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WA State for Ron Paul

I've seen several people across different threads from WA for Ron Paul I thought it would be useful to create a thread to organize and connect grassroots supporters. If you're in WA state leave a comment here and the area you live maybe we can connect some local supporters to each other. I live in King County on Vashon Island in the 34th Legislative district in Dilworth Precinct.

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Kitsap County. LEG District

Kitsap County. LEG District 23


To help fill up my supporter tracker!

Snohomish County 39

Snohomish County Legislative District 39 Coordinator. I've been active in doing caucus training / precinct leader training. Join the Snohomish County for Ron Paul 2012 meetup group to keep track of up and coming events.


We know we have enough supporters to win Washington State. The focus now is identifying Ron Paul supporters, getting them trained up, and making sure they know where to go on Sat. March 3rd at 10am. http://www.snocogop.com/caucus/ is not yet updated. Stay tuned. (Snohomish County GOP really sucks when it comes to their web site.)

------->Find your Precinct and Caucus Locations HERE!!!<-----


is all over it here in WA! If you need any info PLEASE contact me I'm in daily communication w/ the state exec. director.

Co-coordinator for Pierce County,
James C.
253 283 5617

RP 2012 baby!

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King County and especially Leg District 36

feel free to contact me!


Keep it up!

I was 33rd district last election cycle! Only district in King to seat a majority for RP at the convention. Keep up the hard work in King, I know the going is tough up there.

Great idea...You should send

Great idea...You should send that suggestion to Michael.

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Please contact the WA State HQ

to make sure we have you in our database: email katier@ronpaul2012.com

HQ Address:
13600 NE 20th St., Ste. A
Bellevue, WA 98005
Caucus Training

Caucus Trainings will be conducted every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Bellevue HQ
Our Weekend Office Hours Have Changed

With less than 6 weeks until the caucus, there is no time to waste. We will now be open additional hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Join us every weekend from now until the caucus to help WIN Washington!

Weekdays 11am-9pm
Saturdays 12pm-9pm
Sundays 2pm-9pm

Great Idea and I wish Michael N would have a simple

USA Map that everyone could click on their state and it would go to a thread like this with all important info and contact fellow Liberty & Ron Paul Supporters!

Mercer Island, King County,

Mercer Island, King County, 41st legislative district. My wife Jandee was a Republican Precinct Captain last presidential elections season, may still be valid. We both would love to support Mr. Paul, but both of our schedules are pretty limmited.

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Only one day is important right now: March 3rd is caucus in WA

If your time is limited and you can only do one thing besides the thing all of us can do to some degree (donate) then please plan on attending caucus the MOST IMPORTANT day at this stage of the game. The good doctor needs but a few hours of time on that day.

Here is information regarding King County caucuses:
King County GOP Announces Precinct Caucuses and Pooled Precinct Caucus Locations

The King County Republican Party will hold its Precinct Caucuses, along with the other 39 County Central Committees of the Washington State Republican Party on March 3rd at 10 AM.

Like other County Central Committees across the state, the King County Republican Central Committee will conduct precinct caucuses in pooled configurations centrally located in Legislative Districts across King County to lessen confusion on locations for the attendees.

In the 2011 Legislative Session, the Washington State Legislature suspended the Presidential Primary Ballot. Washington State Republican Party will use the system of caucuses and conventions to gauge support for presidential candidates and elect their delegates to their National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Precinct Caucus registration will begin at 9 AM at most locations with caucuses beginning promptly at 10 AM. More information can be found by contacting the GOP District Chairman http://www.kcgop.org/about-us/kcgop-team/ or the KCGOP at info@kcgop.org.

Identification and proof of voter registration will be required to participate at each precinct caucus. Individuals who wish to participate in the precinct caucuses in King County who are not registered or have changes to be made to their current registrations should contact King County Elections http://kingcounty.gov/elections/registration.aspx as soon as possible.

To locate a precinct caucus, please visit the King County Republican Party website for the caucus locator http://www.kcgop.org/caucus-locator/. Those without internet access can receive caucus location information by telephone 425.990.0404.

In the 41st consider prepping for it by attending:

King County 41st District GOP Precinct Caucus Training
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
6:45 PM

Mercer Island Community & Event Center
8236 SE 24th Street
Mercer Island, WA

Skagit County

40th Legislative District, Burlington, WA

Some of the events have been pulling a lot of people

Some of the events have been pulling a lot of people. There is a strong chance we can do very well in this state.

All that needs to happen is enough people learn how to game the system we've got in this state.

-quiet engineer


Which legislative district are you in?

I have family there

including my elderly mother (RP supporter), in Marysville.

I was just emailing her earlier about the election, trying to get info for her.

Far as I gathered from a quick look at the SOS election pages:
The primary is canceled due to cost & WA's dire financial situation. But there is a caucus on March 3 - open caucus so you don't have to register for any particular party.

(Please correct the above if it's wrong)

Do you have any more info I can pass along?

When is last day for voters to register?


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one minor correction

You got it right except that the mention of parties might actually be confusing to some WA voters. There is no registration by party in WA.

I believe it is 30 days before the election for registration

You could also try to explain how the delegate process works because Washington is a lot like Iowa in that we have a straw poll on the day of the caucus but it's a nonbinding "beauty contest" what is really important is making sure we get Ron Paul supporters elected as precinct delegates to the district and county conventions. (I believe only King county has district conventions). We also need to make sure that our delegates actually show up to their conventions organized knowing who to vote for because we'll need to form slates of delegates in order to win. This means coordinating with local grassroots is key give her this link to a meeetup in marysville http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-1261/.

you're right

and that news is very good news for us... it's a very long story... The state is ripe for the picking.

-quiet engineer

Seattle, 36th district.

Seattle, 36th legislative district, 7th congressional district.

Mason county, Belfair

35th District Leg and 6th congressional district. Im ready to roll MFer's! Lets do this!

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I'm in Prosser between Yakima and Tri-Cities.

I've just recently moved back from the west side of the state and don't know any Paul supporters here, yet.



Out of curiosity

Do you see many Ron Paul signs on the island? I've got some good friends that live a few miles south of downtown but because of the distance to the ferry and the $20 it costs me just to go and say hello I don't get over as often as I'd like. I'm in the 48th district.

I just put up a sign on my road recently

I don't think I have seen any other signs for Ron Paul on the island yet. I have seen lots of signs on the roadside next to HWY 99 in Seattle on my recent trips to the mainland though.

King county

King county

Which legislative district are you in?

I'm in the 34th, if you don't know you can check here http://apps.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/default.aspx

41st Bellevue

41st Bellevue

Washington will be critical

Washington will be critical for the campaign. A lot of Paul support there.

Mason County

Shelton, WA

We primarily use the Pierce

We primarily use the Pierce county for Ron Paul in the south sound region. 310 members and growing EVERY day I get a few new members! Join up and do some work!