Change Party Affiliation to Republican to Participate in Primaries

Dear Friends,

We all want to see Ron Paul as the next president of the United States. In order to get there, he will first have to win the Republican nomination. I have seen him state on television that he will not run as a third party candidate, so it is vital that he win the nomination. This article from Wikipedia outlines the Republican primaries schedule.

Why is this important? As alert reader Verbatim writes:

As you may realize, there are many people from across the spectrum planning to support Ron Paul: Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Green Party members, disenfranchised Democrats, and of course the disenfranchised Republicans.

Many of these people may not realize that they NEED to change party affiliations to Republican to vote in the GOP Primary in many States. I think this information is important to get out as is instructions on how to change ones' party affiliation and the DEADLINE for each State. I think this information would be useful on every Ron Paul supporter website in existence, even if it is simply linked to.


This is the preliminary schedule, according to the article:

Phase One: Early Primaries and Caucuses

* January 14, 2008 - Iowa (41)
* January 19, 2008 - Nevada (34)
* January 22, 2008 - New Hampshire (24), Wyoming (12 of 28)
* January 29, 2008 - Florida (114)
* February 2, 2008 - South Carolina (47)

Phase Two: "Super-Tuesday" / "National Primary Day"

* February 5, 2008 - Alabama (48), Arizona (53), Arkansas (34), California (173), Delaware (18), Georgia (72), Illinois (70), Michigan (61), Missouri (58), New Jersey (52), New Mexico (32), New York (101), North Dakota (26), Oklahoma (42), Tennessee (55), Utah (36), West Virginia (18 of 30)

For the later primaries, please see the Wikipedia article.

An early win in any or all of these states would be HUGE. So people in the above listed states, switch your party affiliation to Republican, if you're not one already. After you figure out how to do it, POST a message here to let others know how to do it/who to call/what office to visit and tell us how easy it was. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions below from people knowledgeable on this subject. I don't know a lot about this, and I doubt most people do.

After you've changed your affiliation, how does one participate in a Caucus or Primary? Can anyone who is registered participate? Sadly, I've never done it myself. If enough good information comes in, I'll take the comments and put them together into an updated article/guide and post it on the site.

The Meaning of a Grassroots Campaign
This is a grassroots campaign, and we are the grass and the roots. We are the ones that will make the difference in this campaign. Maybe Dr. Paul doesn't have as much money as some of the heavy-hitters in either party, but he has something that money simply can't buy. (Yes, there are some things money can't buy) He has us. He has our trust, our love, our support, and our belief. Wouldn't the other candidates love to have what Dr. Paul has? Unfortunately, all they have is money.

Let us not let Dr. Paul down.

Thank you.
Michael Nystrom

p.s. This is Required Reading for all those serious about actually ELECTING Ron Paul President. This goes beyond the current excitement and fun, and cuts to the real deal.

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Look up your state

Here is a list of states and the type of primary they hold to elect a republican candidate. You can look up your state and see if you need to be registered Republican to vote for the good Dr.

For example, in Alabama, there is an open primary, which means that you can be registered as anything and vote in any (one) primary. But Alaska has a closed primary, meaning all you Alaskans had better switch to the republican party now. The closed primary is annoying because registered Independents get slighted and don't get to vote in any primaries at all. Kind of dumb in my opinion.

Look up your state

Here is a list of states and the type of primary they hold to elect a republican candidate. You can look up your state and see if you need to be registered Republican to vote for the good Dr.

For example, in Alabama, there is an open primary, which means that you can be registered as anything and vote in any (one) primary. But Alaska has a closed primary, meaning all you Alaskans had better switch to the republican party now. The closed primary is annoying because registered Independents get slighted and don't get to vote in any primaries at all. Kind of dumb in my opinion.

Georgia is an open primary

Here is the link to the state site:

Registering to Vote

Voter Qualifications

To register to vote in the state of Georgia, you must be:

* A citizen of the United States
* A legal resident of Georgia and of the county in which you wish to vote
* At least 18 years of age by election day

Also, you may not register to vote if you are currently:

* Serving any sentence imposed by the conviction of a felony
* Judicially determined to be mentally incompetent

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to register by political party to vote in the state's regular primaries or general elections.

FYI: Missouri primaries are OPEN - Reach out to Dem's and Ind's!

Missouri Ron Paul supporters: Please reach out to EVERYONE, including Democrat-voters and ESPECIALLY the Independents!

From the Missouri Secretary of State web site:

19. What kind of primary election does Missouri have?

Missouri has what is known as an "open"; primary. In an open primary, voters may take a ballot for any party and vote for those candidates. Missouri does not require voters to "affiliate"; with any political party when they register.

In "closed"; primary states, voters are required to "affiliate"; with a political party when they register to vote and are then allowed to vote only for candidates from their registered political party. This is not the system in Missouri.

Washington State

In Washington state the Washington State Republican Committee choose its delegates by popular vote in the presidential primary. By contrast, the Washington State Democratic Party chooses all its delegates in caucuses (so that the popular vote in its presidential primary is immaterial).

If you have Democrat friends that like Paul, but are going to vote Democrat no matter what, be sure you mention that to them. Since their vote does not count if they vote for a Democrat.. they might as well stick it to the neo-cons and the war and vote for Ron Paul.

In WA you do not need to declare your party before hand, but you MUST ask for a Republican ballot at the polling place to vote for Paul. (Sometimes they just ask if you are Democrat or Republican tell them you want a Republican ballot..)

The date is not yet set but it is expected to be in Feb.

Texas Party Affiliation Rules

Texas Election Code:

See TITLE 10. POLITICAL PARTIES -- Chapter 162 for info on voting in primaries.

My interpretation is that you can show up to vote without prior affiliation.

Would someone else care to share their interpretation?

Texas is OPEN

You DO NOT have to register a party (ever!). You can vote in ANY primary just by showing up. They stamp your voter card saying you have voted in the X primary so you can only vote in one..

Once again, In Texas all you need to do is show up

Colorado primary.

In Colorado you must register as a republican to vote in the republican primary. Give Me Freedom

Give Me Freedom

If Tyranny And Oppression Come To This Land, It Will Be In The
Guise Of Fighting A Foreign Enemy. James Madison

If We Have Racism We Will Not Have Freedom.
If We Have No Racism We Can Have Freedom

California party affiliation change

Hey all just a quick bit of information for Californians looking to change their party affiliation in order to support Mr. Paul in the upcomng California primary.
In California you must re-register in order to change your party affiliation,
Here is the link to the voter registration page for the state of California.

You must be affiliated with the Republican party in order to participate in the Republican primaries in the state of California.

Show your support and re-register today.
Thanks and good luck to Mr. Paul.

possible mistake

If you are refering to the post debate coverage on Faux News, you may be mistaken. Ron Paul did not say in that appearance that he would not run as a 3rd party candidate, he only said he would not run as an independant.

I would not be so sure Ron Paul would return to the Libertarian Party either. I think he would choose the Constitution Party. Yes Yes I know, He ran as a Libertarian before. So what? Libertarians want a totally open border and immigration policy and Ron Paul is against illegal immigration and amnesty. Also Libertarians would just outright end Social Security without trying to fix it first.

I will register Republican and If he doesn't get the Republican nomination I will go Constitution party and write him in anyways.

Why Ron Should Go Libertarian

1. Libertarians have always stood by Ron in the past. 400,000 of us voted for you before, remember?

2. The republicans WILL NOT allow Ron to be their candidate. He is portreyed in their main media outlets as a kook, or not worth mentioning.

3. The republican base has shrunken to a core of religiously fanatical "right wingers," which the majority of the nation feel are completely out of touch with reality (and they are right). Getting their nomination, at a time when their party is losing positions in all levels of government, is no great prize.

4. Should Paul run Libertarian, and someone such as Gore or Nader ran as a green party nominee, with Hillary and Giulianni (or whatever pair of turds the partys choose), we could see, I believe, a REAL 4 party system come about in the next few elections. i prefer this to the system we currently have.

I am certain I could come up with other reasons, if given time.

Not possible.

He can't, its' against Libertarian party rules. If Paul wants to run he must run as Republican or Independant. It's no longer possible for him to run as a Libertarian.

Ron Running as a Libertarian

1) While I wouldn't leave the idea of Paul running as a Libertarian completely off the table, right now he's playing ball as a Republican, and the reality is that either a Republican or a Democrat will be the next president. Sorry, but 400,000 is a long way from the 62 million that GWB took in '04 to get 51% of the vote. It's even a long way from the 19 million that Perot took in '92 to get almost 20% of the vote--and he's been the most successful "3rd party" candidate in the modern era.

2) Believe it or not, there are a number of Republicans who don't abide by the social conservative/neo conservative message, who are really more libertarian Republicans (much the way Dr. Paul describes himself).

3) As to your last point, it's going to take much more than a couple of elections to change the 200 + year old 2 party system in the U.S. I think. If Paul ran as a Libertarian, and Nader ran as a Green, all you'd guarantee is that the winner of the race wouldn't have been elected with a majority of the vote (as happened both times with Clinton when Perot was involved). And, if on the remote chance you were able to elect a third party candidate (with enough electoral votes), how are they going to govern when everyone in Congress is either a Republican or a Democrat? If some of the third parties were able to start electing other officials (Congress, state officials, etc.), maybe--but given the nature of the system, a third party candidate is unlikely to be anything more than a protest at this point in time.

4) The point of my post which is referenced in the "p.s." is simply that Ron Paul supporters ought to decide whether they want to fight a battle that will surely result in a loss, and relegate Dr. Paul's message to obscurity (3rd party candidates are seldom given any meaningful press coverage, and are generally not included in debates), even though they would maintain some level of "purity"--or would you prefer to dirty yourself a bit and play by the rules that Dr. Paul has decided to play by--in the Republican party, where if you are even marginally successful, you'll have the chance to have your voice heard, and if you're very successful, you have the chance to take control of one of the two major parties and vie for the presidency. I prefer the latter, because I'd like to seem Ron Paul actually influence the system rather than be an asterisk in the history books. (Think about it--I suspect that by running as a Republican he has gotten more notice already than he did in the whole 1988 campaign)


If you want to vote for your favorite political structure

Go ahead. Or better yet, why doesn't the Libertarian Party just get a candidate.

I'm sure there's a good one.

I'm voting for the man.

Let me spell it out, the country isn't in the wrong vehicle. It's completely off the road. The Rubicon crossed us, and Paul is crossing it back.

You know maybe if we had more Libertarians and Greens in Congress, in the Senate, as Governors, as Mayors there wouldn't be this phony left right structure.

WV Ron Paul Supporters

In WV, if you are independent you can request a Repulican Ballot, you can't if you're registered Mountain Party or any other official Third Party or Democrat.

You have to request it, they won't automatically give it to you.

Green Eggs and Ron Paul

An Open Letter to Ron Paul supporters and especially bloggers

Hi Michael, I couldn't find any other way to contact you. Please consider taking the Google4Paul pledge and posting my "Open Letter to Ron Paul supporters and especially bloggers".

The letter is here:


Ron Paul is the only reason

Ron Paul is the only reason I would consider re-registering as a Republican.
If he doesn't get the nomination I leaving the GOP pronto.

Some states have open primaries!

Some states, such as my dear old Wisconsin, have open primaries.

Tennessee is Open as well

Tennessee's primaries are open, in that you don't have to register for a party before you vote in their primaries, but you must ask for a Republican ballot if you want to vote in the Republican primary.

Wisc. Primaries

We just need to make sure everyone understands we Wisconsinites (Wisconsininians, Wisconsonians?)) get to vote in one party primary or the other. Voting for say, Richardson -D, and Paul - R, would disqualify the ballot. One party only.

Unless you live in Milwaukee - then you get a couple more ballots to try again and get it right. ;-)

Julian, as long as you're 18

as long as you're 18 by the primaries, you can register now.


No, I will not register republican ever again, even for RP.

Ron, do the right thing, and come back to the Libertarian party. You do not stand a chance in hell of getting the nomination from those fascist scumbags, but we can guarantee you ballot access in 36 states, and well buy it in the otehr 14!

People hate republicans and democrats both, Ron! This is our party's shot to make the big time!


Vote for the man not the party

Ron Paul does not vote for a group in Congress. He votes for the Constitution.

We should do so as well.

The party system is a transparent ruse.

The Republican party has been infected with neocons in bed with neolibs.
The only way to change the system is to enter the race and take the turf back. We are taking the party back from these crazies.

If neocons don't disband we will disband them in the name of peace.
We will take away their Weapons of Mass Deception.
These failed socialists have about as much to do with conservatism as Saddam had to do with Al Qaeda.

Vote for Ron.

But freedom is not about party membership.

It is something for all of us and something we all need to protect. That is why Ron Paul appeals to people across the spectrum.

There are Democrats who are planning to register Republican who never thought they would ever do so. There are also Independents and members of other parties who are doing so. There are even people planning to vote who don't usually vote.

Ron Paul doesn't have a chance to win if he has to count on only those who are currently registered republican. He needs all our help. And as someone else said, he needs all of the exposure he can get. After each debate, the number of supporters has gone way up.

The question is "What are we willing to settle for? The more I hear Ron Paul, the less tolerable the thought of having anyone else for our next president becomes.

What's the Problem?

All that is necessary is signing up for the Party and once Paul's elected - you can remove yourself. Your not supporting the Party, your just supporting Ron Paul. Please reconsider - you'll effectively be a Republican for 1 day - a Republican only for Ron Paul.

While its true the Libertarian Party is much closer to what all of us hope for, sometimes you have to roll with the punches for the greater good.

I've voted for Nader and other 3rd Parties in the past - my voice was simply for defiance. Year after year, we rarely gathered more than 2%. It was a loud 2%, but we still had a Neocon steal the election. Paul has reached SO many more people by serving as a Republican. So many, that he can actually win this election.

By standing up and Refusing to Join the Republican party, you are effectively SHOOTING ALL YOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK IN THE FOOT. You have a chance to elect Ron Paul, what difference the party makes is minor in comparison. He is the same Knight in Shining Armor.

Stop fighting the system - Manipulate it to your own needs - then Change it when you're on top. Otherwise, you'll always be on the bottom.

wrong attitude

the only reason he has any mainstream exposure is because he's in the republican race. the debates have been instrumental in his dramatic rise in popularity.

I'm glad Ron understands that running as a libertarian would be foolish. i wish you would realize it too -- every vote counts, and please don't betray Ron because he's in the 'wrong' party.. his message is the same.

Use MySpace's centralized site

MySpace has setup a centralized registration site at

No matter where you are located in the union, you can register as well as change your party affiliation. Just follow the prompts and send in your form.


Can I vote in the primaries if I'm underage? I'll be 18 by the time of the Elections.


Under 18?

Just try it.

I dont see why you can't register if you will be old enough during the primaries.