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Trojan Horse? Shady La. co-chairs named for Paul campaign

Folks, this in today on The Dead Pelican:


more here:


So what's the big deal? This sounds awesome right?

Well, read that last article again...

That's right - Charlie Davis was instrumental in pulling together at the last minute the "Win one for the Gipper" "pro-life/pro-family" slate at the 2008 Louisiana Caucuses that pretended to be non-pledged, but were really supporters of Huckabee and McCain.

They scrambled the slate together, many of whom filed in the special "extended deadline" the LAGOP set up when they discovered the Ron Paul campaign had the ballot lines nearly cornered for a clean sweep victory.

Essentially, this slate, and Mr. Davis were responsible for Ron Paul LOSING the caucus last time. Now he's a CO-CHAIR of the campaign here?

Am I missing something?

What genius made this decision?

Then there's the not small matter of state Rep. Joel Robideaux. He was until the last election an Independent, but was elected last October as a Republican. Robideaux has a string of non-conservative / anti-liberty votes. Now he decides to endorse Paul and be named co-chair?

Someone tell me these positions are largely ceremonial.

I'm all happy these two have had an apparent change of heart, and at least give lip service to "seeing the light" on fiscal conservative issues, but I wouldn't go trusting them with my campaign on that move.

Perhaps there is more to the story, I sure hope so.

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Just curious

Jindal endorsed Perry, and we all know he wants the White House one day. What day did Perry drop out? Wonder if that is why the sudden interest.

If it is real, it would be nice if the LaGOP could play by the book this time.


Interesting, but though Perry endorsed Gingrich, Jindal helped

Romney by twisting the LAGOPs arms to move the caucus from before the Primary to after.

This has the effect of taking the wind and some of the momentum out of Ron Paul since it will no longer show up in the news cycle all by itself as a win for him. (though he may win it anyway, it won't be a newsmaker)

Robideaux on the surface isn't keen on Jindal, so this could be a way to get back at him. Robideaux wanted to be Speaker of the House, but Jindal had a different "favorite." Robideaux dropped his consideration in deference to Jindal. (I'm not sure why, Robideaux is term limited, perhaps he's looking to run for State Senate or Federal office and wants to stay on Jindal's good side? Then why support Paul?)

It's all very shady and odd.

And I don't trust ANY of them.


I remember when people came in to vote for the delegates 2008, all of these people came in with a list, that had a picture of Reagan on it that says Reagan Family values on it. We found some in the trash, but there wasn't a single Ron Paul name on the list.

I really believe that it was supposed to be Thompson delegates on the list, but he dropped out the day before our election.

I really think that Roger Villere had something to do with that list also and he is the head of the LaGOP.

The extended deadline to allow people that they wanted to run, was when the LaGOP lost so many supporters. Even back then people could see that is was Louisiana politics as usual. Crooked. The GOP has decided who they want, so they try to limit the choice. Louisiana GOP is like mini-me for the GOP. I learned a lot about delegates during that period.


Yes, Villere had a hand in it as well. That's why I was aghast

when a local TEA Party group here endorsed him for Lt. Gov. When I heard that, I knew that group here had either been co-opted or was a shell TP just for endorsing neo-cons. (I think it turned out to be the latter, as the original TP group that supported Ron Paul is still very much pro-Paul)

let's dig deeper

anybody, anybody ...Bueller?

I would say there is much more to the story.

Consider the fact that these were players during 2008 who sealed the election for those two frontrunners - we wouldn't know what Charlie Davis is thinking now, unless we asked him. But I can chance a guess that he's probably a bold player, and wants to turn Ron Paul from fourth to nominee... at the very least to build a record for himself. That's what ALL these political analysts hired by the campaign are paid to do. Their careers don't live and die with Ron Paul necessarily. However, that does point to the fact that they have shared interest in Paul being the nominee - both for record, and likely for belief as well. Not everyone in the Ron Paul movement has had to make any sort of binding pledge to the good Dr.

True, and there is considerable distaste for Romney here.

I understand that some issues make strange bedfellows. And not everyone has to agree with Dr. Paul 100% to support him.

I remain forever skeptical though.