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Message From An Older Republican

I don't know, does my being 61 years old qualify me as "older"?
My sister is 64. My kid brother is a mere toddler at 57. It certainly plops us in the middle of a demographic that has been a hard sell for Ron Paul, the "Baby Boomers".

And if I don't qualify, how about my mother and father-in-law, both in their eighties?
Or how about my 93 year old neighbor Doris, who let me put up a 3'x4' “Ron Paul 2012” sign in here yard.

We are all Ron Paul supporters.

My mother has been a lifelong Republican, Christian evangelical, born and raised in the middle of the Bible Belt.

The folks down at the Ron Paul headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa probably remember her. She was the white-haired lady that was banging at their door one Saturday morning and wondering why no one answered. (The hours that were posted on the door were left over from the previous tenet but she didn't know that.) She came back later and scolded them for not being open on time. "It looks bad for Ron Paul. Unprofessional. People might think he's dropped out."

Mom gets angry at the mainstream media just like the rest of us. She sputters and fumes about how “They” are scared to death of Ron Paul. And she gets frustrated with her peers who can't seem to see past the propaganda.

So the question is, if Ron Paul is a candidate who only appeals to young people, why are WE the exception?

I actually had a reporter ask me that question. I laughed and said that maybe it was because I was “young at heart”. I was joking then, but now that I have had more time to think about it, I'm not so sure.

Maybe if being “young at heart” has something to do with having an open mind, I wasn't that far off. Humility is a virtue. Humility doesn't mean that you have low self esteem, that you are unsure of yourself, or are unsure of the things that you know; it simply means that you still believe that someone else might have something to teach you. But in practical terms, maybe it just means that I have never been been comfortable with any of the politically correct models of the world. I have never been satisfied with the glib explanations offered by the liberal/conservative paradigm.

I could never fully buy in to the status quo because I just had too much intellectual integrity. Like Galileo, I could not dismiss the evidence of my own eyes, no matter how much it would have simplified my life.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a common trait among Ron Paul supporters. I say unfortunately because it also seems to be a fairly UNcommon trait in the general population.

In 2007 I thought that we MIGHT be on the verge of a tidal wave, or maybe I should say, an avalanche. If there were enough people out there like myself and my family, all it would take is getting the word out about Ron Paul, and the face of American politics would be changed forever.

It did not take me long to become disillusioned.
Let’s face it. The avalanche never happened, and the low hanging fruit has long since been gathered.

Most of my peers (the older Republicans) are good people. They believe in self-reliance and personal responsibility. They aren’t looking for a handout. They are willing to work for their prosperity.

But converting them to Ron Paul will involve a lot more than waving a sign or shouting “End the Fed” at a passing car.

Let me explain.

My generation has been lied to since we first toddled off to Kindergarten. We have had propaganda pounded into our skulls for decades, and it hasn't gotten any better as we have gotten older. Every time we caught a glimpse through the matrix; IF we were ever brave enough or stupid enough to mention it, we got a cold slap in the face.

The early Boomers got to ride a demographic wave of prosperity for decades. Assuming that we kept our mouths shut, bought into the system, didn't mention the emperor’s nakedness; we were rewarded by good paying jobs. We could be managers, supervisors, and executives over the late boomers, and everyone could benefit from the incredible wealth brought on by cheap energy and exploding technology.

We were told that we were extraordinarily blessed (true) and that our prosperity had come at the expense of the majority of humanity who lived in poverty (false). Capitalism, we were told, was synonymous with greed.
Before we could be forgiven for our prosperity we must acknowledge our guilt and the debts we owed to so many others.

We owed reparations to the great grandchildren of slaves. It was OUR fault that they lived in ghettos. We OWED them the Civil Rights Act and the “War on Poverty” and “affirmative action”.

We OWED the people of Viet Nam the lives and limbs of America's young soldiers (mostly OUR lives and limbs), even if it meant forcing them into slave armies.

We OWED our elders Social Security and then Medicare. We OWED the Israelites a country of their own. We OWED the starving third world nations aid by the billions.

To pay our debts we wrote blank checks to the federal government. When that wasn't enough we let the Federal Reserve write the blank checks for us.
We were told that the national debt really didn't mean anything anyway.

We were told that the U.S. Constitution was only there to protect criminals or homosexuals or communists or atheists or women who wanted abortions.

Anyone who opposed any of this was a bigot, a Nazi, unpatriotic, or at the very least incredibly selfish and ungrateful.

And when all that we could give still wasn't enough to eliminate poverty and disease and racism from the world, we were told it was because WE had sin in our hearts.

Oh, They didn't use the word “sin”, but that was the message.
For what is “unconscious” racism or sexism or ageism if not the modern equivalent of original sin?

And now we are told that to be a good person we must also cleanse ourselves of the unrighteousness of “nationalism”, become a citizen of the world, give up our greenhouse gas-producing cars and light bulbs, give up our jobs to people in India or China or Korea or Mexico or work for less pay, fewer benefits, and longer hours.

And then 9/11 came along and gave us something else to worry about, but it also gave the demagogues an opportunity to redirect our growing anger and frustration.
They pushed all of our primal buttons.
Now any one who opposed their agenda was not just unpatriotic, but also a fool and a coward.

But the wars dragged on, the market crashed and with it our life savings and any dream of retiring.

But our joints are starting to ache and we can't remember phone numbers and names don't come to mind as quickly as they used to. And to top it all off, our company is looking to downsize or offshore or re-organize or merge.

We are older “Republicans” because we know that the only alternative stinks to high Heaven.
We are mad as hell and we don't have a clue what to do about it.
We have too many people giving us too many alternative explanations and too many “solutions”, and none of them ring very true.
But the last thing we need is for somebody to come along and tell us AGAIN how it is all OUR fault and how OBVIOUS it should have been that the people we voted for were actually evil or greedy or stupid or (worse) that WE have been evil or greedy or stupid.

See, if you want to vent your frustrations at us, go ahead,... and lose.

But if you want to “Restore America Now”, you’re going to have to practice a little empathy.
WE aren’t the enemy.
WE are the victims of the enemy.

The conspiracy has always thrived on turning us against one another; white against black, women against men, Democrat against Republican, young against old.

The conspiracy took over the media and academia before we were even out of diapers. And unless you are part of our generation, you will never know what it feels like to unlearn five decades of brainwashing. You will never know the pain of realizing that you have wasted your life destroying your own country.

So be gentle. Be kind. Be friendly.
We are on your side, we just don’t know it yet.
We don’t need to understand the Federal Reserve as much as we need to know that you CARE.

And if we can feel THAT, we will give you the time to explain all the rest.
We really DO need each other.
“We the People” always have.

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RP, a contributor in alienating "older" people to his campaign

It would be nice if Ron Paul didn't repeat "Young people support me..." because it impresses the mind that, Well, young people are the only people supporting RP, so I might as well move on. Great.

So, any RP family member or friend, please ask Ron to say people from ALL walks of life, not a kind of persons, are coming to him. RP MUST STOP ALIENATING.

In this instance the difference between mentioning so-and-so person supports him and alientating so-and-so is: repetition. Stop repeating "Young people...." And I'm a young person. If there's anything to repeat concerning people coming to Ron, say: People of all ages, of all demographics, are coming to Ron Paul, the only cadidate who is a defender of freedom.

So, say the right words -- words that invite.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Right Words Invite.

A-B--B-A, well said, it was needed. You have the ability because you studied & learned, and have emphasized before that words are very important.
I think /request /advise that you should take the initiative Yourself, and by any means try to contact RP, his family /speech writers & campaign managers, help them out in this field, I feel they will welcome your assistance. It will have a lot of benefit, and you will enjoy it too.
Words carry the message, the message has effects, so the RP-Campaign should endeavor to express with the appropriate word, = those that are taken positively.

You mentioned "invite", yes with words that appeal, =
appeal to All age groups, to All ethnic groups, all income groups, freedom to all religions or the non-religious.

All of us have within us the thought about the Self, i.e. whats in it for me. therefore care should be taken about the choice of words when talking about spending cuts, entitlements, reduction in size of govt, etc. none should have the felling of being left out /cut off.

Working or (what I'd love) Working for RP Campaign

I feel good to hear from you, Najam. Salam to you.

Your comment is perfect. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement. Thanks for encouraging me to get in contact with RP's campaign. I would like to work for his campaign but it probably is too late to do so. But I wouldn't be able to work for free because I'm struggling financially. Because of that, I spend a lot of time searching for work and applying to jobs is tough for me because of a health issue.

I've been unemployed for a while because of a health issue, one dentistry caused. I've made improvements but there are a few ailments still and they won't leave until the next dentistry procedure on me is correct. If it is correct, all that is wrong in my life will vaporize like morning fog when the sun rises. The change will be drastic. One of those changes would be I'd make few typos; I have to edit my writing often, whereas before my health decline my mind was swift, sharp and focused, when it was uncommon of me to make typos and mistakes in logic.

Presently, I'm not ready to return to a writing career, an intellectual endeavor. I will get to that point, though. For now I'm very happy at the prospect of being healthy, and I believe I will be healthy fairly soon. I miss my health immensely. I value health higher than anything because, I think, without it everything crumbles but with it anything is possible.

So much will my health improve and rapidly that I think I will be able to get a job soon after that dentistry procedure. To have an idea about what I'm talking about, locate my comments Health is Everything, parts 1 and 2, and my recent reply to the poster my comments were to. I made parts 1 and 2 in early last month. In one of them I mentioned cupping and that wet cupping, or what you might know as Hijamah, is quite beneficial.

Thanks for your kind words, Najam. Salam. :)

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Health is Wealth.

Salamu alaykum A-B--B-A, hope you regain your healthy, fully, and have a successful dental procedure. Your post reminded me the value of health, and that we should take good care. I will locate your Health-Post 1 & 2 for reading. At the moment I am facing connectivity problems, its going off & on.
I heard about Hijamah a month back when a friend phoned me about it, then I saw an ad in a shop. I do not know much about it, but am told its has benefits, and is part of Tradition. With best wishes for your good health and improved finances, & Salaam, Najam.


might be something to that, I never thought of it as a turn-off to say that, but certainly some might.

He doesn't just say this, but also gets asked frequently by the media about why he gets young support - and I thought it a good suggestion came up a while back to answer this question by saying the youth consume news from different sources than the older generation - internet vs. TV respectively.
I thought that type of answer diffuses undertones of inherent generational interests and would spark more curiosity to discover what is on the internet that is so different than TV?

Self Reliance vs. Externality Reliance

...by saying the youth consume news from different sources than the older generation - internet vs. TV. ...that type of answer diffuses undertones of inherent generational interests and would spark more curiosity to discover what is on the internet that is so different than TV.

Excellent observation and answer, whitewhale! Yeah, as if to prod people to think why young people use the Internet instead of relying on the main stream news to learn.

One method is self motiviation. The other is passivity, the allowance what's outside the individual to tell him what reality is -- which is sad, disgusting and the destruction of self and other selfs.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

"older" people are definitely receptive to the message

they just need to get the message... the worst problem for Ron Paul is the mainstream media. if MSM wins again this year, and if newt of romney goes up against obama, i'd bet that in 4 years there will be both republicans and democrats with a peace and live within our means message who are doing better simply because MSM will have less of a stranglehold on information..

more people are waking up every day and they aint going back to sleep while our country is in this kind of a mess.

The Big Picture for Ron Paul - A Game Over for his Opponents

Here is my case for Ron Paul:


I got inspired by all those long posts and condensed years of following the freedom movement into this.

Thoughts from another Republican Boomer

Thanks, spacehabitats, for a great, insightful post.

I think having an open mind, being willing to listen to new ideas and learn from them is definitely a quality of Ron Paul supporters. Internet use is another factor in who comes onboard. While older people are certainly capable of using the internet, I don't think nearly as large a percentage of the baby boomer and older population do use the internet as their primary source of news and information.

I have spent some time recently talking with a couple of older people who were not so friendly toward Dr. Paul. Trying to look beneath the surface of often hostile comments, I began to see that, more than anything else, these people seem confused and frightened. I cannot believe that they are bad or dumb. We are taking much of what they have been told throughout their lives by the MSM about how things are in the world, and turning it upside down. Their natural reaction is to be defensive.

It may take a long time to win them over, but this can only be done with kindness, respect, and a lot of patience. We are all in this together, and the powers that be would undoubtedly love to see us fighting among ourselves. It makes their job so much easier to divide and conquer.

Yes, I sense the fear in these folks, too.

A lot of older people (and middle-aged people) are frightened. They are frightened of "radical Muslims" who want to kill Americans. And they are afraid of things changing too much. They really want to feel safe.

Ann in Florida

The Polls & Older Generation

Very inspirational post! I believe there's been alot of discussion about the "older generation" of recent just because of some of the poll percentages of the voting ages the news stations put out at the end of the primaries & caucuses. Not to mention the other polls they put out, too, based primarily on those who still have a landline....& how many of us have landlines anymore, right? I think it just raises the question of how is that we can reach out more effectively to every generation in order to spread Congressman Paul's message, if some are only getting their news & info from TV.

Age don t mean crap

i m 52..They say ron paul is to old if a 12 year old was telling me what ron paul has been telling us i d vote for him to. It s sad that people vote for tv looking Presidents.

Excellent points!

I'm 57. I love music, use Spotify, try to keep up with my children's music.

But I have to say that many of the videos for Ron Paul use music that is a little to metallish or aggressive and grandma may be offended by it and not hear the message.

Make some!


Intelligent & Well-written

Great point! You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and it's about to seriously get Lord-of-the-Flies up in this country

Thanks for your story!

53 and voting for Paul since the 1980's.

I'm also a young at heart older person 67

But my apathy was cured 4 yrs. ago when I was a younger old person. It's not a matter of age, it's a frame of MIND ! To many old people are closed minded, because of the years of brain washing. Spend enough time stating the TRUE facts and they do come around and see the light..............


My 68 year old Veteran Father

God bless his soul, served 24 years in the Navy, was a P3 pilot in Korea and served honorably. He is now disabled and cannot use his left hand or see out of his left eye. He does use the internet, but it is hard for him. He admitted to me plainly that all he has is TV.

I brought him home last Christmas (2011) so he could spend it up here at NAS Lemoore with our family. We chatted about politics (he has always loved Politics) and I brought up Ron Paul. At first, my Dad said he was nuts, and a radical. I calmly explained Ron Pauls stances, and why I thought they made sense. After about 30 minutes of conversation - my Father - a hardcore neocon (but very intelligent, holding a masters degree in Mathematics and Systems Analysis) - became a Ron Paul supporter! He even calls me to discuss how RP does in each Primary and Debate.

We need to take this approach with our Elders. We need to respect them and talk to them like intelligent people who are REALLY trying to make the best decision they can now - because - they, like us are afraid...and hurting.

You don't mean your father

You don't mean your father served during the Korean War ?
The war ended in 1953. That would put your father at a fighting age of 9 or 10?

You know that I loved your

You know that I loved your "The Virtual Conspiracy" blog, spacehabits. I love this one as well for different reasons. "Message from an Older Republican" should resonate with even the hardest case neoconservatives. You need to get this published in some newspapers right away.

I'd like to send this far and wide if you don't mind.

Sure and thanks.

Maybe I should submit a version of this as a letter to the editor.

The Virtual Conspiracy


Submit this to TIME, WSJ, NYX, USA Today, Rolling Stone..

You touched a nerve that resonates profoundly BRAVO!

Very good idea!

It is very well written and I appreciated every word.

There is absolutely no division

There is absolutely no division between YOUNG Ron Paul supporters and OLD Ron Paul supporters

We are all on the same page
We are all on the same team
We are all fighting side-by-side for the same cause.

It is ONLY the media that constantly tries to marginalize Ron Paul supporters as "young and senseless". They are the ones who are ignorning the older supporters.

RP and His Young People Repitition

And it would be nice if Ron Paul didn't repeat "young people" because it impresses the mind that, Well, young people are the only people supporting RP, so I might as well move on. Great.

So, any RP family member or friend, please ask Ron to say people from ALL walks of life, not a kind of persons, are coming to him. RP MUST STOP ALIENATING EVERYONE.

The difference between mentioning so-and-so person supports him and alientating in this instance is: repetition. Stop the damn repetition. And I'm a young person. So, say the right words -- words that invite.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton


I'm 63 and support Ron Paul 100%. I don't think, as you said, there is a division between younger and older supporters, I do think that some in our generation and beyond have not been as exposed to his ideas and are more resistant as a result. For me, his ideas, come very easily but over the years I have read a lot of books that exposed problems in our political system that were apparently ahead of their time and few cared much about. As many earlier predictions from Ron Paul and others begin to look more likely people in large numbers are taking notice.

Very nice !

Very nice !

There is hope!

As a young American your explanation of your generation made all the sense in the world to me.

What do you think about this idea?


Would this resonate with the older crowd?

Thanks so much for your post. It gave me hope that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks.

Even the most uncomfortable of truths has a way of ringing "true" when spoken with love and respect; when springing up out of noble intentions.

We must learn what is true - then learn to tell it well - speaking the language of the friend, out of care for our fellow Americans.

Proud member of a tireless minority

What agreat idea!

I hope your post gets some well-deserved attention.

Of course the MSM is trying to focus on legalizing drugs to misidentify and trivialize the motivation behind the young libertarians supporting Ron Paul.

They know full well that they are distorting his message and focusing on issues that would cause the most confusion and resistance among the older/conservative/religious Republicans.

But you and I both know that what we have in common with those same Republicans far outstrips our differences.

The conspiracy and their MSM lackeys dread the day when they figure that out.
Your "Vote for Ron Paul for the sake of the children" campaign could help bring that day about sooner.

Thank you for sharing!

The Virtual Conspiracy

Your writing skills are outstanding!

Thanks for this post. Inspiring and your common sense perspective is a teachable thing.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul