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SC Senator Tom Davis on FOX News 01/22/12

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Amazing to me to even think

Amazing to me to even think someone would follow Gingrich in the name of the "Tea Party". Gingrich's votes don't reflect a love of our Constitution. And he even wrote a forward in Toffler's sequel to "The Third Wave", books that call for a repeal of the constitution. I don't see how he could anything close to the "Tea Party". People are listening to the last minute "mouth music" and are voting blindly.

As long as the Republican

As long as the Republican Party is a carbon copy of the Democrat Party, it really doesn't matter which one wins the election. If the Republican vote is split between those who support freedom, Constitutional government, ending no-win, undeclared war and fiat money and those who support the current Neocon agenda of more wars, more spending, bailouts and the destruction of the Bill or Rights (Patriot Act and other Nazi-style legislation), are the Ron Paul people supposed to fold their tent and go along with the status quo?

If we do, the charade will continue, two heads of the same snake masquerading as two parties.

Did you notice the usual Fox subliminal propaganda

Notice how after Tom Davis emphasizes (twice!) the original Tea Party core issues of Constitution and sound money, the host slips in the presumption (twice!) that Gingrich and Santorum are entitled to share those votes with RP.

Davis could be next SC Governor

Davis is great and should receive our thanks for publicly endorsing Dr. Paul!! We need more Liberty minded politicians to move up the ranks. Send Davis a thank you at his site:

Kinda "suspicious" that they

Kinda "suspicious" that they didn't give him an interview BEFORE the primary!

Exactly my thought :)

Exactly my thought :)

We, the liberty movement

need to work hard at noting who are allies are, and work extra hard to support them.

as this movement grows, I'm losing track of the people the key people.

we need to start brainstorming how this can be done.

Kind of like how we have Ron Paul Flix or TV, we need a site that puts our allies latest media clips to be shared by us on twitter, facebook, email, etc.

just thinking out loud here.


I've often wondered lately

I've often wondered lately why we don't have a liberty network when this is all said and done. How many people would help pitch in for a real network in the likes of a Fox News, MSNBC and the sort, totally dedicated to this movement? I know I sure would.

Wow, I can really get behind that!


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This is a good idea. As the Liberty movement

grows I hope to see a lot of supportive networking in all aspects of politics and personal life. We must build a free community without regard for political borders and parties.

Been pondering this as well...

There will never be another Dr. Ron Paul.

But there will be many like him. We need a way to virally expose and promote these candidates.

Is Florida A Swing State or Closed State?

Thought Florida was a closed state, winner takes all. Did I hear Sen Davis Say delegates would be split?

No, FL is winner take all



Thank you.

Excellent conversation

RP is just the vessel..

The MESSAGE is so much larger.


I predict this guy will move on up. He has chosen the right path and we need more people like this guy representing the people.

Unlike the national Republican party

Unlike the national Republican party which has been overrun by spend-crazy neocons, the states still have a healthy number of small government conservatives in the Republican party.

Donate to Tom's campagin:

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

This guy could be President

This guy could be President one day

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Santorum Dropped out?

at 2:45 the interviewer says "the three candidates" and then repeats that again a few seconds later

So Santorum is gone now? I didn't hear that

I think he's referring to

I think he's referring to Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum splitting the Tea Party votes.

Obviously the MSM didn't want

Obviously the MSM didn't want this news to get out until after the SC primary. So why doesn't the Campaign make their own videos announcing such things that presents it in a timely fashion?

I wonder...

I wonder myself, why campaign did not try various ways to get the news through. We have seen ways to post ads via Google on TV. Or they could try local radio and TV stations. It does not seem to me that the campaign does much to fight MSM. As far as I remember, they did not put the news about the endorsment of three senators on Ron Paul's facebook in a timely manner, either. Ron Paul is really doing great, but it seems to me that the people in the campaign could do better. Maybe grassroots should fill some gaps like this one.

Is there any possibility that

Gringrich received a list of questions from CNN before the debate to prep his answers? It is hard to believe that he answered all the questions so well without getting a heads up.


no but they tailor the questions to support the evil

or do I have to remind you "Dr. Paul are you electable"

"Dr. Paul are you running as a third party, because you certainly aren't going to win the republican nomination"

"Dr. Paul, since your views are a radical fringe with no chance of winning... how will you defend the nation from iran's nuclear bombs?"

Well said,

but when you are comparing the movement to Dr. Paul I suggest you avoid using words like "more important". He said "whether he gets the nomination or not...more important is moving the republican party closer to its foundation..."

Never use a lesser word(s), always use and equal or greater than word...."as important" or "equally important". This applies in many ways. Dr. Paul and his nomination should not be less than important. He said this twice about whether he gets the nomination or not. That is a negative in the sub-concious. Avoid that when you are speaking with people. Little words can leave big impressions without you even knowing it.

Roots of the Republican Party...

Sadly the roots of the Republican Party is not constitutional government. http://www.dailypaul.com/205721/what-has-really-happened-to-...

But he is right Paul is educating people

Tom Davis is the man,

while Jim Demint is a coward, imho.

I would vote for Tom Davis

I am going to keep my eye on him.

Indeed, what is there that does not appear marvelous when it comes to our knowledge for the first time? How many things, too, are looked upon as quite impossible until they have been actually effected? - Pliny the Elder

People who stay true regardless

of the numbers are genuine allies.

I loved to see him hammering

I loved to see him hammering the message of liberty home, in face of the lame questions Fox served up.