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Have you seen the latest tactic? GOP players behind Gingrich

So....I'm listening to Rush today; Not something I normally do, but wanted to see what the enemy was up to. And, he went on a diatribe about how the "Republican Establishement" was trying to derail Newt and wanted Romney. He spoke about the "establishment" wanting to beat Obama, conservativism be damned, etc.....

Then, (I wasn't able to watch the debate) watching Maddow she is talking about Newt being against the establishment and played clips from Republican "strategists" saying that ["if Gingrich wins, the Establishment will go nuts..."]

Then, I hear a replay of Beck saying that while he doesn't think he could vote for Newt, that at least he was standing up to the Republican Establishment.

This is the latest thing. Gingrich is being installed as the anti-establishment guy to win. (From the beginning I thought the CFR was backing Gingrich). Of course we know it is a crock!

How do we battle this?

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It shows you how deep into

It shows you how deep into the loony-bin we've really gone when the reaction to someone saying "Gingrich is anti-establishment" isn't instant hysterical laughter.

Heck, I guess Obama's anti-establishment too. And Carl Rove, and Henry Kissinger. And no one fights the man like David Rockefeller! LMFAO...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

So he is anti establishment

just call in to these shows and laugh about it.

What exactly is he anti-establishment about?

Ha ha ha....

Gingrich is certainly not

Gingrich is certainly not anti-establishment with regards to his views, ethics, or how he would govern. That said, I do think a lot of people in the Republican establishment are against him as a candidate because they realize that with all his baggage, he has no shot at beating Obama. Romney and Ron Paul are the only candidates left that do and obviously they aren't going to support RP.