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Welcome To My Hood! Soon To Be America Yo!

It's getting bad man! for all of you people who want more government, who want more barack obama or george bush this is my hood. jobs? i dont know what that is man!

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Ron Paul saw it coming and it is now here!

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Ok thanks man

Ok thanks man

juan maldonado

I Was A Corporal In The Marines

Im glad i know what I know now! it took me to get out after 4yrs and for my uncle to educate me on ron paul and alex jones to fully understand the world and the evil that exist in it. Evil has so many faces. I know the hood looks like a scary place and it is some time, but its all i know ya'll. trust me there still are some good people here. You know when people say whats the biggest thing you worry about? i say its the fake drug war going on! everybody has a different reason why they support RP, but for me im tired of seeing friends of mine and people i grew up with blasting eachother! for what? lol. its insane... im sorry, i can go on forever yo...

juan maldonado

thank you.

Thank you for your service. It was difficult for me as well.

no problem

i find it so wierd to tell you the truth when so when tells me that, Just because i now know i wasnt suppose to be occupying someones country. my heart was in the right place, but the path to hell was paved in good intentions. you know? its ok man, its difficult on me but im just glad there people like you and Ron Paul, if not i would probably go nuts lol.

juan maldonado

watchin kids

Watchin kids pick poppies while lookin at my brothers knowing damn well the heroin was coming here is what sealed the deal for me. Nothing against kids, or heroin. . . Put them together & have children picking plants because us troops are standing around with weapons & playn grabass makes me want to make sure this fake drug war ends. Its a travesty. F-it! Im ready to catch a bulls game. Would rather go to wrigley but indoors will suffice. Lol.

go bulls. i had to flip

go bulls. i had to flip between the debate and the game tonight.

Your so righT brother. You

Your so righT brother. You and I are both in the mind set man

juan maldonado


Im hiring in the springfield area if you know anyone with a truck/van no felonies & a somewhat decent driving record.. It takes about 6 months training but then youll be on track to make 60-80k yr.



juan maldonado


Why don't i see this on the MSM? Wonder what else i don't see?

And please don't click on the link to the video because......... There is another video this person has posted on youtube that shows a person extremely high on drugs and he says he is a RP Supporter.

The video linked in op is of a job line outside of Ford factory in freezing cold weather. The line goes on for blocks and blocks, and blocks, many people camping overnight to apply for the jobs. Very powerful video to see, but I don't think his other video needs more eyeballs. Sorry

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

what are you talking about?

that surely wasnt me and who cares if it was!!!! if your a ron paul supporter you know his stance on drugs. just mind your business, just mind business lmao. i have bigger things to worry about, like putting food on my table man!

juan maldonado

The Youtube link under the video

which takes you directly to the other video.

When I see a good video, I usually like to see youtube views, so I click the link under it, thinking it was the youtube link of the original video, and it takes me directly to that other video.

It is same user channel as original video you have linked in op.

It sucks being out of work, like those people standing in line, that's why I'm trying to get Dr. Paul elected. I would never post a video like that myself.

The media uses things like this to portray a negative image of his policy's, supporters, or of himself.

It's crazy too, because they always seem to come out on cue.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

It's reality though. That's

It's reality though. That's why maybe I'm so humble, because I've seen struggle growing up man! We're all in this together, once people realize that we'll be one step closer to solving this. People feel alone man! Newt is not making it better with all his racist comments. Juan Williams ask can you understand why black people take offense to some off your comments? He's says "NO"! The nerve of that man, like all black people are on food stamps lol. Just nonsense.

juan maldonado


I just have to clutch my pearls whenever I see or hear him speak. I actually writhe around in agony a little LOL

HahaHa yeah Newt is awful man

HahaHa yeah Newt is awful man

juan maldonado

Newt is an insult to ALL of us

He talks about us like we are too stupid to do our own research, do our own fact checking, and know that he is a liar.

Newt is an insult to ALL of us

He talks about us like we are too stupid to do our own research, do our own fact checking, and know that he is a liar.

Reality sometimes sucks

I've seen struggle growing up too, growing up poor in the mountains of VA.

Yes we are all in this together, and it's great to have a place where we can talk with like minded people who also believe in freedom and individual liberty, and make new friends. Like Like Dr. Paul says, "Freedom brings people together".

That being said, the video, (which is now embedded), was filmed by j-hustle of Chicago. It's a very powerful video, and will probably increase in views as people spread it around. When i click on his channel on YouTube, to see more, the other video pops up, the alleged RP supporter.

I don't know j-hustle, but this is one of his responses to his video:

"It's just funny to me because he allways talks about how he supports Ron Paul and how drugs are bad and he would never do them and also he thinks obama is bringing the country down but yet here he is on my video high as a f__king kite! i feel like he has no right to support or speak on anybody behalf because he is an undercover crackhead.."

I don't know who the high as a f__king kite guy is either, or who he supports for President. J-hustle says he supports Ron Paul.

As a Ron Paul supporter, I would never give page views to a you-tube channel that has this other video, posted on the main page of his channel, reality or not.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant


If he supports RP thats all that should matter! His private life is his business. I would think you would understand this? I don't get it man. Do you think people who do drugs should be locked up?

juan maldonado

Who said anything about being locked up?

All I'm saying, is some guy puts up a video of a supposed RP supporter high on drugs, and then says the supporter has no credibility on who he thinks would make the best president because he uses drugs.

His private life became not just his business when j-hustle posted this video on Youtube.

You link to j-hustle's other video, which is a great video btw. Since it's so good, people will be curious to see if there are more like it on J-hustle's channel. When you go to his channel, the other video is front page!

The media took the drunk guy who kept talking about the constitution while being arrested, and used it to imply that's what his supporters are like. They used the pimpin for Paul video on the eve of the 07/08 Iowa caucus, and again in 2012 on the eve of the Iowa caucus. Was it true that prostitutes support RP? I don't know, I've never asked one.

Regardless of what I think of the behavior exhibited in that video, it doesn't help us in trying to convince the general population to vote for Ron Paul. As a Ron Paul supporter i would not be linking to his channel. I don't want to see it popping up on MSM, and by giving J-hustle eyeballs for this other video, the naturally curious will see what other videos he has made. God forbid it go viral.

It's nothing personal to you Juan, I'm ex military also. I appreciate your service, and your support. Just not trying to give eyeballs to that other video, which I probably have by trying to convince you otherwise. The view count was only 54 when I started this, and now it's over 150.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I like how at the end of the video...

He asks the politicians "where are the jobs you promised?" LOL!! ROFLMAO!!! SUCKER!! Politicians don't give a crap about you. They'll promise you the moon for your vote. And you know what? You'll never learn! As soon as he either stops lying to you or you stop believing him another scammer will be right behind him pulling the same trick.


Wow, I would have guessed Detroit if you hadn't said ChiTown

This is so wrong!
We gotta Bring 'Em Home to help here

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

It Really Doesn't Matter

weather its detroit or chicago or new york or buffalo... this is everywhere man. sad right? i see this every morning man!This is my life now ya'll

juan maldonado

I hope you have what Gerald

I hope you have what Gerald Celente calls the three G's.
"Gold,guns and a getaway plan".When we hit hyperinflation I wouldn't want to be anywhere near any city.
He also says "when people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose,they lose it".

Reminiscent of the scenes from the great depression

People lined up on the sidewalk for six blocks praying for a job...



juan maldonado

What does bump mean by the

What does bump mean by the way lol?

juan maldonado

ecorob's picture

kick it to the top...again

so it can start its way down the list and be seen again

usually, something is at the bottom of the list and gets "bumped" back up...like I just did for this outstanding thread!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

ThanKs man.

ThanKs man.

juan maldonado