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Official Campaign Money Bomb End the TSA


From Ron Paul's Facebook:

Yesterday my son, Senator Rand Paul, was detained by the TSA in Nashville, prevented from making his flight, and missed his commitment to speak at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

All because he refused to be the latest victim of the TSA’s disgusting full body pat-downs.

I’m proud of my son’s stand, but there are many more who receive this kind of treatment every day – and never have a chance to speak out.

Please, make your most generous contribution today to my End the TSA Money Bomb so I can have every possible resource to win this race, abolish the out-of-control TSA, and lead the fight to keep our nation safe - instead of allowing bureaucrats to continue sacrificing our security for this theatrical sham. - https://secure.ronpaul201...

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Exceeding expectations

This mini money bomb did fairly well considering it was completely random and had absolutely no advertising. I noticed that the money picked up quite a bit after the debate...maybe some new supporters?




Cause I HATE the TSA.

Also, just now got an email from someone I've been preaching to about RP for about a month. Got him and someone else (both hardcore Dems) to come around to our man! Anyway, he emailed me from the airport cause he took my advice! He opted out of the cancer/porno machine and made the guy molest him out in public to show how insane this is. BOOM!!

AND... the other Dem I converted was telling me about how she's getting her mom to come around too!! I told her to be sure she registers as a Repub and to use the BlueRepublican.org site. :)


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Yup, TSA and NDAA have been the most graphic and effective

INSTANT converters for the liberty cause.

God draws straight lines out of crooked ugly ones all right ;-)

Now over $285,000.00

Another bump to let people here see it is still going.

End the TSA just went over $280,000.00 !


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End the TSA just went over $275,000.00 !

And climbing

End the TSA just went over $270,000.00 !

Lets hope for more today!

Abolish The TSA and Privatize Airport Security!

I plan on giving more throughout the week if they keep this going.This small amount is one of only larger ones to come.Why isn't this money bomb on the front page?

Thank you!

Thank you for your generous donation!



Transaction ID:


Transaction date/time:

2012-01-27 05:07:10

-rEVOLution- Ron Paul 2012

Thank you RPRevolution

Love the name :)

I do not know why this bomb is not on the front page, it made it to the front page towards the bottom for a while then dropped off.

Thanks again.

we are over 255,000.00 now for the End The TSA moneybomb!

lets keep this thing going, our goal is to reach 10 million for the campaign.

Think about this tonight as you go to sleep, how much is our freedom worth?

How much is a good nights sleep worth?

End the TSA just went over $250,000.00 !

Thank you everyone for donating to this, lets keep the donations coming if you can ;)

25 more bucks to end the tsa

A token for a good job in the debate tonight. Why is this not on the front page? Especially after the debate?

Amount: $25.00
Transaction ID: 1L671123U1459973C
Transaction date/time: 2012-01-26 21:31:49


Why is this not on the front page?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

$300 for LIBERTY! Keep On

$300 for LIBERTY!
Keep On Rockin' In A Free World.
Thank you!
Thank you for your generous donation!
Amount: $300.00
Transaction ID: 334491257
Transaction date/time: 2012-01-26 11:49:55

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

And thank you again netzorro

Yes, keep On Rockin' In A Free World. What a great song.

Thank you

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Donated for the End of TSA!


Amount: $25.00
Transaction ID: 33446####
Transaction date/time: 2012-01-26 09:52:51

For Freedom


thanks jafn999

glad to see someone on the forum is still interested. ;)

End the Fed Money bomb now over $225,000

Slow and steady wins the race. I wish it could be different but that is what we have to work with.



time to bump for the people falling out of bed this morning.

Bump! big bump and bigger bump!

Get your head outta bed, get up an get the ticker fed, lol

Yet another day in Ron Paul TSA donations room.

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Money Bomb



bump #20!

Holy crap there's a lot of activity...

That's NOT on this forum.

so BUMP. again. :)

TSA incident gave us some

free publicity...I'm sure biz travelers took notice.

less than 34,000 to go

to reach a quarter million

I can't donate right now, but

I can't donate right now, but I can help keep this bumped :)