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Phenomenal Showing of Ron Paul Supporters!

I don't know if anyone has posted this clip yet, but I received this short video via Facebook. Check out the legions of enthusiastic RP supporters leading the way to this evening's debates!!!


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wow 7,385 likes

and 1840 shares

that's pretty good! :)

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Dangerous - and only going to get alot

more Dangerous -

This Liberty Movement is Growing - EXPLODING -

Coast to Coast

Do all you can fuel the Fire!

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Outside The Debate!!!

....well...not debate. I don't know what that was really.

But the real story was going on outside the building. Ha. Nobody else on that stage of pretenders will EVER in their entire sorry lives know what it feels to be admired and almost adored for being so rare...being gracious, truthful, trustworthy...and, oh so wise.

He is not coming from an opinion base...he is coming from an knowledge base. So refreshing. Makes me feel safer. Like it is possible for the world to make sense.


Hey, that's not fair

22 seconds?! That looked awesome, got more?! I could handle 3 minutes of it!


That gave me chills!

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My 18 year old nephew drove

My 18 year old nephew drove to Tampa from UCF for debate watch party and after activities. He just texted me a photo of the good Doctor Paul - he showed up at the Bar where the after party was and my nephew is calling it the greatest night of his life.


Cos Cob, CT

In case the link shown above....

Just in case my first link looks weird or suspicious because it says "Funny-Signs" in that link, here is the original link....same clip.


Robby Lane


Awesome crowd.