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Obama's Occupy Wall Street Plans

I was reading about George Soros talking about OWS getting violent soon.

While I don't like Glenn Beck on so much, I think he is right about what OWS is all about.

This summer, OWS will get violent (insider agitators). And Obama will be forced to 'deal with them' in a Nixon-goes-to-China way. In crushing the "violent radical leftists" Obama will get bipartisan support for expanded police powers. And that will coincide with the global economic collapse.

So let's pray Ron Paul is the candidate running against him. Mitt "America is open for business, gee wiz" Romney will not be credible against this evil. Paul will be ABSOLUTELY credible, ALL OF A SUDDEN.

Well, actually I really hope none of that happens and would take Romney and war over the end of American democracy via Obama.

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