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Important Caucus strategy for All State Caucus for all Paul supporters.

In Missouri in 2008 we made one huge mistake on the county level.

We won our county for Ron Paul, BUT when you win the county you have to create a list of delegates and alternates for the State Convention and Congressional District caucuses.

The problem is, you have to get the list completed at the county caucus and then turn the names in there. This is towards the end of the caucus and a lot of Paul supporters left thinking that was it.

If they leave you have no way of knowing if they can attend the next round of voting - it's a shot in the dark if they will be able to show or not.

You also need to come up with reliable people who can go as an alternate to the actual next level of voting. We had people saying they were coming and told the alternate not to worry stay home, well they didn't show and we lost votes because of no alternates.

You cannot allow a county caucus voter from another party (anybody can caucus in Missouri - check your state) to become a delegate. The party will research Internet sites, past party affiliation, party donations etc. to disqualify you. So if you donated to the Libertarian Party in the last 2 years, do NOT become a delegate, but you can vote for Paul in the caucus.

You have to have full current name, address and phone number of anybody that is going to be a delegate or alternate list. If you are husband or wife you can not use Mr. Smith for example.

See how many delegates and alternates are awarded to your county, you want a complete list of people that can j100% attend the next events in the process for Ron Paul. Double the amount just in case before the county caucus occurs.

There will be two options, a slate style format or Individual. The GOP establishments like the slate because it allows well known Republicans in the area to say, look dump GOPer this is who you need to vote for because it's my slate. I prefer, Individual because then it's just a vote for the candidate and not manipulated by local GOP thugs. Iowa was an individual caucus.

We named our slate some Pro-life name so people less familiar with the process would not know we were Paul people and vote for us and they did.

So call it something like the Patriot Act and they will get suckered every time :)

Last you want to control the caucus, you want a Paul chair, secretary, Parliamentarian etc.

Have this worked out ahead of time, and if you have the votes to win these positions, then you have probably won the caucus and you know it in advance.

Make sure you are there early, do NOT put on Paul gear YET. Our county GOP called in recruits once they seen all the Paul gear.

Make sure they do NOT allow in anyone after the convention starts, not a minute less. Someone record the front door when the convention is about to start and then protest anybody coming in late so they can't vote.
I hope this helps

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..bumping. Heads up, please.


since we have caucus today and tomorrow

Question, Joe.

I'm in Missouri and the county caucus is listed as March 17. What do you mean you have caucus today and tomorrow?


Can you contact me? I have been trying to talk with someone on this subject and have not gotten any responses yet. I know folks are busy so I'm not upset.

I'm new to this and do not feel I am adequately prepared to begin this task. I don't want to muck it up because I didn't know any better and make a stupid mistake before I get anywhere.


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bump for Maine caucus


Another important issue for Missouri

In past primaries the February election results were used to award delegates to the winning candidate. The March caucus was then used to determine who those delegates would be.
This year the February 7th election is no more then a straw poll. The vote for president that counts will held at the caucus, March 17th, followed by a vote for who the delegates will be. So don't vote for Ron then run. Stick around for the full process.
St. Louis Beacon - "Missouri Republican Party sticks with its plan to ignore Feb. 7 primary".
Youtube = "Why a Primary & a Caucus in MO"
stltoday - How Missouri's GOP caucuses will work

just remember and very important vote in the primary

If you didn't vote in the primary in 2008, it was reason to remove you as being a delegate or even possibly this year to vote in Caucus. So bottom line vote in both the Primary and Caucus.

great advice

Bump for importance.

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right on

let's make sure we get the info out!



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people need

to know this stuff


some points at end I forgot !