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Welcome To My Hood! Soon To Be America Yo!

It's getting bad man! for all of you people who want more government, who want more barack obama or george bush this is my hood. jobs? i dont know what that is man!

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Ron Paul saw it coming and it is now here!

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Obama should be tried for

Obama should be tried for treason for what you see in this video man!

juan maldonado

I guess Obombya tricked the

people of Chicago (and the rest of the country) pretty good. Vote Ron Paul.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

We need newt and Rick out

We need newt and Rick out after florida man! Do you think it's gonna happen?

juan maldonado

Sorry to see this

I would be embarrassed to film my hood filled with a bunch of rich spoiled brats who have never in there lives seen anything like this. I grew up in the city were I had to fight for what I wanted and moved to the suburbs.Many people just dont know what is going on around them. Thanks for the post.

No problem. Thanks for

No problem. Thanks for commenting...

juan maldonado

This is

What happens when people rely on the government this is whats called "Equality" welcome to Socialism where everyone is "equally" poor

Romney is no better than

Romney is no better than Obama this is really scary man! What can we do to make sure RP wins this?

juan maldonado

Make sure your neighbors understand....

That government creates these problems. Make sure they understand that government cannot create jobs or wealth, it can only destroy or redistribute. If the government gives you money where did it come from? The money the took from Ford Motor company. Probably half the revenue that Ford motor company creates. That's why they can't give you more jobs. They're being looted by government.

If your neighbors don't understand these things, they will turn to politicians that will make more empty promises like Obama.

um, wait a minute--

these people are lined up to get applications for jobs at a Ford Plant, just to get the applications. This isn't a line-up for government 'benefits'--

This is pathos. These people want to work.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What a heartbreaking sight.

As Russell Means says, "Welcome to the Reservation": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LA-S64QY3o

We need to do some serious praying now. Thank you for sharing with us.

Wow So true.

Wow So true.

juan maldonado

Dear juano510

You seem like a cool dude. Keep fighting for freedom!!!

Thanx pokemonfan lol.

Thanx pokemonfan lol. ..

juan maldonado


Hope they change their vote this time around.
Keep up the good work...it can't be easy.

Me too

Me too

juan maldonado

Did you read it yet? It's

Did you read it yet? It's crazy

juan maldonado

Found something on it!

I'm telling you Detroit will be like Europe guys, check it http://stateofred.com/wordpress/?p=17220

juan maldonado

Yeah Detroit is gonna be just

Yeah Detroit is gonna be just like europe! Non elected officials making the calls, the voters have no say. I heard about this 3 days ago, it's So sad man

juan maldonado

We need a full article on this that explains what is going on

I am having a hard finding good up to date articles on this. Right now I'm not sure what to think. It doesn't sound good though.

I'll see if Ican find

I'll see if Ican find something for you ok?

juan maldonado

It makes me so angry

It's like the freakin' Great Depression!! And it's not necessary.


Thanks for posting, it just makes me more determined.

How loNg did the great

How loNg did the great depression last? And how was it caused? I have no clue man

juan maldonado

I'm not the best at explaining

But the Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to about 1947, was caused in large part by the gov't and the Fed getting in the way of the correction that needed to occur in the economy (bad investments, etc). What should have lasted a year or two was extended nearly 2 decades by (what I think) were good intentions.

Here are a couple different videos:

Hopefully someone here on DP can point you to a better explanation than I did.

Thanx for the links. I'm

Thanx for the links. I'm gonna check out right now

juan maldonado

Good intention? Lol

Good intention? Lol

juan maldonado

I know! Trust me I know.

I know! Trust me I know. Notice there was no media coverage of this! I wish I can show newt this, like personally bring him down to talk to everybody lol

juan maldonado

This is me performing the

This is me performing the network speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-noEIMPR7E

juan maldonado

That was good Juan. It

That was good Juan. It reminded me of something you will find very amusing.
Once I was teaching a bunch of emotionally disturbed teenagers. These kids were like 13-16 years old. I brought a couple of Amos and Andy tapes to show them, because Rochester was always doing these cool things to get out of fighting. These were very old tapes, and of course, in black and white. The kids got a kick out of them and really enjoyed them. After it was over, one of the kids said to me.."Hey Teach, I know that was a long time ago. But.. you DID have color then, didn't you?" I asked him if he meant was the WORLD in color..and he said yes.
He was damned serious.

Was the world in color? Haha

Was the world in color? Haha that's funny man! I'm glad you liked it though I'm trying to get better

juan maldonado