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How did you manage to avoid becoming brainwashable when so few do?

I grew up staring at the tv for hours on end, but I still turned out to be quite the skeptic and critical thinker. I've analyzed my childhood trying to pinpoint events that have caused me to become the person I am, but I'm really not sure. We all grow up basically watching the same movies, eating the same cereal. Is there anything in particular that you guys attribute your independent thinking to?

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I was watching Bill Hicks one

I was watching Bill Hicks one night, and he just got me thinking there are a lot of stupid laws that are hypocritical an inconsistent. I realized I didn't know much about politics or law, so I started researching and realized our country has some serious issues. Saw a Ron Paul video and realized EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS STANCES ON ISSUES is the correct one, imo.

I was...

but then I watched "Zeitgeist", "America:Freedom to Fascism", "Orwell Rolls in His Grave" and "1984" ... somewhere in between the movies, I discovered Ron Paul and have been trying to wake up my family ever since ... so far only my dad has come around.

I've even emailed all of them all these links about Brandon Raub and so far no reaction from them...I'm ashamed of their apathy ...so pathetic

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I blame my San Francisco hillbilly upbringing

Decended from self-reliant gun toting goldminers, but infused with the socially accepting views of my home town.

I have always remained openminded and not entrenched in any political idealogy. I planned to one day research all the issues and make up my mind. So at 40 (yes, I've been an uninformed voter for far too long), Ron Paul's anti-war message brought me into the liberty fold and opened my eyes to so much more. I always voted democrat (except for voting for Perot, twice, because I believe in fiscal responsibility), because the republicans weren't fiscally responsible either, and seemed like hateful bigots to me. Ron Paul cleared up a lot of things for me. I have fully embraced his extremely fair style of conservatism.

I basically was brainwashed

I basically was brainwashed until the 2007 GOP debates leading up to the 2008 election. This guy kept saying all this stuff that wasn't by the book, and I found myself saying "Wow he's right! I agree with that!" Then I hopped online and educated myself once I realized that something was amiss with what I had just assumed was how things were.

I've only been a skeptic for

I've only been a skeptic for a few years, when I just realized what if it's not true? So I guess I just question everything.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

used to smoke a lot of weed,

used to smoke a lot of weed, and was angry it was illegal, looked into a candidate to legalise it, found ron paul and BAMMM!!!! opened my eyes to all the real issues. Now I study the philosophy of freedom everyday.

I am a baby boomer whose parents

were totally apolitical. I had no interest in, and saw no relevance to my life in, politics until I was 19 years old. When I was exposed to libertarian ideas, they fit in naturally with my mathematical/scientific/analytical way of thinking. By the time I was almost 20 I was a hard core libertarian on every issue.

Ten years later I was manning a Ron Paul, Libertarian for President booth at my local community college. I am proud to have supported him since 1987.

Although I am getting on in years, there is still a chance that I could have children, as my wife is 23 years old. If we do have children, they will be home-schooled and will be gently guided by us in their learning. I am going to use the same approach my parents used, and that is -- let them be whatever they want to be, show them their options, but never, never plan their lives, loves or careers for them. I have a quiet confidence that they will see for themselves that liberty is the right option for mankind.

I was brainwashed

for most of my days, the moment I first saw Ron Paul in the debates this year, (I had not heard of him prior) it changed my life forever. He was just so sweet, and had so much common sense, and sincerity. Once you hear Ron Paul, you can never go back:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

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Well, for instance, here are three

Well, for instance,

here are three chosen quotes from Thoreau to which I can totally relate, and the points of which have always helped me to keep my independent thinking:

"It is the greatest of all advantages to enjoy no advantage at all."

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."

"If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

-- Henry David Thoreau


Of course, to have at least one exemplary parent or step-parent in your family can help tremendously, too.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Jack with a

Beer back. Lol

It's extremely difficult to avoid being brainwashed

When the deceptive narrative is all one has known since birth. I imagine the most likely way one could have avoided being brainwashed is if someone else in their immediate family was aware of the lies and offered alternate views or the truth to consider. But without that, all one knows is the lies.

I think the Internet has facilitated the sharing of information and communication, even with total strangers, and has resulted in a new awaking and generation that is less susceptible to brainwashing.

Watch Ron Paul videos

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I used to listen to CNN headline news for hours on end in 90's

It was just background noise, like leaving the stereo on.

Through the noise I started to see obvious patterns in the skewed reporting.

It was propaganda with a purpose as opposed to news. The make believe news was merely the vehicle. There were always instances of big stories that were ignored (or immediately pulled) and other irrelevant/life-stylish garbage that served their propaganda which got replayed every 30 minutes for weeks on end; with many variations on the same story to change our perception of right and wrong; to convince us that the unimportant was very important and the the important stuff was not important at all.

Focus on important Sporting Events Vs. Unimportant Elections

Anyone or any candidate that insisted on real accountability in government or banking was immediately labelled an extremist in some other area of their life.




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Gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

I smoked daily for years on end until a couple years ago. It wasn't until I quit that i managed to free myself from the fear porn produced by Alex Jones and every other person on the planet with a youtube account and video editing software. Spent too many nights cranking one hits and bong rips watching videos of how the NWO and their police state minions were gonna get me and it fed perfectly in to the paranoia that IS a side effect of the herb. It kept me entertained and paralyzed from taking action. With that being said, I'll defend your right to smoke whatever you want. Luckily I wised up and realized the 300 a month I'd somehow always manage to come up with to get high was much better spent on silver, food and prepping for the inevitable dollar collapse. Nope truth is truth whether high or grounded.

I Brainwash Periodically

Brainwashing keeps me thinking clearly, I wash my brain of all the garbage that I hear, see, and am exposed to every day, haha.
I think it's the attempt to coerce or "reprogram" individuals from places like television, authorities, etc. that the original poster may be referring to. Of which I've always been strongly opposed.

I may have just been born a free-thinker, a freedom fighter in a past life, or just picked up on philosophy randomly from my environment -- I don't really know the specifics, but I do know I've always felt free to do, think, and say as I please; I'll listen to those more experienced on a topic than I am (with skepticism) and I politely respect any differing opinion, but I am extremely annoyed by inconsistency in reason/logic.
My choices in life have always been "strange" or even "stupid" to others, whether it's vegetarianism, pacifism, distrust in authority/government, disliking money, refusal to get a drivers license, or drive a pollution mobile (I mean "car"), or anything that just does not make sense to me.

Despite any ridicule or hardships I may have met, I've always stood my ground in regards to my beliefs and spent my life studying, researching, learning, exploring, and sharing my findings with those who are interested in listening.

There was nothing that "woke me up" that I can think of as I feel like I've been trying to wake people up to atrocities forever now; nothing changed my political affiliations (of which I have none really), nothing that I can really think of that set me apart other than just being able to recognize inconsistencies, deceit, attempts at being controlled, and a sort of empathy for others (seeing the suffering in others causes me to think why it happens and what to do about it).

As the years go by I become less and less "crazy" to my friends and more of a visionary, which probably happens with Ron Paul, I am sure. As long as he keeps fighting the good fight I will give him my support; as his record has shown, I can expect to be a life-long supporter.

I don't know. I've never seen

I don't know. I've never seen it along lines of being brainwashed or not. I don't believe in conspiracies either. I really don't see an evil hand behind it all, just human ignorance and greed.

To quote that other wise man from Texas:

and that's it really.

I have no one to blame but myself. (how did this get so long?)

Wow great topic,

All my life I have been a contrarian (however you spell it) and would always question authority when I disagreed with it when I was little (if they proved me wrong I would do it their way). I remember getting in trouble for telling my teachers they were wrong. In cross-country when there is a fork in the road that both have the same endpoint I don't go down the way everyone else is but instead which way I deem is shorter, usually people don't follow me even though I always end up ahead of them.

Then my friends started getting political and created a circle of group-think (their political section on facebook is "obama"), now as a contrarian I hate group-think and even when I didn't have a side on an issue, I would look up each side and probably just because I hated group-think so much I would take moderate conservative stances to counter them. During the 2008 election cycle I continuously debated them on why Obama isn't all that great and why capitalism is better than socialism.

I'm also very interested in geopolitics, philosophy, and theoretical physics and the more I learned the more disconcerted I became with America (I was and still am quite the patriot). Things like the Iran hostage crisis or all the interventions in S. America, the CIA, etc. Slowly I started to fall down the rabbit hole and began not knowing what to think.

I became a hardcore philosopher and resurfaced as a moderate libertarian. My Fox news watching, liberal hating dad who will probably never admit he is a neocon and not a libertarian like me, and I begun to have friction when we talked about politics.

When the 2012 election cycle hit the first thing I heard about Rom Paul was that "he wants Iran to have a nuke" I replied, "either you heard him wrong or he is insane. probably the former." But then I watched the debates and I realized I disliked all of the candidates. But every once in a while Paul would say something awesome like defending freedom or saying why other people around the world hate us. Eventually I decided I would look up all his positions and realized how much I loved him. I then researched his foreign policies and I realized how right he was and how wrong I was! (doesnt happen alot XD)

so now here I am, a born contrarian and an anti-authoritarian. Also, although it isnt all that relevant,
iSNJ FTW! (lowercase stands for weak)

Peace sells... but who's buying?



Peace sells... but who's buying?

Ever since I was a kid I was

Ever since I was a kid I was a bit of an outsider and loved to learn about weird things. I also loved my freedom and tended to be a contrarian.

Following in my parents footsteps I became a Republican, although I did question our foreign policy. I still believed we were doing good around the world, but I noticed that we also were hated by many and this seemed like a waste of money and resources.

During Bush's second term I began to identify less and less with the GOP. I went online and started doing research and found out I identified more with the Libertarian Party, so I switched parties. Then in 2008 Ron Paul brought me back to the GOP just so I could vote for him.

Soon after I did away with my cable TV and pretty much never watch it anymore. I also stopped playing quite so much video games, so in a sense I woke up and matured a bit. I got into gardening, gold and silver, and preparing my family for when the shit hits the fan. Now I spend a considerable amount of time online writing blogs, reading articles, and trying to do what I can to spread the message of liberty with my local Meetup group and other grassroots organizations. I was always an avid reader, but now I'm throwing more non-fiction reading in there with books on economics and politics.

2 brother's influence and church

I used to be a neo-con as well. I grew up thinking Republican was the only way to vote. As I got older I learned about what "conservative" meant, or thought I was learning what it meant. I listened to Rush, Hannity and local radio hosts in the Phoenix, AZ area. My parents raised us to be independent in our thinking and personal choices, they trusted us in our judgements, and they were also private people. They enjoyed their freedoms and wanted to be left alone for the most part and kind of stay out of social events and the like. I myself was a little different. In 2003 I expressed an interest in religion, and ended up joining the LDS church, which today I am a happy active member. I continued to listen to all the war-mongerers on the radio and watched fox news often until 2007. My youngest brother introduced me to Dr. Paul, but I was hesitant. Being active in my church and thinking of morality, my biggest issue was his stance with the war on drugs. I also had reservations about turning my back on the belief that we had a reason to go to Iraq. Then my other brother started opening me up a little more, and I began to watch youtube videos on the internet. I saw the confusion on John McCain's face when the good Dr. asked him about his take on monetary policy and financial reform. I watched his "what if" speach and I began to realize that his views on everything...I mean everything was purely and honestly backed by the Constitution, and what the founders of the Country intended. When I think about his line "What if Christianity is about peace"? How does that not make sense? How does treating others the way we want to be treated not apply on a national level? I am friends with members of my church that do not do their own research and continue to support Mitt Romney because they think it would be great to have a member of the church be the President. My response to them is, "Have you read The Proper Role of Government, by Ezra Taft Benson"? If you are LDS and have read my comments here, please consider joining the Latter-Day Saints for Ron Paul Coalition that was formed a few weeks ago.

Only child, single parent, private school

I have always been weird. I am an only child and was raised by my mother. I went to a Quaker school that endorsed some very different behavior than what my friends outside of school were accustomed to. I grew up entertaining myself and be independent, with a really good role model. I always harbored a disdain towards how the world was and how our government acted. I always read science fiction books to try and supplant myself in a much freer and happier future. However, I never really spent a lot of time looking into politics as I felt the whole thing was a disaster. I would always just vote for whomever wouldn't take us to war. I have always been a fan of libertarianism but barely knew of Ron Paul in 08. I voted for him haplessly in the primary back then and I am a little embarrassed at my lackluster support in the last election. This time around I am determined to help him win. I believe in everything he says and he is what I dreamed a politician should be like all along. It's just sad that I didn't pay attention for so long. I feel like I missed out and definitely could have helped years ago.

somethings a mis

I grew up thinking somethings not right in my country, I had a hard time in school and was not able to get good grades one thing i noticed was i lived in a beutifule country but we still couldnt seal our borders and politions on both sides were kicking the can down the road and not getting anything done.Then there was a light a true statesman Ron Paul who was speaking the truth something that made me proud he brought the constitution to the front into the light so people could here what true freedom means.This year i have seen even more how bought off the networks are but truth will prevail.
Go get them Ron Paul.

I grew

Up in a single parent house and did what ever I wanted my entire life, Amazingly I did not get in to much trouble however It did make me very independent and very anti authoritive and here I am supporting individual freedom.

Oh ya and I don't watch tv.

The Big Picture for Ron Paul

If you want to un-brainwash more people check this:

I wrote a piece comparing Ron Paul to other candidates on a general level and presenting his positions on things I find most important:


I believe it's a Game Over for all his competitors. If we can spread something like this, it could make a lot of difference in the election.


My family came to America in 1706, so I think freedom is in my DNA.I quit school when I was young and educated myself.

"To know God is to live"


Please cite the Constitutional authority for going to war without a declaration of war by congress.

My family came to PA in 1747.

When the British sent a tax collector to our property for the stamp act they beat up the tax collector. They had to go to court. Then the British did it again. They beat the tax collector again. They fought in the revolution although they probably didn't speak the language (were German, well what you would call the PA Dutch). There are a lot of reasons I think I came to love liberty, but I soon as I listened to Dr. Paul speak in 2008 and read The Revolution: A Manifesto it was an instantaneous switch for me from neocon to very strong libertarian. Now I'm an AnCap.

Liberty is in my blood.

I think

Liberty is in most Americans DNA but in some it lies dormant ...but it shall be awakened.


Was a total neocon. After the divorce or separation, I had TV free time (was nice). Discovered where money comes from, and then started reading LaRouche. Figured out he wasn't the best option (in my opinion), and discovered Ron Paul.

It's totally the TV that keeps so many brainwashed, and it doesn't take much to break out of it. Heck, you can even watch TV after you are "aware", it wont hurt you, so long as you know.

Having that damn thing running in the background is annoying anyways, I always shut it off when I visit other people. I'm there to visit you, not to watch TV.

With my ex, the TV was always a negative thing... She watched the E channel and all the entertainment garbage. Spent 3 hrs getting ready (makeup) to go to work (bad sign) to find a new guy... Haha...

Then, one day via a setup circumstance, I ended up in jail. Oops! 3 days, no bail, no charges, then mental institution. Jail was better than home life. They fed me. That really woke me up! Even played movies and passed out popcorn, took us out on smoke breaks, etc. Way better than home.

I guess the whole process of HOW the HELL was I in JAIL with no charges, no bail, detained and then dumped 220 miles from home really woke me up that something is wrong. It took about 10 months for me to figure it all out, but I did.

It's all good now. I just roll my eyes at the rest of the folks that say the media garbage. I do my own thing, leave others alone, and teach (about the world/freedom) when someone will listen. It works. I've awoken many people to the cause of liberty and freedom.