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Rand Paul Detained by TSA in Nashville

Rand Paul's Facebook account just posted that Senator Rand Paul was detained by the TSA in Nashville with more information coming when available.

Anyone else heard anything about this?

Update from Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71818.html

Update from ABC (with video): http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/rand-paul-in-pa...

Slate: Detention Unconstitutional: http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2012/01/23/don_t_touch_ran...

White House Sides with TSA:

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The police state in this

The police state in this country is absolutely out of control. I doubt any other senators get similar treatment from the TSA.

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DitzyErin Burnett @cnn

says that over 700 million travelers were checked by the TSA and she likes the pat down. What a maroon.

So 700 million and how many planes blown up? Of course, that's because of the pat downs, right Erin.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Genetic condition causes TSA scanner malfunction

He was stopped because of a genetically inherited condition he got from his father. It's called having "balls of steel" that set the scanner off.

Civil Disobedience

well done Rand.

everyone should follow his example of not succumbing to this humiliating TSA police state infringement on basic civil rights.

for one, the machines dont work and they cause cancer. for two the patdowns are unnecessary. sniffer dogs are more effective and less humiliating.


the 'media assassins'

I hope to Hell he didn't say,

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!!" or in any other way try to use his office to avoid the TSA procedure. I think it's fine to resist the TSA but we should do so on behalf of all passengers and our Bill of Rights.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

ecorob's picture

If Dr. Paul can capitalize on this tonight...

it will be a plus!

If he can explain that his 1 TRILLION DOLLAR budget actually DOES AWAY with this "show me your papers" TSA nazism in America then we can turn this into a positive!

Quit groping our children and our grandparents, DAMMIT!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

SHAME on Rand Paul

He's so eager to let the federal government radiate him, he actually promoted it. Why not talk about the 4th ammendment? Why not object to the radioactive naked body scanners for health reasons. Ridiculous.

I don't think he was

I don't think he was promoting it. Watch the CNN interview. He is trying to expose the fact that the scanners are set up to randomly target people for pat downs....it's a scam.

Waiting for a big dog in

Waiting for a big dog in government to fix things for you? If one person can fix things for you, then one person can also break everything for you.

It's time for people to take individual action.

I hope you all can see that

I hope you all can see that Rand extends the reach of the philosophy of Ron Paul. He is able to bridge the gap between libertarian ideas and those of the robotic herds dedicated to the mainstream status quo. I see his "moderate" tone as a strategic tactic, a systematic step in opening the closed minds, a lower dose of the same medicine that Ron gives. These guys are genii. People that feel Ron's views are too extreme (mainly because they are still unaware) are able to resonate with Rand. They don't feel threatened by his words and in fact, they sympathize with what he is saying. This is good. It's a hook. Once they start paying attention to Rand Paul, the inevitable progression is toward supporting the positions of Ron Paul. Step back and think about it. Don't rush to judgement so quickly. There are many fronts to this fight, many levels of operation.

"Just Doing Their Job"

I'm so sick of this excuse for federal goons just "doing their job". Frankly, as a victim I should be able to SUE and WIN against any federal employee violating the US Constitution (Bill of Rights) in the process of "just doing his job". This same pathetic excuse was used by the Nazis during their trials at Nuremberg. So Blitzer, I AM accusing the local TSA goons at Nashville for DIRECTLY violating the Bill of Rights in the process of "just doing their job". Frankly, these TSA goons need to be brought to trial over this incident as they violated MULTIPLE sections of the US Constitution.



This is exactly the kind of "scandal" Ron Paul needs to get on national TV and get notice from people. The evil TSA violates the Constitution and detains a U.S. Senator. This Senator happens to be the son of the ONLY candidate opposing the evil TSA. It's like Newt's failed marriages except Ron Paul is without fault.

They should just do what you do to all uppity white males...

Send him to a jail cell where he'll be raped by ethnic minority gangs and then call him a neo-Nazi if he gets "disgruntled".

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

Don't down vote this guy.

He is 100% correct. If you are white and naive and go to jail, you WILL emerge racist, or completely broken, likely both.

The Big Picture for Ron Paul

I've just spent hours putting together this mixture of Ron Paul info and opponents-bashing...

An article comparing Ron Paul to the other candidates, presenting his positions on issues I find most important and adding some rare biography info.
If more people could get this kind of information before the voting it would get them to think seriously about Ron Paul:


It should be a very effective tool.
A lot of talking points can be extracted from it and used independently as well.

Rand Paul just isn't his dad

This has been obvious from the start, but this embarrassing elitism is simply one more example. Ron Paul wouldn't make a scene like this. Everybody hates the TSA. I'm gold preferred, and I manage not to bump heads with the thugs.

One time, I waited at the gate until the last 10 minutes, to ask for an upgrade to first class on my open ticket. I got the upgrade because... one of Sen. Ted Kennedy's staff got delayed at security and the senator had the dignity to wait patiently and was willing to miss a flight for someone else's misfortune. I sat in Ted's seat.

On a more recent flight I sat beside Sen. Scott Brown, a really nice guy. He manages to make it through the TSA security theater gantlet without making a fool of himself.

Yes, the TSA is absurd and useless security theater. Yes, airport security should be privatized and I'm sure it will during Pres. Ron Paul's administration. Yes the entire Department of Homeland Security should be dissolved. But for now we don't pull out the elitist card and try to play it when it's NOT ELIGIBLE. Go back to start, do not collect $200, Randy.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

You don't get it

The TSA should not even be. Let the airlines and the airports provide their own security - adding that cost to the ticket, not to the taxpayers. I, for one, refuse to fly as long as there are goons determining if I can board a plane untouched and what I can or cannot carry on.

Rand Paul did what we have all wanted to, only he has the necessary clout now. By him NOT blindly obeying the TSA and having some man grope him, he fought the fight for us. Rand's actions will blow the entire TSA wide open - since they detained a sitting Congress member on his way to the Capitol. Now, the scanning machines will have to be verified as to their "glitch". The TSA can no longer refuse someone to be re-scanned instead of getting the pat down. They picked the WRONG man to hit on.

The comments I have read all over the net have been about 99% applauding Rand's civil disobedience. Very few diehard still-making-excuses Obamabots disagreed. I would not doubt that today, Ron Paul picked up many more votes. FOX News gave minimal lip-service to this today. I would have never imagined that someone on DailyPaul would condemn Rand's actions and thought he should have followed the shepherd like a good little sheeple.


I was out of line. I was foolishly responding to right wing talk radio slurs. At 4 PM I heard that Rand Paul made some kind of scene at the airport. They made it sound like Sen. Paul pulled one of those drunk-driving-politician "do you know who I am?" stunts and that he falsely claimed he was on his way to a vote.

Ugly lies, and I fell for them--and made a fool of myself posting about it here without knowing the real deal.

In fact, it turns out he was a gentleman and extraordinarily patient with the buffoons considering the treatment he was subjected to despite his cooperation.

I shall say some Hail Marys then buy some brochures as penance!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

forgive me if I'm basing that comment on incomplete information

What I heard on talk radio (not the news) was that Sen. Paul tried to short-circuit the process by pulling the "I'm on the way to a congressional vote" trick when he wasn't. This might be a scurrilous lie, and I'm embarrassed if I fell for a slur coming from the enemy MSM/right wing talk radio establishment.

All the articles I can find online suggest the TSA were being their usual bumbling and clueless, not knowing what their own rules are, and the articles give the impression that Sen. Paul was very patient with their stupidity.

I admit, I've got a bias because Sen. Paul is less libertarian than Rep. Paul, and I'm not a Republican after all, I'm an independent.

Now being uncertain, I apologize to Daily Paul readers and to Drs. Rand and Ron Paul both for my insulting remarks.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

The Daily Caller had the exclusive scoop

Now I understand why you would have thought he was being a "holier-than-thou". Like I stated before, FOX News didn't report this other than a one-liner - nothing to see here. It is the baby boomers who are afraid of the boogeyman, the same ones that believe we need to give up our freedoms for a little safety. The same ones who want every Muslim nation blown off the map. They cannot be allowed to know that Rand Paul did something today that would no longer make them subjected to having to strip down and take off their Depends.

Apology accepted


'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'


God I love your positive and strong attitude about President Paul. Now I won't worry as much and I feel warm and fuzzy lol Keep your positive thoughts, we really need them and one question.....what is it really like in firstclass? is it really cool? Is the food excellent?

Ron Paul 2012...in our hearts and souls until our last breaths


Well we got at least a million dollars worth of free publicity today ... so much for the mainstream media freeze out before the debate tonight ... sweet!

heading off to debate viewing party

Rand had a copy of the Constitution in his pocket....the TSA

Didn't known what that is....there's the 'anomoly' (read this in a other comment section)

wow.. this made my local

wow.. this made my local newspaper here in the netherlands..


polling well in an election - nothing
causing a mild stir at an airport - international news

Why did he leave this out on CNN??

Why did he state on CNN how nice and friendly the TSA workers were and not bother to tell Blitzy this? What if it would have been one of us picking up our phone and threatened by TSA that if we pick it up they will pat us down???

This is an exerp of a quote from Rand Paul from http://www.newschannel5.com/story/16578536/ky-senator-rand-p... The Nashville paper

"And I said 'well I'm happy to go through the re-screen, and walk through the screener again'. And they wouldn't let me. So then I was detained in an area, and told if I used my phone I got the full-body pat down," Sen. Paul said.

"Paul said he was calling TSA in Washington to confirm "the rules" when it made the TSA agents upset."

Someone please explain why Rand Paul thinks that the government has the right to tactics like this? And please explain to me if TSA agents have me in a cubicle why I can't pick up my phone to call my lawyer??? Obviously they let him....do you really think they would let me??What the hell is going on in this country and why is Ron Paul the only one that gets it and cares???

This guy has nailed it perfectly...

Someone nailed it right on the head in the comments section of The Hill column:

"If Maxine Waters had been the one to resist the TSA - Obama, Carney and the liberal media would be treating this as a Rosa Parks moment."

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

Nashville news coverage of the event


Rand Paul only sacrificed what would have been the biggest speech of his career so far to make a principled stand for liberty and dignity.

Lest anyone still thinks he lacks the testicular fortitude of his father, this should debunk that once and for all.

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03

Here's to Hoping

Here's to Hoping that Rand was playing it coy with Blitzer.

I sure hope he was setting the Media Elite up for tonight.