just have to work harder and smarter. Thanks for sharing Eric. We always will have hope. God Bless you all that are in it to promote Liberty.

Ron Paul 2012

I can't say that I'm dissapointed so much as

very confused. How can so many intelligent people allow themselves to be so miss-led? If they really set down and studied the situation then Dr Paul would clearly be the top choice!

By the way eric, I'm 62 and voting for Ron Paul. And I've convinced my brother-in-law (who's 64) to vote for Ron Paul. We are both Vietnam era vets. He IS a Vietnam vet, I never got there (luckily)!
I voted Ron Paul in the 2008 Oklahoma primaries, but he wasn't on the ballot for the November election. So I voted for no president. I'll do the same again this year!



Silence Dogood IX


write in Ron Paul, it looks better for him

heres a link to the Nov 28

Excllent and very interesting post sir.

Here's a link to the Nov 28 Iowa Veterans Rally that Capt. Grote mentioned- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0NXucMk12w

i watched it live and it was a very inspirational and moving event.

"Stay away from the dark side

"Stay away from the dark side Don't be a hater, Stay away from vulgarity and malice towd the opponents we face. We will not win people to our side by calling people names or using obscene language."

Hell ya Im with you a hundred percent.

I watched the SC results and wasnt dissapointed tonight. The speech was good, and he actually said we will win this thing. I was psyched.

Celebrated downtown tonight with a bottle of Night Train haha.

Appreciate the assessment.

Peace from Des Moines!

Ron Paul 2012.


HEY watch out for the NIGHT TRAIN we need both you and your Liver this coming November. Save a shot or two for then. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

I took a walk tonight

too! Bundled up for the like Iowa degree of 16 here. I went to a near open field, walked and looked at the stars for a while. I had already vented via telephone to a RP supporting friend! Your background is trustworthy and cultured. I commend you for your experiences, credentials, and clear mindedness.

Your immediate family has more personal connection than many of us on the DP, regarding our foreign policy. I cannot relate but, sure do sympathize. Glad you are on this side and for freedom. You give me hope and remind me that this is truly, a small world and together we can make changes happen.



Thanks for your reply. Living in 2 worlds as I do turkish and american, moslem and christian grants me a unique world view. Plus I get a free massage from the good folks at TSA every time I fly. Some folks say its just because i am afraid of the radiation from the nudie scanner machine, nah I just get off on the idea of a total stranger groping me in a public venue. in liberty eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Thanks Captain

We've gained a lot of ground in the last 4 years sir, and the younger crowd, they seem to get it, so there is hope. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I also did my time in the service and appreciate what you've done and continue to do.

I think your assessment is spot on. It may take a crumbling US to snap people out of it, in that process, I hope that people see the false choice of the approved political parties and understand the establishment disdain for Dr. Ron Paul and realize that his ideas are the only way we can straighten out what could get horrible.

@ derek

say i have a nephew named derek he is one of the family i mentioned in the post. You are my brother no matter where you served whether in combat or peacetime. Please support adam and nathan on 20 feb 2012 at the WH. if not in person then write a personal letter and mail it to the local paper before feb 20. via post office they could use the revenue right now. Plus nobody writes letters via snail mail and the local editor may be shocked enough to actually print it. If you go to DC for the rally I hope to see you there.
and remember this "The hardest part about doing nothing is knowing when you are through." for liberty eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

We did like I expected!

We were at 14% on Real Clear Politics for the last week. We lost 1% point, so we neither won or lost support over the last few days!

Ron didn't campaign hard in SC, for what ever reasons, so I'm not too worried about the results. If he had campaigned harder, the results may have been a little better.

The important thing, is that Newt knocked Romney down a good bit and stopped the Romney Coronation Ceremony!

Florida is a winner take all with 25 delegates (don't quote me on that). In Florida, it is very expensive to run ads so it would just be a waste of money!!! Lets focus on February and the other caucus states!

Silence Dogood IX

@ Silence Dogood IX

you mean there are 8 (VIII) more dogoods out there-great we need more like you. Looking forward to Feb. also I have 2 nephews in Las Vegas and a brother there too who served in Vietnam. I will be talking to them soon and hope to enlist their support. Keep on doing good it always makes a difference. your right about the King thing America does not need a King whether he be named Obama the first or mitt the first. We need rather a just leader like RP.
You may chain or shackle me but I will always be free in my mind. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

Look at it this way. Romney

Look at it this way. Romney lost two primaries this week. If we couldn't win this one primary, at least Romney lost two.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home


Yeah tough to be Romney right now, His daddy seems to have had the same trouble in the past. As far as I am concerned RP has won every round so far because of the way he continues climbing and because he gets more momentum every minute. Like the Bring the troops home eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

It's like 60 degrees tonite here in Alabama...

...and I too am a veteran, of the first Gulf War in the early 90's.

And I agree... we must march on.

This is a fight that must be won...whether or not Dr. Paul gets the nomination. Other patriots must take the baton and carry on and win this race. It's a race for our liberty.

What else could be more important?


As a vet hope to see you up in DC on 20 Feb if not write a letter to the editor in your local paper send it first help out the postal service. Also visit a local VA hospital or other vet organization near you. How do you eat an elephant? pun intended... one bite at a time maybe you will find an ally to our cause of liberty there amonst our brothers and sister veterans. eric

eric grote capt usaf ret

We Stand With You

This was a beautifully written piece, Captain. There is something all-consuming about the cause of liberty -- something so infectious that it makes it impossible to sit idly while our nation descends into the abyss of statism. We will all continue to fight with you, and spread the message. I am only 23 and this is a revolution I am prepared to dedicate my life to ensuring comes to pass.

I am sovereign unto myself