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How did you manage to avoid becoming brainwashable when so few do?

I grew up staring at the tv for hours on end, but I still turned out to be quite the skeptic and critical thinker. I've analyzed my childhood trying to pinpoint events that have caused me to become the person I am, but I'm really not sure. We all grow up basically watching the same movies, eating the same cereal. Is there anything in particular that you guys attribute your independent thinking to?

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I forgot to add!!

I threw the TV out 9 years ago, and I got my Dad to throw the TV out of his house, and it has made such a difference!!! The TV is almost entirely complete brain washing shit, deception, and a ton of senseless and sub rate entertainment for the thoughtless minions!!! It kept me from reading the right books, finding the right people, getting involved, and it constantly but oh so insidiously kept me from the truth all these years!! I just wish I know all this shit when I was back in High School!! Man I raise Cain now like a true die hard patriot, but I would of just painted the town if I would of known this stuff back in High School!!

Boob Tube days are over!

Me too! We keep internet access and Netflix, but the boob tube days are OVER!

Gold. Guns. Girls.

Finally mature at 29 years old.

I guess for me it was a couple of things. First, I lost a really great job in 2008, then I almost lost my marriage. Finally my daughter was born and I started to look at the world differently. At 29 years old I had finally "matured" as a human being. I suppose not a whole hell of a lot of people get there before they die.

Gold. Guns. Girls.

getting kicked out of nursing school for different ideas!!

I attribute my awaking to being kicked out of nursing school for more or less saying my true opinion about the medical profession, seeing how the media was so deceptive about 9-11, and after watching the movie freedom to fascism!!! I think this cocktail of events for ever made me a die hard freedom fighter!!! I had to pay back all of my student loans after being kicked out of nursing school. I did very well academically but the faculty hated me for who I was and the ideas I would espouse if asked!!! I didn't know anything about economics at the time, but I just couldn't understand why they made it hard for students to get into programs like this one that almost everyone was capable of really doing the end job, why they always talked so much about altruism in this program, and I also couldn't understand what this emphasis on being well rounded was all about. I didn't know my head from my ass when it came to economics at the time, but I felt very uncomfortable with the way they used the word altruism!! I thought then, and I would say if asked that if they where truly altruistic as they so often claim that they would let everyone who could do the job do it, like hair cutting so that all these nurses could compete and drive the prices down for the average person. I saw first hand how there was almost no honest dialogue in the medical programs!! Well, they kicked me out after they trumped up some bogus charges of academic dishonesty!! The head faculty lady later told me that the reason they wanted me out 'cause I was a threat to this profession!! That was one honest thing this evil and dark hearted bitch said!! A year later(I had to still pay back my student loans even though I was kicked out) I read a paper about building seven in the Salt Lake tribune. It was an article about professor Jones at BYU. I had never heard about building seven in my life, so I youtubed it and man was that an eye opener!! I had seen so much stuff about 9-11 on TV over the years but I had never seen building seven ever before in my life. I knew something was terrible wrong with our media at this point. For me to have never even seen this footage before on TV was deliberate and I knew it!!! I was told by a cousin about a month after this to check out a movie called freedom to fascism by Aaron Russo. I did this and this was the first time I was introduced to Ron Paul. I was like this is a congressman??? He seems way too honest and matter of fact to be what I've always called politicians up until then!! Well, it's all been down hill from there, I mean up hill, 'cause the freedom message is one of the most precious and amazing things which I've ever found in my life!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!

My Love of the Scientific Process

Along with my love and understanding of basic Cosmology and astrophysics via carl sagan (via my father). I've always tried to question things in a scientific manner. At one critical point in my life, I tried very hard to take everything anyone has ever said to me as "maybe fact". I would store away that factual potential until I could verify more. One of my favorite RP quotes is, "I'm not an absolutist". while he may disagree, it sounds like he would make an excellent scientist.

My blog on the Dynamics in Evolution

I got roku

I watch press tv rt and Al Jazeera news and now they just add alex jones nitghly news but i think you have to pay for alex news. i ll see

I got lucky...

I was raised a sceptic.

I was a neocon..

I was a neocon barely questioning my views of American militarism abroad, and then Obama invaded Libya. I thought the whole idea of it was absurd, not in the interests of the American people, expensive, would cause problems...then I realized that Iraq and Afghanistan and all these other wars really are no different. That is what opened my mind up to the truth. I can no proudly say I defend liberty in all spheres, foreign and domestic.

I deposited

my TV into a dumpster in 2003 and have never looked back. That's when I went "clear"

I remember as a tiny kid,

I must have been 3 or 4, my dad said I had to respect him. I asked how he could make me if I didn't. He said I would be punished until I did. I said, "oh, you mean scared." He insisted there was a difference, but I was clear with him he hadn't stated one.

It wasn't the terrifying scenario it must sound like here. If he were a monster, the conversation wouldn't have got that far. He meant not storming around when I was told to do something, but leave it to me to drag the conversation a little further. The point is I didn't believe him that respect and fear were different because his explanation wasn't good enough and I was brave enough to stand my ground on an uncomfortable topic.

I was also taught skepticism. If statistics were shown on TV so that a conclusion was implied, my dad would explain other factors besides the driven conclusion that could account for it.


Even with all that, I was neocon because I believed there wasn't anything else that could accomplish anything, lesser evil and all that. I was also taught adversarial ways. It took a work of the Holy Spirit to really break through that paradigm.

Defend Liberty!

We have our souls and we have spirit, we are


Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

What we all have in common is,

we know better than to trust the media and the government, when they lie constantly.

So we got out of school, and the internet became part of our school, not the MSM.

People who just like to have the television playing in the background all the time absorb a lot of brainwashing, not all of it conscious.

I was there in 2007 or so...

I used to say "I love Ron Paul, except on foreign policy", too. Luckily, I am young (and humble) enough to realize, that if Ron Paul is so right on everything else, maybe it is ME who is wrong on foreign policy. Why should I oppose Ron Paul because of a personal lust for war? All those Gingrich/Santorum voters LOVE the warmaking ability of the American state- they feel powerful by extension. Don't know about anyone else, but I made an instantaneous decision that millions of others can duplicate- just drop that fondness for war! Without that mind control overlay, the actions of the US government is just so transparently dispicable (like Libya, can you believe Obama got away with that BS?)its stunning how the media never questions a single proclamation on foreign policy issues.

Ron Paul is literally a one man anti-war movement. And think of all the hate he receives for promoting peaceful coexistance. The neocon crazies who made up the Project for a New American Century cal Ron Paul dangerous!!!???

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

I was a thoroughly Brainwashed NEO "CON"

Until after 9/11 when GW stells us we must take over ???IRAQ ??? I started digging for information and the very first time that I heard Dr. Paul speak ,something in my brain clicked into place and I could see...Really see! I started to remember what my elementary school history lessons taught me about America and what she stood for. It was nothing like what she stands for today,and only one Man has the fight and will to work at changing her back to what she must be. Thank you Dr. Paul.

when you receive...

Answers that don't answer, and
Explanations that don't explain...

I think for me, this is the single issue that requires me to think critically. I could never accept a blatant lie, just because i'm supposed to. That never worked.

The Internet

Where lies and propoganda get exposed and die!

Always was curious about

Always was curious about everything. Even my GP remembers me as that kid who was always reading an encyclopedias, atlases, etc. etc.

Always consuming books, but almost only non-fiction.

Dinosaurs, animals ( even w. their Latin names, though I've lost that knowledge over the years :( ).. To astronomy, etc.

At age 12 or so this first led me to the alternative / paranormal subjects...but that faded somewhat during my teenage years in which I dove heavily into computers.

Then 9/11 and that gut feeling there was more at play, though I still have no final theory of what truly happened, just that many special things happened that day..

Next alternative medicine b/c of health issues.. Then I got interested in gold and silver.. One day I stumbled upon Dr. Paul and knew this was someone to watch and learn from.

I'm an INFJ who learns by assimilation, my mind is like a spiders web of knowledge and associations.. Extremely eclectic, not throwing away anything because a single part is not correct IMHO or is confronting. Nothing is too strange! And I can actually hold multiple, completely different world view models in my head. I do have the fully approved MSM perspective for certain people.. Or if I trust somewone they can have acces to the full esoteric treasure trove so to speak. :P

I truly love reading researchers who are trying to tie everything together, e.g. people like Terence McKenna, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell and the highly recommended Joseph P. Farrell.

Mind, Body, Consciousness, Universe.. In the end they all fade into each other..
Researchers like Joseph P. Farrell

This sounds a lot like my

This sounds a lot like my background from my childhood through teen years. Talk about eclectic interests!

1. My parents, recovering

1. My parents, recovering brainwashed fox news repubs themselves, always encouraged myself and my two siblings to be free thinkers and to find truth for ourselves.

2. I spent '05-'10 in the Marines so I was kind of shielded from the exponential rise of the right wing brainwashing over those years and when I was thrust back into the real-world I was kinda like uummm something aint right here.

3. Ive always been science and math inclined as opposed to the humanities and social sciences. Im a Mechanical Engineer and science/math/engineering encourages individuals to use facts and research to formulate opinions and laws. The humanities and the social sciences disencourages individual intillectual freedom and forces its students to accept whatever the person with the Phd says is right.

I have to return some videotapes...

What made me an independent thinker and libertarian:

  • Being a science fiction reader. I learned the world is bigger than you think.
  • Receiving my education from a private, Christian school, and growing up a regular churchgoer. The refrain "what is popular is not always right" was a staple of my upbringing.
  • Parents that consistently taught me the difference between right and wrong, and treated me like a valuable person. I learned that every person has inherent dignity.
  • Diving into conspiracy theories in my adolescence. It prepared my mind for the idea that the truth might be both hidden and monstrous.
  • Getting into Linux and Free/Open Source Software. The Cathedral and the Bazaar taught me that freedom is chaotic, but has the best results.

this makes me chuckle . . .

sounds like something (your second point) my father used to say--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

This Interview

is what woke me up. Aaron Russo.


Yea that s a good one to burn

Yea that s a good one to burn it

Good Call

because the internet will be censored sometime soon

Catholic school, an out of the box professor, and becoming a mom

Catholic school, believe it or not, was the first eye opener. In the 70s and 80s when I attended on the east coast, the nuns and priests were very open-minded. If their individual opinions were opposed to the church, they would initiate discussions/dissension. For example, when women were allowed to become rabbis, the nuns brought a bunch of them to school to speak to us and that opened up a talk about why women weren't priests. As students, we were expected to analyze the bible and come to our own conclusions. We were not force-fed dogma in the way most imagine Catholic school does.

In college, I was taught by radical feminist Mary Daly. Her class and teaching style were like nothing I had ever experienced until then or since. Around the time I was her student, she rewrote the dictionary to modify language that didn't fit her world view and would speak her modified language in the classroom. She and I didn't always see eye to eye, but she was incredibly brave in everything she did. More than any specific doctrines, I learned from her that you may never get tenure when you rightfully deserve it, you may be shunned by your colleagues, and people may call you nuts, but living in your truth is more precious than any of that.

Finally, my first task as an adult was raising my daughter. I suddenly became very concerned about people and groups influencing her. The world had become a little more conservative than what I experienced in my early school days. I decided to unschool (a version of homeschooling that is mostly child-led and spontaneous). I met the most amazing people through homeschooling groups I joined. Once I was a mom, it wasn't just me trying to understand my truth, I was responsible to not thwart the organic growth of another person, to not diminish her experience and her truth because of my own point of view or any societal/governmental efforts to mold her. It was around this time that I read something about libertarianism and felt that it fit and made sense to me and how I was living my life and raising my kids.

I now have three kids. One just had a long visit home on break from college. The two younger ones are still living with me. To oversimplify for effect, the college aged one is uber left, and my high schooler is way to the right. I sat in awe day after day listening to the two of them go at a bunch of political-social issues, sometimes trying to find common ground, sometimes trying to win their point. It was incredibly interesting to see how children encouraged to find their own truths and points of view in the same household could land in such seemingly opposite places. But, what kept them together and respecting one another was their acknowledgement that individual freedoms were of tantamount importance, even if they thought the way to get there was different. I saw the cause of liberty bring people together right in my own living room these past few weeks and it was great.


In 1973 President Nixon Tried to pay less income tax than I did as a concrete finisher, and Nelson Rockefeller paid "0"!!!! Needles to say I was extremely PISSED OFF!!! So I started reading books, like "The Biggest Con" by Irwin Shiff, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen,"The Law"by Fredric Bastiat and many more.I started handing out copy's of The Declaration and Constitution,and still do to this day!I am so glad to see people are waking up.I've been a fan of Ron Paul since 1976.



When FOX censored Paul in rebroadcast, I vowed to never allow television in my home again.

The internet is where we use our brain. The single difference I find the most intriguing is the fact when we use the internet, we critically think.

I believe its that simple thing that separates us from TV watchers.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I to was a FOX news zombie in 2008

The Obama Deception , Fall of the Republic and many other videos opened my eyes. I think what needs to be done is to open others eyes that have not seen these video s and r still zombies to msm. what could be done is to have dvd video bomb and start handing then at the next state go in side these camps and start handing them out of just hand them on the street corner....people like free stuff.

The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse


so get a burnning.........Long live the republic

We are still brainwashed,

We are still brainwashed, just less so than others.. The answer is philosophy.

that's undoubtedly true...

the entire process of socialization is essentially brainwashing- operant conditioning. What sets us apart is some ability to decipher reality for ourselves. Most people are either too busy or too intellectually lazy to actually question the role of the modern American state, and the punditry that passively allows the politician to get away with anything and everything

Visit https://soundcloud.com/politics-of-freedom for all recent Ron Paul interviews, speeches, debates, forums, panels, press conferences, news coverage, and Texas Straight Talk updates!

"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of