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My interview on Detroit Radio about the campaign (shout out to the DP)

Through creating a Detroit for Ron Paul meeting, I met someone who put me in touch with a well known radio host in our city to discuss Dr. Paul and why Detroiters should vote for our candidate. WCHB is simulcasted on AM/FM and streaming.

I captured this interview on-line and uploaded it here


I did edit out the commercial at the beginning, it read that the change may take a while. So you'll either notice it and it starts at the 42 second mark, or the change took.


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From another Michigander it's

From another Michigander it's good to hear the message of Liberty reaching our people. Thanks for that!

With Dr. Paul's previous campaign I have to admit that I was a bit disappointing not to see him campaign aggressively here in Michigan but I sort of understood it at the same time.

For a little background Romney is generally the expected favorite here in Michigan because his father is a former Governor here. Other than this superficial advantage, there is also a very strange right/left contradictory mix here in Michigan that leaves it as a state that is usually up for grabs by either party. For example Michiganders voted to elect president Obama but we also voted to ban gay marriage. In the City of Detroit many people have given up on the idea of government at any level coming through for them and thus are ripe for Ron Paul's message of individual responsibility, the defense of liberty, and the rule of law starting with the Constitution. If the Detroit area was ever to vote for a Republican president I believe that person would have to be Ron Paul. I'm no campaign strategist but these reasons are why I believe that the grass roots support and also the official campaign should not ignore Michigan especially not Detroit.

Thank you.

Thank you, David.

Thank you David!

That was excellent. It's rare to get that kind of interviewer; she was very good at asking you to explain the intricacies to her audience. And you had the answers!

Thank you for your good work. Please keep it up!

Very nice good sir.

Very nice good sir.

From one volunteer to another - thanks

David, great job in Michigan!

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

What a great interview David

I am so inspired!

Awesome job!

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

I could go on and on about everything that went well

I could go on and on about everything that went well in that interview, David.

Liked the bit about your 'payment' for your volunteerism. That was classy.

You really hit the grassroots and humility message home with "who knows your backyard better than you?"

Morning drive time is THE MOST COVETED airtime in any market. You really, really scored big for the campaign in the Detroit MSA radio market. Was it broadcast on the AM side also? More market share that way!

I cracked up at the very end of your interview. Like I mentioned in an early comment below, I've been in and out of broadcast radio for over 2.5 decades. All those years of critically dissecting on-air programming gives me a bit of credence in this matter (I hope). So, like I said, I cracked up at the very end when you asked the radio host if you could send a 'shout out'. I can guarantee, based on my experience and the sound of her initial hesitant response, that she was totally expecting some sort of personal "Hello" to a friend or family member. When you instead gave a shout out to the DP, she was audibly impressed. That's why she made sure to clarify the URL at the end. You just could not have planned it this way ... this is natural communication at work, brother.

Like I said somewhere else on the forum, I used to have to critique college radio students on their radio performance. Please forgive me if I seem just a little too enthusiastic in giving you props. Just can't help but get jazzed when this sort of thing transpires!

A heart felt thank you

I have been thinking about getting into the business on some level if the right opportunity is available.

It was on AM/FM and streaming.

I am a regular on WJR as a call in. A bit more testy on that station though ala Rush, Sean and Mark ( the three headed beast)

Thanks again, it is a privilege to speak on our behalf.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

The 3 stooges

David, all - I was on the 3 stoogies (Rush twice, Hannity maybe 50, Levin too many times) in 2007 & 2008. I had a job that required car travel, so I had the chance to call these shows.

My point is, there is only time to make one point, and my best licks were always placing these 3 stooges next to the US founders and watching them squirm, tap dance, and spazz on wild diatribes on how we have the greater good and are responsible for policing the world.

Marx Levin and I went round and round over the verbiage of war declaration, intent, and supporting documents and letters during the ratification period over many many calls, basically Marx Levin wants to rewrite history to conform to his neocon worldview, all while claiming fiscal conservatism.

Great interview. I think you

Great interview. I think you should do a country-wide radio tour. :)

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

David, Thanks for all you're


Thanks for all you're doing bro! Keep rockin it in Michigan!

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Great interview!

Great interview!

Nice work. Glad to hear you

Nice work.

Glad to hear you guys are out and about. I live near Detroit and never hear of anything going on around here. I will try to make it to Town Pump in 2 weeks.

Please do

Go to the state page and find my info...

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

WOW WOW WOW! Amazing interview!

Doug Wead and Tom Woods couldn't have done better! Thank you for that! Try to get on more shows, you have excellent delivery, passion and knowledge that needs to be shared. We need these kind of interviews in every state and on every radio station!

State party will be "thrilled"

To hear about the sham that is this "closed" primary.

Truth is ANYONE registered can vote.

Personally, I think that this was a 10 million "dollar" attempt to get some new info on voter vault.

Can Michigan really afford to waste 10 million when the party could have just done a caucus?

Michigan dems are coming out for Paul

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Awesome Interview!

Very well done in Michigan!


Great job, came off representing Dr. Paul very well

1) Movement since 2008, registration for the 10 million dollar primary brought to the voter via taxpayer funds, open to all affiliations
2) Bogus money and how it hurts everyone
3) Explained how the younger voters are behind Dr. Paul, the debt, unconstitutional foreign policy
4) Got your plugs in
5) How the ground game is effective, how most Paul workers are grass roots/volunteers

Excellent work, articulated well David.

Get it done Michigan!

Goofed our website...

but otherwise I was happy with it.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

David disseminated some vital information for Michigan

David disseminated some vital information for Michigan this morning. No doubt about it. And during the critical morning drive commute. This interview will hopefully have been heard by thousands of people.

What a knowledgeable source you are, David. You did the entire campaign and movement proud this morning, brother.

The host was quite congenial and went out of her way to clarify some very vital information. She was a perfect host, did not introduce bias on either side, really. Except when she told her audience that simply voting in the Republican primary doesn't make the voter a Republican "for life or anything like that." (paraphrase)
I loved that!

And you did a fantastic job in getting a shout out for the DP! And she repeated it for clarification!

This interview would qualify as the model for how radio interviews should be conducted ... on both sides of the microphone, as it were.

So, when do you start your 47-state radio interview tour, David?! :-)

Seriously get this guy on the Radio

across the nation, The voice from Detroit, the working man and volunteer Ron Paul supporter!

It's pretty bad when...

It's pretty bad when it is more acceptable to change religions than it is to change political parties.lol.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

If anyone gets the audio

Please post.

I wanna hear a fellow DPer shatter some neocons' worlds.

Wow! What a pro!

David, you kicked ass!!

I have been involved as a radio broadcaster off & on since 1984. I know a good live interview when I hear one.

You deserve a huge pat on the back!

Bump - on air now!

Bump - on air now!

David is doing a great job on-air!

Excellent job!!!

Will Definately geta Daily Paul plug in...

have to !!

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Will Definately geta Daily Paul plug in...

Just waking up and waiting for the call from the station

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

have a good time!

Ron himself said that that is mandatory. :-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I live in Livonia! :D

I'll definitely tune in to listen if I'm still awake.

I hope you knock it out of the park with the message of Liberty!

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. ~Ron Paul