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Older Republicans, Older Republicans, Older Republicans...

Say that over and over until that is all you think and breathe in order to gear yourself to the inescapable barrier we MUST overcome to WIN the nomination.

From this moment forward; that must be the major focus of our movement.

The problem is undeniable.

Success there is the ultimate and only path to break this open.

Nay saying on this issue is unacceptable.

Your personal feelings toward these folks, if it is unalterably negative, is unacceptable.

If you really want to win NOW, we must all get with this matter hard and right NOW.

Please keep this at the top because it is without a doubt our top priority.


Please read this post by spacehabits:


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I've said this before, and I'll say it again.


Ron Paul needs to get on stage with a high-level AARP supporting agency (or maybe a retired AARP official) and let elderly Americans know that the provibial poo is about to hit the fan.

If the elderly want a sound, structured, and reinforced Social Security system, Ron Paul is the only option.

Belated Thanks for the Front Page!!

Thank You


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Scare them with the truth about Medicare and SS bankrupt!

It's not about cutting benefits, it's about being broke. There will be no more $$$ unless something gives. Ron Paul is the only one with a plan to try to preserve the promises made to them. SCARE THEM WITH THE GOD AWEFUL TRUTH!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

Educate more than Scare

GOP voters in particular are very susceptible to scare tactics and if you scare them one way they can be scared back the other way just as easily.

Clinical research shows that when people are scared they switch their brains off and stop thinking which is the opposite of what we need at the moment.

But I get what you're saying overall.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

Spending will be cut.

Spending will be cut. Trillion dollar deficits are not sustainable. Either we end overseas adventurism or Social Security. Vote Ron Paul and save Social Security.

I agree with your post -

as an older voter. I think many young people forget the older people have contributed to the on going building of this country through their taxes at the local level up to the federal level. And then the military duty to this country as many families may have someone who has given their life or have been injured defending it and that should be respected. This family in one generation alone has two grandfathers who served in W.W.1 and both hit by mustard gas and suffered the consequences throughout their lives. And that is a couple of reasons I support Rep. Paul as I believe he realizes these things and is the best hope of restoring the Republic and not just turning these assests (blood, sweat, and tears) over to an international cause to be the policemen of the world. So young people don't get frustrated with the older people help them realize these things. Do your research on social engineering and the media and maybe you can come from a place of understanding.

Absolutely Right

As someone in my 70's myself, may I point out that the age group with the highest percentage of voters is senior citizens. Paul Craig Roberts, my peer in years, has some excellent suggestions on how to get the older group on board, but they're suggestions that Dr. Paul and his campaign staff are going to have to take to heart and implement to be most effective. It's nice to have an enthusiastic young crowd, but it's going to take considerably more than that to get Ron Paul elected. Luckily, it's still not too late. Dr. Roberts, BTW, is an older but solid Ron Paul supporter.


It's the dollar. Make the

It's the dollar. Make the argument about money, and an older man or woman's ability to retire from work one day. Fear is a motivator...and so is pride.
We must celebrate pride in the American Dollar: what a strong dollar means, what the dollar used to mean around the world!
The reality is that the debasement of the dollar is a greater threat to the security of retirees than is any supposed loss of face the U.S.A. would endure by changing its stance on foreign wars.
People don't like having their minds changed for them. They'd much rather figure things out and have new opinions be their own, so be tactful when you point out the other side of the story. But it's really in the best interests of every American that our country be at peace!
War hawks always suggest to people that it's un-American to oppose a war in which we're involved or which we're contemplating, and nobody wants to be thought of as unpatriotic. Well, I think it's unpatriotic to destroy the American dollar, and with it the American way of life.

Make the case for strong American money versus land war in Afghanistan or Iran. Make the case for older Americans being able to retire comfortably on their pensions and savings versus having to pinch quarters, not pennies, because our wars in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are fought at the cost of the eroding purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.

It's the dollar. People vote with their wallets. And people who've worked many years are very afraid of being poor or broke when they get old. Having lots of value-less dollars is the same as being poor.

Agree and have a possible solution

From the minute I got home I put together a video and now just posted it with a suggested strategy that builds on sign bombing & super brochure tactics to reach traditional (old) republicans with the quick and substantive economics lessons concerning "Currency Competition", "Money Multiplier", etc. to put these folks on the path to realize that our foreign policy is a mistake simply based on the economics alone.

Here's the video: http://youtu.be/j_ciB1zGJM8

Any feedback is much appreciated beyond the half dozen activists I've run into in person that were big on the idea.

How to Help Rand End the TSA - TSA Agents pose potential public health threat. Support Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Cure

Nice idea

I think you are on to something for sure, I think for a lot of us just having casual conversation with people who don't know who we support might be the best way. I can think of a lot Glenn beck types out there who enjoy having "conservative" political discussion and would be much more receptive to the message if there was little talk of Ron Paul.

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If we are to get older

If we are to get older Republicans, we need to show them the truth about the wars. We should drop the "peace" label. We literally have a military for hire, except we're the ones paying for it. I think people assume that their favorite politicians have some unspoken reason for invading these countries -- something that is a net benefit to us financially. It's not about oil. It's about an entangling alliance that is a huge drain to the country.

We're not hippies. It's not about a pie-in-the-sky fantasy of world peace. We want to become the trade capital of the world again, but we can only do that if we let other countries fight over whose ancestors claimed what land 2000 years ago.

Drop the "PEACE" slogan I

Drop the "PEACE" slogan

I Agree 100%

we're not gonna get older folks if they think Ron Paul is gonna mothball the USS Ronald Reagan and open up Paris Island for condo developers.

i've talked to them, thats what they think.

Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

A visit

with a DVD, and some RP literature.

This is what canvassing is all about...



"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Older voters need information

I am 53 and have supported Dr. Paul since 2007. Gitting older voters is simply a matter of information. Most people over 50 get their news through the main stream media - and you all know how informative that can be :)
Information is key

It is not their fault to be born in a time

when the truth was infinitely more difficult to access.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Why don't we just ask them?

1. Create an online poll asking some relevant questions
2. Find some mailing lists of people of retirement age
3. Invite them to participate in the poll
4. When the poll results become available, show them why RP's positions are in their best interests

It may be a good idea to have the poll open for a set period of time, so that later voters can't see the outcome of the early votes and be swayed by them. Ask everyone to include their email address, and announce the date the poll will close. Send out a mass email when the poll is ready showing the results. Put the results on the site also. Push RP's message with the results. Put lots of eagles and American flags and family scenes and RP's "I Went" photo all over the place. Then make it into a TV ad to catch those who aren't on the internet or didn't participate.


I think you have made a pretty condescending statement when you say:

" Put lots of eagles and American flags and family scenes and RP's "I Went" photo all over the place."

As if mature people are all like little,inexperienced children who will be swayed by such things. Very insulting.

Why is that condescending?

Don't you agree that we need to appeal to that demographic with images that appeal to them? Didn't we all swoon over the picture of RP in uniform on the bicycle with Rand?


The truth

will appeal to those open to it. No,I didn't swoon over the bike picture. I thought it was very sweet,but it alone would not have influenced my decision about voting for Ron Paul.

It's incorrect,in my honest opinion and also condescending to think that people who have lived a lifetime of experience would be so naive and easily swayed as to go for symbols like eagles and flags over the intellectual substance that a candidate offers.

My take on it all is to understand as deeply as possible what motivates people to act as they do when they vote. I'm not a psychologist but I can speak from my own observations and experiences and share them. Perhaps others can find ways to show those who are yet undecided and a little scared that voting for Dr. Paul will be for the best of all.

How do you explain all those

How do you explain all those votes for Gingrich?

Of course we want to educate people with the truth, but there is nothing wrong with showing that Ron Paul supports our military when the media always spins it as if he hates our military.

Nobody is suggesting that we make patriotism the core of the campaign.

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Exactly man, right on.

Exactly man, right on.

I am Older than Dirt

I live in Oregon in a city of 50,000 pop. I am 61 years young. I am possibly the only street evangalist for Ron Paul in this city. I am retired so I have free time to stand at the entrance of costco, the bridge in and out of town, the local post office, Overpasses on interstate 5. I never see any others stumping in this town. I have friends that stump in other towns nearby. I am ok with it I get 50 thumbs up to every bird finger. That in my opinion is a good result I will keep working at it.

My 86 Year Old Mother

Tennessee's premier senior Ron Paul supporter. Today she went campaigning for Dr. Paul at a Tri-cities Convention Center. She walked the whole show floor with her Ron Paul sign inviting people to vote for Dr. Paul. She also helped man the booth. I was so proud of her! Now she's ready to walk Main Street with a sign and go door to door with me passing out Super Brochures.

This is not just a new interest. She voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and has been keeping up with Dr. Paul in the News ever since. When People see an 86 year old out campaigning alongside college students, it's not a visual soon forgotten. Hopes are they'll remember it all the way to the voting booth.

Federal Reserve = Fountain of Sorrow

Inflation (which is grossly unaknowledged), unemployment, unaffordable medicine, social security that doesn't quite pay the bills, unfundable wars/social programs, yada, yada, yada. There is one common denominator in all that ails our country (and the world): The FEDERAL RESERVE. From this poison well spews much human misery. There is more in store.

Paul Craig Roberts had some good advice for the Paul Campaign, but until we get back onto sound money as stated in the Constitution (below) we will never be free or have social stability again. Dr. Paul sees the connection that others either don't, or won't admit. If he could only get the point across.

Honest money is a virtue to society. Dishonest, corrupt money imparts those traits upon us.

Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

While everyone's uptight, the Fed's outta sight.

Mr. Paul Craig Roberts is an Older Republican and he has this


Can we pass that info to the Mr. Paul? It's an easy thing to say without compromising his principles and messages.

Scare the hell out of them

Fear has proven to be a useful tool with this demographic. Ron Paul should scare the hell out of them with the truth about what the other candidates positions would mean for those on fixed incomes.

Cognitive bias

If you look at psychology you will find that fear is a far greater motivator when it comes to passive inaction (remaining on course) e.g. don't push this button or something bad will happen. It is far less effective in inducing proactive action to avoid an outcome (press this button or something bad will happen).

I think this partially accounts for why the status quo is so difficult to change. If we started off with a military budget in line with other nations, anyone who proposed borrowing a ton of money to establish a worldwide military presence in 130 countries would be dismissed as being "kooky". If there were no income tax and someone suddenly suggested a hugely complex system with an almost infinite number exemptions for all sorts of reasons, such an idea would been dismissed as crazy. But this is the way things are, so someone suggesting we take it down is called outside the mainstream and extremene.

Get their information from TV,

Get their information from TV, Get their information from TV...



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( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)