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Dr. Paul has brought me to respect all humans since I've been a part of the movement. I am a white Southern male

And Ive grown to look at people in a different light, hearing him speak of the Individual with in the realm of the Constitution.

Ive grown to see things in different perspective on War, Race and peace etc. On race ive took notice of my being as an Individual for the first time, as opposed to a collective

to hear the truth even tho it can be a hard pill to swallow, There are times I cringe when he speaks of the Drug laws and the injustice in the court system with Blacks and Latinos yet, I have to think of the history of Coke in the south used to make the Blacks work harder etc,

Dr. Paul I find to be a being expressing the art of humanity at its best , a man teaching the Bill of Rights to all, one thing I like about Dr. Paul, is the relationship with truth, even when its bitter!!!

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I think I agree...

Before Dr. Paul, folks knew me quite well as a neocon and a misanthrope.

Since October 2007, I've slowly become something much greater. Libertarianism shows a respect for all people because it makes that basic assumption that all people are endowed with the ability to make the best determinations concerning their own life and those around them. That is where the socialists, progressives, neo-cons, tea-o-cons, and collectivists all fail. All of those thrive on inequality and either seek disproportionate gains or punish success and ambition by leveling those gains.

Much like Diotima's stairs towards beauty, the closed mind opening goes through stages. First you respect yourself, you see that you can live without micromanagement. Then you see this capability in someone else. Then, you're able to see that many people have this capacity. It's not a long leap from there to reach the assumption all people (with few exceptions) must have this innate ability to govern themselves. These realizations bring intense levels of respect for fellow men. It also brings disdain for those who make the conscious decision to remain in the machine.

Today is frustrating for us all, but more and more of us are reaching the point where Liberty is once again becoming popular. There is evidence all around us.

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Right there with ya, whispering joe!

Same here, dude.

And yeah the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

Right on though! Thanks for sharing. The message of liberty grows and grows...flowing like a mighty river and can not be stopped!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

It's a whole paradigm

I remember how entrenched wrong thinking had to be to maintain the cognitive dissonance necessary to stay asleep. I had to learn to think with my emotions and I that's what made waking up such a hurdle.

The wrong thinking became enmeshed with my very identity. That and the collectivist thinking I was surrounded by would have made stepping into racist thinking very easy if I was raised around that thinking.

Defend Liberty!

He leads by example

This realization occurred to me too yesterday, as i reflected on the tampa debate. while i was watching, i found myself disgusted as santorum, romney and gingrich snarled at each other like rabid dogs, ceaselessly attacking and taking bites at one another. Between my disgust and agitation that Ron Paul was only getting minimal talking time, it dawned on me that if most of the debate was in fact just hateful bickering, then Ron Paul's absence from such drama is a real testament to the height of his character. So much so that i too have found myself changing dramatically in the way i view everyone. It's hard to admit, but Gingrich is in fact a human being.

It takes honest

rumination to come to grips with Ron's message. Not seeing ourselves in groups and loving mankind regardless of his descent is tough for some people to embrace.

But thats what makes this movement so special. There is a higher barrier to entry. We're asked to give a deep self analysis and an honest gut check challenging some of our biggest beliefs. Letting that blockade be removed is the definition of liberty. It's true freedom.

My big one was the drugs too. I detest them. I have never touched a single drug in my life aside from caffeine. Ad I plan to keep it that way.

I love Jesus and believe that his walk on Earth was a blue print to emulate. Dr.Paul, though far from perfect, gives it his best effort to remind us that life is the pursuit of excellence in virtue.

Plato called this pursuit "erete" or the excellence of the soul or the attainment of a well ordered soul. Christ used a similar analogy with the "Logia" or "Logos" meaning the written word on your heart.

No idea why I went into transcendence other then to indicate that the symbolic ideas of liberty are universal and unite the People. All People, everyone. Everyone has the right to life and liberty and to keep the fruits of your labor. They are powerful ideals entrenched in our hearts that cannot be taken away. We may not all agree on healthcare, monetary policy, medicine, the Constitution, personal responsibility, free markets, or government regulations. But we can agree on the fact that we are most happy when we are most free.

So thank you for posting. Your message is not only crucial to the movement but it is iconoclastic to Ron Paul supporters. Everyone fights their own spiritual warfare in some capacity - Ron Paul stretches that battlefront to the moral underpinning of who and what we are. Some people can look in that mirror while others cannot. By the time we've made our decision, there is no other option. All or nothing.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams


That's a huge step to take, whispering Joe. Resisting the collective that raised you is no small feat. I have to wonder how many others that grew up in the same culture as you have been influenced like you have by RP. That would make a damn good web site.

www.RonPaulCuredMy[whatever].com where [whatever] could be "Racism" or "Bigotry" or "Homophobia". Or "Neoconism". LOL.

Have you ever seen this video from 1988?: http://youtu.be/2gOoJNK8TkM

He talks about the racist roots of the War on Drugs. I've never been a big drinker (got fully drunk for the first time last year at the age of 38) and I've never been high on anything. I've come to see drug use like this...

If you accept the position of "no victim, no crime" and also that people cannot victimize themselves, what are you left with? This is not to say that drugs have no deleterious effects; the worst you can say is that their use is a sign of self-destruction.

Supporters of the War on Drugs take the position that "In order to stop you from harming yourself, we're going to punish you". Now what the hell kind of sense does that make? I would think that a society that claims to be good and kind and compassionate would rather spend the billions of taxpayer dollars from the War on Drugs and militarizing its local police forces on rehabilitation programs instead.

yes lol Ive seen the video, and I have to be honest

At first, I cringed when I heard him speak on the injustice of Blacks in the courts as well as Latinos reason being Ive been in Jail before and I thought you have to be kidding me. But the more I thought about it I have to say yes there is a problem here, with the flooding of drugs etc in the inner cities,
I would Like to say this, being from the south when Dr.Paul speaks about States Rights and Property rights, you have to understand that there is a big difference in sovereign citizen and just plain ol citizen a very big difference, and from hearing him speak on this subject of the civil war and the civil rights so forth Dr. Paul sees the haze with simple citizen,
I believe he might be the first White American politician for some time accepts the Africa American as Sovereign citizen as opposed to the Federal (Citizen) used in the state term. Big difference between the two and I believe when he speaks of Individuality rather then collective Latinos and Africans should really hear that word and search that term out!!!! a King was considered as an Individual sovereign or property owner etc..)best words Ive heard used in speaking to Blacks or Latinos is Individual liberty this was always for Europeans

Right on!

It sounds to me like you realized that it was circumstance, not inequality, that was coloring your view on race.

As for the sovereignty thing, have you watched any Taj Tarik Bey on YouTube? If not, get over there soon, then come back here in a couple days and really school us on this issue from a "colored" perspective.