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Nullifying federal law

I've been talking to this person, who isn't a RP supporter, and have been clarifying all of RP's positions he grossly distorts (no doubt a byproduct from MSM).

Anyway, after debunking the abortion, gay rights, AIDS, and race issue, and after suggesting other pressing matters like economics, domestic & foreign policy, he brings up RP being a supporter of states nullifying federal laws. He pointed out the Supremacy clause in Article VI, and how any law made pursuant to the constitution are the supreme law to be upheld by the states and that states aren't the deciders in whether a federal law is void or not.

Well, I pointed out to him that if a unconstitutional federal law is passed, and a state decide to nullify said law, who committed the unconstitutionality against their oath to uphold the constitution first? The federal gov't who passed the unconstitutional law in the first place, of course.
However, his response was that it doesn't matter, that the states don't decide whether a law is null or not, that the power rests with the Supreme Court.

So. Is there a better way I can explain this to him? Sometimes, I just think he's looking for something to find wrong with RP, but I'm determined to set him straight lol, he doesn't even live here in the US! Anyways, your thoughts are greatly valued, and I look forward to seeing your responses.

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Have a look here to see how

Have a look here to see how Tom Woods addresses the objections:


I thank you, sir

I thank you, sir. I looked into it, and it's definitely informative and helpful!

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Well done!! Now what is next?

Thanks for sharing StannisTheMannis! I like your good thinking.

Also I would pointed you in the similar direction too. What is next now?

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